• 2860 16th St
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    5.0 étoiles

    Love the new shop! They have always been reliable and easy on the pockets. Had a flat tire, got the car towed to the shop, we pulled up 30 min before they opened, they took the car in and directed me to the waiting area. Comfy couch, cable and great staff! They even charged my phone!

    Thanks! :)


  • 4.0 étoiles

    This place is def one of my favs. They have amazing breakfast options. I don't eat pork so their chicken apple sausage is perfect. Kid friendly. They can get busy at times but I always feel that's a good thing...who wants to eat at a place no one is at? Busy speaks for itself! I do have a problem with the seating arrangement but it is a tiny spot so not much you can do without more room! Lots of locals! LOVE IT!

  • 1841 Powell Street
    San Francisco, CA 94133
    5.0 étoiles

    Little Miss Syrabi has been completely lost without puppy socials.

    Fawn and Tammy are amazing trainers. They both are so patient and really care about the well being of your dog. They care about how your puppy will behave when it becomes a dog. How society will look at them. Its a lot of hard work and time spent. They always knew when I was about to lose it with Rabi. Having a puppy is constant work and they grow so fast. Tammy and Fawn help you, they show you what behavior to avoid and what is just being a puppy. They truly know dogs. Even though Syrabi and I had a few situations that kept us away from that last few socials and puppy classes but nonetheless she had a blast and I learned a lot. Thanks, you guys are awesome!

  • 4901 Mission St
    San Francisco, CA 94112
    5.0 étoiles


    One of my closest friends is from Nicaragua, for her birthday we had dinner at this place...I have not stopped thinking about it since. The meat is seasoned to perfection, the cacao is delicious, the beans & rice is to die for....cooked perfectly everytime! I have been there quite a few times now and I have never had a bad experience. She is always polite when we come in. If your looking for a "quick" bite....this isn't the place, you wouldn't have a quick bite at your family's house would ya?

  • 709 Taraval St
    San Francisco, CA 94116
    5.0 étoiles

    Sandra & Cesar @ Happy Pet get 5 stars from the pooches! They love the snacks! I swear if my dogs could do back flips for those cheesy stars they would! Sandra always greets you when you walk in the store. Immeadiately you know that she knows her stuff & genuinely cares about the well being of animals! She always gets my order of dog food in on Fridays & its always correct! I luv this place & the dogs do too!

  • 3.0 étoiles

    Went there for my birthday couple of years ago, haven't been back not because of the restaurant but because of the tourists!!!! Ahhhhhh, located dead smack in the middle of it. It's a chain restaurant, it's fun, drinks are good & they do some embarrasing shit for ur friends birthday! Cool, relaxed place to go! Each table has a sign @ the end of it that says something to the effect of stopping & going. This is for your server...GENIUS!

  • 245 Jefferson St
    San Francisco, CA 94133
    3.0 étoiles

    Not fond of the NEW menu. I always enjoyed the food here but last few times not so much. Customer service is just ok! I mostly go there to watch the bushman in action! Hilarious! My boyfriend & I go there because its inexpensive & its fun with all the stuff to look at & ur server doing some crazy dance in the middle of the floor!

  • 3049 20th St
    San Francisco, CA 94110
    4.0 étoiles
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    Newly employed in this area BUT am a true San Franciscan....all my life & then some. This "hipster" crap is made up for people to feel cool in a new enviorment, mostly mid-west folkers that have recently moved to SF, from my research! San Francisco has always been made up of districts not "groups". So when I go to Atlas I don't see that "hipster" crap people keep talking about here . I see people who like tattoos & piercings, men who wear slightly tighter pants than the norm, messengers, uppity yuppies, artistic whether writers or people sketching, health care workers & new (with this I mean 10 years) Mission lovers.  As for Atlas Cafe, great place to grab a bite to eat, lots of variety that separates them from other places I've been. Sandwiches are delicious & so is the pizza. The hummus plate takes the cake though! I do feel like they are a bit over-priced while looking at the menu BUT after I eat I don't feel like I got completely ripped off! HMMMM! All in all I go there because I like the food & I will continue to go there, despite all the labels people like to put on it! I'm far from a "hipster" whatever that really means, I'm just a San Franciscan that pays a little to much for rent that wants to enjoy a nice sunny day in the Mission with great food on her lunch break!

  • 4827 Mission St
    San Francisco, CA 94112
    5.0 étoiles
    Listé dans : My Neighborhood

    WOW..... I can't believe this little place has received so many reviews!This place has been a favorite of mine for years. The place is small, but they do have seating available. The macaroni salad is not made to eat by itself, often a mistake made by newcomers. Everything compliments each other on the plate....a little of this & a little of that! Get it, got it, good! Its affordable & delicious! They have everything from Teriyaki, Deep Fried Mahi-Mahi & Chiken Katsu, Hamburgers & even breakfast......of course they have SPAM!!!! Love this place 5 stars from me!!

  • 525 Phelps St
    San Francisco, CA 94124
    5.0 étoiles
    Listé dans : My Neighborhood

    Tiva told me to give them 5 stars....she's the boss!
    I personally luv the facility, the staff, the fact that they're GREEN, and the video of their campers in the waiting room! Tiva luvs to smell the delicious mammoth bones, swim in the heated pool, tennis balls she swims with & the occasional camper going home..... if I could only get her to drive & pay the bill! She runs a tight ship!

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