• 2886 US Hwy 231 S
    Crawfordsville, IN 47933
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    When I first moved to Crawfordsville in 2013 I was thrilled to find a yoga studio in town.  The first year I was here I went all the time.  I worked with one teacher in Functional Movement classes who helped me strengthen my glutes and psoas so as ;) to eliminate some pretty painful sciatica.  I went to morning yoga regularly for awhile and it was a great way to get the day started.  I especially like the hot yoga and power yoga classes.  I was much busier and focusing more on my running my second year here, but I still love to go out to the studio when I can.  They continue to rotate classes so there are always some entry level classes and other all level courses.  They also have workshops with restorative yoga.  The studio itself is a beautiful place, both quiet and welcoming.  When I go I often run the three miles from downtown Crawfordsville out to the studio as my warm-up -- fortunately, they always have water for me when I arrive.

  • 3312-20 Spring Garden St
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
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    12th Street Catering (actually, it's official 12 Street Catering) catered my rehearsal dinner and my wedding reception in June.  They were fantastic.  Let me count the ways.  From the very first meeting, they understood what we wanted.  We wanted to do a lot of things DIY - the reception was in my parents' backyard -- and they were completely on board.  They didn't ever push us to spend more money and they explained why we should want to spend money on certain things -- like servers (they were right!).  They met with the people at our rehearsal dinner site (we don't live in Philly, so it was great that they made those connections without us) to discuss what needed to be done and to get permission to cater there.  They were open to our menu selections and never made us feel like our taste was questionable.  

    They were fantastic at getting us to think through what we needed to consider (everything from the moment the guests arrive).  At the walk through at my parents', they helped us realize what we needed to do and they surprised us by being willing to do things that we thought we'd need to get our friends to do.  And they did it too!  When my parents' arrived from the ceremony, the servers wanted to be given more to do and they helped set up our origami paper lights and other decorations that we thought were not their responsibility but we were pleased that they were willing to do it.  

    They took the menu cards that I had made and used the same font and graphics to make cards for the buffet showing what each dish was, creating a sense of continuity through all the things we printed ourselves and making our DIY stuff look much more professional.  I had one conversation with one caterer at the reception, and other than that, they didn't need direction from us.  My parents were really happy with them, too.  They came on the Monday after the wedding to pick up things they had to leave.  

    Also, the food was fantastic at both events -- a fish and a meat for each dinner and amazing vegetables and macaroni and cheese sides!  We got so many compliments on how good it was.  

    But the thing that makes a caterer deserving of a five is that even when there was an error in the numbers that we thought originated with them, they admitted it and swallowed the cost of correcting it.  I don't think they make errors often because they are obviously seriously professional, but their willingness to take care of it themselves gave us every faith and confidence that we were in good hands and so made the whole weekend just magnificent.

  • 703 W Ferguson St
    Pharr, TX 78577
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    I think we might have found the "Wild Bill's" (Memphis shout out!) of the Valley.  Johnny's claims to be a barbeque pit, but it's really more interested in being a blues joint.  This hidden treasure in plain sight on 495 east of Sugar in Pharr hosts a blues band every Wednesday night and local blues talent, Abner Burnett, every other Saturday night.  Open mike on Friday nights.  Johnny sits at a table in the corner and greets everyone who walks in from across the bar and shouts his thanks as you leave.  I told my boyfriend that if Leigh Johnson were here, she'd make us go talk to Johnny, but we're still working our courage up for that.  They only sell domestic beer, in bottles.  And barbeque sandwiches.  I think Johnny must be doing this for the fun of it, because he certainly isn't charging much.  We bought two sandwiches and four beers for under $15.  It's also not crowded at all, which is sad, because it should be.

  • 104 S 12th St
    McAllen, TX 78501
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    I have been to visit this church only a few times, but I really like what I have seen.  I like that there is a woman pastor.  I like that the preaching is really good.  It's good in that it is smart and thoughtful.  Much is expected out of the congregation.  New ideas are introduced.  Connections are made.  The text is read in the original Hebrew and Greek and explained accordingly.  The people I have heard preach both seem to think it is important to research and read to make the text fresh and new.  The people have been friendly to me.  Of course, like every church there are things you don't like.  I like to have the eucharist every week, but you can't really expect that from Presbyterians.  You can however expect good reformed teaching and that is what you get here.

