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    Hey guys? How are you doing? I am on the verge of completing my bachelor's degree, and I was considering submitting an application for the Oakland Teaching Fellowship. If you are familiar with the OTF, can you possibly provide me some of your opinions on the program?

    Sincerely, Ukish

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    I'm not sure what teaching job my friend got into in Oakland but he got one that he was soooo psyched for. He too is a bachelor grad and was happy that during this reccession to get such a fulfilling job teaching 3rd graders, until just 2 weeks before his first day of class his bosses told him he would be teaching kids from 3rd up to 12th grade. He had to come up with his own agenda/ lesson plan for each grade

    Further more he has to be the typical
    hand holder
    father figure
    advice giver
    all the things that you dont think about what teachers actually have to deal with when one of their youngsters is having a bad day.

    Luckily he is single and not married.
    He doesnt know just how much more he can put with?


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