1. So, I've finally saved up (what I think is) enough money in my little savings envelope to buy myself a bike.

    However, I do not know at all the best place to do this in Pittsburgh. My ideal bike shop will:

    ~ be reasonably priced
    ~ have a staff that is like, "Hey girl, we'll help you find what you need! We don't mind that you know nothing of bike terminology!"
    ~ have a good selection of like, not-super-hi-tech but still-fairly-badass bikes (as in, I don't need something fancy, but I do need something sturdy, because I am so not careful with things)

    I don't know how much 'place to place' biking I will be doing, but I DO plan on using it on bike trails a lot. We are hoping to bike the Great Allegheny Passage in the fall, so I would like to have my own bike for the journey.

    So, dear Yelpers, where do you recommend I try?

  2. Try Gatto's. great selection and super helpful. I like the one in tarentum.

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    Thick bikes on the southside.  They define non pretentious.

  3. Pro Bikes is where I was initially looking, but I'm not sure how they stack up price-wise. Have quite a few spots to check out now; thank you everyone for the suggestions!

  4. I have stopped into a number if places around the burgh, I second the recommendation of thick bikes, but I really like West Liberty bikes. You could probably also get something good at REI, their peeps are pretty easy to deal with and I think you
    Might get your Money to go farther.

  5. Not a huge fan of pro bikes though, I think the staff there is sort of lazy when it comes to selling bikes and you are almost on your own.

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    If your looking for a good deal and don't want to pay nuts pricing but want  a cool bike with all the new stuff, sounds weird but - Dicks. The prices are reasonable and if you don't go out all the time or you get bored and don't do it anymore, your not out $$$. They can fix it as well if your not the fixing type too. L. L Bean next to the Cheesecake Factory outside of Ross park has some nice deals as well. Can do fixes as well.

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    I bought my bike at Thick Bikes (as a woman who doesn't know too much about bikes or even how to fix a flat tire), and they were really helpful. But I would recommend buying a bike from a local shop in your neighborhood. Thick Bikes offers a free tune-up after you buy a bike, has a full repair shop, and also stocks a lot of useful accessories. But if you're not local to the South Side, you're not going to take advantage of these options nearly as much. Of course, if you don't have a good local bike shop, stop by. They also have a lot of great bikes they've fixed up in the basement if your budget is low.

    • Tom M.
    • Monroeville, États-Unis
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    Dirty Harry's in Verona is great but you may run into some younger less helpful workers.  Pro Bikes in Monroeville new huge location at Miracle Mile - they have always provided good advice also.  Happy trails to you!  Pittsburgh is a GREAT biking town - just takes a while to find the dozens of trails that are best.

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    Treck bikes in east liberty. There never busy.


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