  • 500 N 10th St
    McAllen, TX 78501
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    I went here with my boyfriend over the weekend.  We both love sushi and he has studied Japenese and Japanese culture, so we weren't sure we'd find sushi that was up to our standards in the Valley.  But we did!  The shusi was good - the tuna and salmon were fresh.  The sake was good.  We thought it a good sign that there were five Japanese parties dining while we were there.  We took our time and we weren't hurried out.  The only thing I would say is it might be better to go on a week night when it isn't as busy as they are a bit understaffed, which isn't to say they aren't attentive, just busy.

  • 1116 Pecan Blvd
    McAllen, TX 78501
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    This place is great at being what it is: a bar with good beer and bar food (brisket, burgers, ribs, etc.).  It's a sports bar without the douche effect.  The atmosphere is cozy - wooden walls and bar make for a nice feel.  It's relaxing without feeling like you're supposed to be being cool as you might feel at Roosevelt's.  The food is really good - we were given a complementary cup of soup, even the person who hadn't ordered food was offered it and it was good as was my brisket and bbq beans.  The most significant thing to mention is that the service was super attentive without being annoying - something really hard to find in the RGV.

  • 311 S. 17th St
    McAllen, TX 78501
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    Cine El Rey is hosting a Tuesday evening free film and discussion this summer.  They just finished their American West series with the film, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.  The film is being shown on the balcony, which is a cozy intimate setting for film viewing and conversation.  The person who introduced the film had interesting things to say.  There was free popcorn and other interested film fans.  It was a good evening and I'm looking forward to going back.

  • 3400 Padre Blvd
    South Padre Island, TX 78597
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    I visited here with seven other people after we had terrible service across the street at Daddy's across the street.  So I was especially pleased with the fast service and the willingness to accommodate us.  We wanted to sit on the deck but it wasn't open for service.  The staff said we could order at the bar and just bring our drinks up there, which we did and we had a nice evening.  The deck is nice, the beers are all in-house brews - they're not the best microbrews, but good 'nuff.  It took the bad taste of the bad service at Daddy's away.

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    I was excited when Mimi's came to town because I wanted a good brunch place with all-American fare.  (I do think it is funny that the two places like this in the Valley, Mimi's and La Peep have a French flaire - Mimi's certainly does it better than La Peep.)  I went before on Mother's Day and really liked it.  This morning I ordered the Granola Parfait and the Cinnamon Brioche roll and was disappointed with both.  The  granola parfait had only one tablespoon of granola and was way to sweet - the description said granola with yogurt and berries with sauce, but it was mostly sweet yogurt and sauce.  The bun was over-iced and so way too sweet.  The service was very good.  My coffee was refilled before it ever got empty.  The place isn't bad, but these items were a disappointment.

  • $$$ Spa
    2645 Cornerstone Blvd
    Edinburg, TX 78539
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    I have attended this salon twice.  I would say it is average.  An average salon is fine unless the salon thinks of itself as the top of the line and charges as if it is the top of the line.  I have gotten good color and ok cuts here, and one ok brow waxing and one good one.  Both the brow waxings were overpriced.  
    The problem is that they are not as professional as they could be or claim to be.  I had to tell the person cutting my hair that she needed to use razor scissors to cut my hair.  I am not a professional stylist, this is just something I have learned from too many bad haircuts.  I should be able to tell my stylist what look I want but not have to tell them what technique they should use.  The weird thing is that the first time I had my hair cut the stylist told me she usually asks people if they want the razor scissors.  This is weird, why should the customer make that decision?  You should know the look the customer wants and how to get it.  
    Also, usually when I go to the salon, I like the chance to be able to chat and not to have to listen to another person complain about her life and job, but that was my experience.  Also, I complained that I was dissatisfied with my brow wax but I didn't want it redone because that always worries me (that they will take too much off), but I wasn't offered a discount or anything.  That's frustrating when the wax costs $20.  
    Many of the good people who worked here left (at least three stylists in the last year or two).  I am going to check them out soon.

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