• 104 west 65th st
    New York, NY 10023
    2.0 étoiles

    In summary: disappointing snoozefest.

    The actors had not practiced their diction or projection so all the lines came out mostly mumbled/garbled with some exceptions; they also seemed to be speaking on fast forward and btwn that and the mumbling, 1/3 of the lines were unintelligible.

    I started falling asleep about 20 minutes into it, glanced around and saw I was in good company. Luckily the eardrum shattering thundering of the sound effects jolted me awake several times. The last time I fell asleep during a production was in 10th grade during Les Miserables when I had a case of mono, so this somnolence was truly due to the insipid uninspired acting of the cast.

    What a shame.

    Ethan Hawke was laughable (I went in excited to see how he would handle the performance) and the witches, while entertaining were so dizzying playing multiple roles that I truly had a hard time following the plot of this well known tale.

    We left after the first act (along with many others), and mercifully so, as I heard there was at least another 90 minutes of torture in store for us had we stayed.

    Save your pennies....you'll be better entertained by walking a few blocks north, heading into the Apple store, and trying to livestream a video recording of Macbeth from people who knew what they were doing (1971 Polanski ).

  • 230 W Erie St
    Chicago, IL 60654
    4.0 étoiles

    One word: Awesome.

    I am desperate to now find a place in my home city (NYC) that will offer Black Rice Sushi....hands down it is better than white or brown rice sushi and I am officially converted. Truffle Tuna is obviously amazeballs. Come hungry to this place. Freshly shaved wasabi?! What?! I have never seen that before even in NYC...amazing and so delish. I also ordered a Japanese soda....super good, made with real sugar wheeeeee!!

    This is a great place to come with friends or a date....definitely can get a bit noisy, so if you are an old like me, be prepared for that.

  • $$$ Hôtel
    172 West Adams Street
    Chicago, IL 60603
    4.0 étoiles

    I have stayed at this hotel at least six times. I am *obsessed* with the scent of the lobby...is it the sicillian fig? A Le Labo candle? Custom scent diffuser specific to this location? Something else? I want this scent! Can a manager please weigh in here? The interwebs have all come up with competing answers.

    Service here can be a mixed bag...eg I was told my Platinum AmEx with unlimited credit was denied (then they re-ran it & it was a computer error), they're not always great on acknowledging Starwood Preferred Guests, but on other occasions they have been responsive to needs/requests including things like procuring an iPhone 5 charger.

    Rooms....these also are hit or miss. Sometimes you get stuck with a *tiny* room....the kind built for Snow White's dwarves. I primarily book Spectacular rooms, and usually they are spacious enough with a decent sized bathroom. Don't expect amazing views here though, usually "city" views, or the back courtyard which is a view of other buildings. The Bliss Spa amenities are great *however* they used to provide face wash, body wash and face cream and now they just provide shampoo, conditioner, & bar soap -- that's pathetic when The Fairmont offers an entire suite of products from Le Labo in all their rooms. Also, room placement is essential...I hate having a room by the elevator (too noisy) but some of the corner rooms are nightmarishly small.

    Room service...I'm a creature of habit and order the same meals at every hotel. Their chicken cesar salad is serviceable but not superior, their chicken soup is excellent for fall/wintertime colds. Room service is delivered very quickly and delivery staff are always quite friendly and accommodating.  

    I still think that internet should be free in all hotels where you pay more than $150 per night, but I don't think I will ever win that argument.

    Overall it's a solid hotel, with decent services and amenities, in a good central location. I much prefer staying here over the insufferable Blackstone Renaissance.

  • $$$$ Hôtel
    108 E Superior St
    Chicago, IL 60611
    5.0 étoiles

    Amazing hotel. First class all the way. I stayed in a small suite with a King sized bed. The bedroom area was a little cramped, but the bathroom and dressing area were huge. The gym is lovely with a nice view. Room service was delicious. Service overall is unparalleled.

    Commentaire de Richard S. de The Peninsula Chicago
    11/12/2013 Dear Marissa S.,

    Thank you for visiting The Peninsula Chicago and for sharing your thoughtful review.…
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  • $$$ Hôtel
    636 S Michigan Ave
    Chicago, IL 60605
    2.0 étoiles

    I'm shocked  by the number of good reviews for this hotel whose presentation of itself through its website is wholly misleading.

