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    Dude, at some point last night, some asshole totally fucked up my front bumper! I didn't even notice and my brother saw it today-but its all fucked up on the passenger side, and there are pieces missing-and I think it happened either at the Heard museum or at Carlys-cause all the other places had parking where you pull up to a wall. I'm surprised the light is still working-I mean, I guess one is supposed to check out their car when they go back to their car, but that just never occured to me since I come from subway and bus culture.

    PLEASE-can you help me find either a) 2003 chevy cavelier bumper and/or b) recommend/refer me to a really good car mechanic/body work garage in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, wherever that will do a good job and not ream me up the ass!

    This totally sucks.

    BUT thank you for any help you can give a car-ignorant lady!


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