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    Anybody knwow where I can buy lilies flowers online, with a good price and a good service.

    • Suni A.
    • Willow Grove, États-Unis
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    For bouquets and flower arrangements, there is nobody better than Flowers By Conrad in Elkins Park. conradtheflorist.com/abo…

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    damn, hoang! ur girl has it very good, even tho lilies are for dead people! pm yelper bruce b (easiest way to find him is look up ol boys soul food)

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    What about Sam's club? They have nice flowers and sell online

    • Tim P.
    • West Deptford, États-Unis
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    Not a bad suggestion Suni.... Conrad's designs probably the most impressive designs that I've seen... Much better than what you'll see coming out of Robertson's or Kremp... It's gonna cost, but its well worth the money for a special occasion.

    • Gale S.
    • Philadelphia, États-Unis
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    Yelper Bruce B used to be a flower arranger, and he's awesome in every way! I don't know if he still does it even for special arrangements, but it's worth a shot - I've sen his flowers, and they are high quality and incredible.

    - oh - Maggie tagged him first! Well, that's TWO referrals for Bruce - so there you go  - try him! We love our guy!


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