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    Any suggestions for incredible chocolate places? I recently stopped into Ostroff's and Stutz, where I sampled some amazing stuff. Although, my number one local chocolate was clearly Ostroff's meltaway: chocolate inside, chocolate outside. Glory all the way through.

    Anyone have any other suggestions?

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    Anthony's in the Italian Market - they have the best chocolate/caramel covered apples! They also have a chocolate-covered popcorn, graham crackers, caramel. . .everything.

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    Anybody know what happened to "the Chocolate Guy?"  He was on 16th then on 34th but now I don't know where!  Pretty decent stuff, though more milk chocolate oriented rather than confectionary.  I'd stop by and get a bag of goodies and have a good laugh with him.

    • Meg C.
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    You should check out Naked Chocolate, they have amazing hot chocolate and sweets.


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