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    Seriously had the workout of my life here. The class I attended was a fusion of dancer's body workout and barre.

    Let me start if by saying I've never taken a barre class before so I literally had no idea what to expect.

    What I ended up getting were calves that were so worked out that I thought they were going to stay permanently flexed.
    The instructor was great! She didn't let you get lazy or give-up, she kept pushing you.

    Unfortunately there were a couple of downers about the studio. One is there's no bathroom-like what?!!! Apparently there's a bathroom where you have to go outside and re-enter another door to the building, and let me tell you, it is sketch. I could not find said bathroom, I got creeped out and ran back to the studio.

    The other bad thing is that it's all the way in the far back side of Hoboken. Not somewhere that I would feel comfortable walking by myself all the time.

    But if you use the bathroom at home and get a workout buddy to walk there with you, then you'll be fine!

    Commentaire de Marie M. de Fitness Meets Dance Studio
    10/08/2014 Thank you for stopping by at our event Sheila; we are happy that you enjoyed the "dancer's body… En savoir plus
  • 21216 48th Ave
    Bayside, NY 11364
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    I love Joe's bakery, it's so damn good. There are so many delicious options available that I don't even know which is my favorite.

    No wait, I lied-the Napoleon cakes are def my favorite. They're so good and always fresh. If Napoleons aren't your thing then don't fret, they have plenty of other options too! Everything from cannolis to cheesecakes to red velvet cakes to different breads to cookies and even Napoleons- wait did I mention those already...

    Everytime I've gone I've always had to wait on line, us locals know where it's at. So the earlier you get there, the better.

    Also they're cash only, no cc, no check, nothing but cold hard cash.

    So I think that's all that comes to mind right now. But dammit, now I'm craving a Napoleon.

  • 2773 Papermill Rd # C-4
    Wyomissing, PA 19610
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    Just went here today. We've been to several hardware stores looking for a specific color but apparently they didn't have it/know about the color-we needed a specific color for our house door, all of them in the neighborhood need to match. We knew it was a Sherwin Williams color so one of the stores directed us to this locale. As soon as we told the employee the color he knew exactly what we were talking about. Apparently the color was under a different name now which is why the other places "didn't have it". Thanks to this knowledgeable employee we finally had the color we needed and were able to go on our way.
    The location is very clean and organized too.

  • 603 Washington St
    Hoboken, NJ 07030
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    I like Gio's. Between here and the other immensely popular pizza locale in Hoboken, I def like this place better. It's about the quality vs quantity. They're not too expensive, bout $3.50-$3.75 for a slice. Oh and also their zucchini sticks are to die for! So damn good. I'm actually sitting here now waiting for my food. Can't wait to nom it down!

  • 123 Newark Ave
    Jersey City, NJ 07302
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    I like this bookstore. Their selection of available books is definitely a little different than traditional stores but in a fun way. They have a very nice seating area in the back, though when it starts getting dark the lighting is not that good.

    They also sell coffee and snacks which I think is necessary in a book store. I've had a couple of their coffee options and I'm not a fan, some of you may know me as a coffee connoisseur. Buuuuuut they have won me over with their delicious chai. Last time I was there I got iced chai and a hummus sandwich and I was in heaven! Fyi, the sammiches are a little $$-but they're really good. The employees are also very friendly and that's pretty much all you can ask for.

  • 1001 Washington St
    Hoboken, NJ 07030
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    Sooo friggin good. After going on an adventure around Hoboken on an unusually beautiful day, my friends and I decided to stop here and grab some food and dranks.

    I ordered a burger which was delish! It was just a tad too salty, but otherwise amazing. I also got a drink, which was a little too expensive for my taste and it was extremely strong. I couldn't drink it alone, I had to have my friends drink some too.

    This was only the second time I've been here but both experiences have been fantastic. The service is always great, everyone is always so pleasant and attentive.

    Def going to hit up Elysian Cafe more often.

  • 103 Garden St
    Hoboken, NJ 07030
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    This place is so quaint! I've wanted to check this place out for a while and I finally walked in the other day. I did not get any food since I had just eaten a bunch of free pizza. But I had a DELICIOUS chai latte.

    My only issue is that the place is so tiny! You literally can't fit more than 15 people in there, probs only 10 comfortably.

    And shoutout to the employees who had to deal with those biatches who were giving them such attitude. Remember Yelpers, you have to respect the working man. No one deserves to be talked down to.

    Well, now that I've vented, I'll definitely be back for brunch or lunch soon!

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    They brought back beat the clock $.50 beers. They're back in my good graces and now back to being my Thursday hangout. Find me there Thursdays nights.

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    Four L's used to be my go to place for starting off my Thursday nights because starting at 8pm they… En savoir plus
  • 104 Hudson St
    Hoboken, NJ 07030
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    Ohmygawd. This place is AMAZING! I had never done hot yoga before and decided to check it out. I mean new year, new resolutions, right? Except thanks to GSY, I've actually stuck to my resolution.

    The location is perfect and the studio is just so cozy. The teachers there are fabulous! They're all different and have different styles to their practice which just makes it even better. They're there to help you improve your practice and adjust you if you need it.

    I love GSY. Trust me, you will too.

  • 651 Kapkowski Rd
    Elizabeth, NJ 07201
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    I just discovered this place this weekend when my friends and I were procrastinating doing our homework. Sooo like typical college students we avoided homework and went to the mall!

    We were expecting it to be crowded since it was a Sunday but luckily it wasn't.
    There are a ton of outlet stores there! Discovered this store that's kind of like Burlington but it's not. It had so many cute items for pretty darn cheap. There's a Victoria Secret Outlet there, need I say more? But seriously $10 swim tops?! How can you go wrong!

    There's also this huge dress store in the mall. It's a little pricey but there were soooo many gorgeous dresses that I will definitely be back to splurge.

    Long story short, this place is awesome. I'll be back when I have more money.

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