    Yes, the rooms are nicely decorated, but there are many hotels in Chicago which accomplish this (I know, I've stayed in many of them as I travel frequently here for business) so in my opinion this is a low benchmark and nothing to wet yourself over. The niceties pretty much stop there.

    For a hotel that is mid-priced and lists itself as high end, the service and accommodation were seriously lacking.

    Upon check-in I was told the room level I booked was not available, they were still cleaning, they'd call me when it was ready. Fine, that happens. They didn't call me as promised, and when I was escorted to my room with a "city view" the room was impossibly cramped with a sweeping view of.....the chicken shack and liquor store. I get it, this is downtown, that's part of the city, not something the hotel truly has control over and wouldn't be a big deal at all if the rest of the hotel services & amenities made up for it. Sadly, they do not.

    There is no mini-bar in the room, no snacks for purchase. There appears to be no dedicated room service (despite a website and orientation by front desk staff which would have you believe otherwise) and when I called at 2pm to order a salad for lunch I was told to call back after 5:30pm when room service would be available again -- what?

    I made the mistake of ordering dinner from room service, supposedly from Mercat Restaurant (where I have eaten in the past independent of a hotel stay and had a satisfying meal) -- Cesar salad with shaved Parmesan and a burger. The salad consisted of shredded lettuce sprinkled with grated Parmesan cheese (not freshly grated but the kind that comes out of the green Kraft shake bottle), while the burger was a thin dry hockey puck.

    The towel issue has been mentioned by others, so no need to beat a dead horse. Sometimes you get lucky and get the "newer" towels, other times you get the old scratchy ones (more commonly found at budget gyms and Motel 6's), and sometimes a fun combination of the two.

    Please note, and this is my biggest caveat with this hotel....if you are coming here with any desire or need to do work for business, school, etc....RUN the other way. The internet connection ($13 per 24 hours) did not connect in my room despite repeated attempts, ditto for the lobby and the concourse level -- where it was supposed to be free but the login page prompted me to pay for the service. Regardless, while others have complained mercilessly of painfully slow connections, I was at least spared from wasting money on this because I couldn't even access the connection.

    I thought, I will just go to the business center, spread my work out, get done what I need to. HA HA HA. "Business center" is a true misnomer in this case -- unless you consider a door-less room the size of a small walk-in closet housing two computers atop a bar with no chairs to sit on, to be a business center; I do not. It also should be noted that it is off the lobby, adjacent to the pool table, so even if standing for hours to do your work wouldn't be a deterrent for you, the cacophony of the young patrons playing pool and enjoying themselves might be. (I should add, I have no problem with the lobby set-up, play pool! Enjoy yourselves! But it is extremely misleading to tell patrons there is a business center available for use...and if they did intend for folks to use this "center" for anything other than printing boarding passes or checking email, then they should have placed it in an area of lower foot traffic). I asked a front desk person if there was any other area where I might do work -- a conference room perhaps -- no, not unless you pay & reserve in advance.

    While the hotel is centrally located, if you do not get a view facing Michigan Ave you will look into the Hilton Hotel rooms, or the Chicken Shack. In-House dining options are extremely limited and if you are typically reliant on hotel dining as your mainstay then you are out of luck. If you are planning on using the hotel accommodations for business travel, look elsewhere.

    If however you are someone who is easily swayed my modestly nice superficialities to lull you into the false believe you are staying in a luxury hotel, if you plan on partying and/or staying away from the hotel the majority of the time, then you will do just fine here.

    I will add that with the exception of the front desk person who forgot to call me to let me know my room was ready (small mistake, these things happen), my encounters with staff were all quite pleasant -- unfortunately none of them were in a position to ameliorate the deficiencies which are hotel-wide issues. Save your money and look elsewhere. For a similar vibe with better amenities, reliable internet, more spacious rooms, and better cuisine try the W Chicago City Center.

  • 720 S Michigan Ave
    Chicago, IL 60605
    2.0 étoiles

    As Bill B said on 10/20/11, do not waste your money on this place.

    I paid around $250 a night for a small room with a King sized bed

    The bathroom was clean

    Sheets were clean

    Minimal amenities

    My room had no mini bar just a half fridge that was empty and not even plugged in.

    Room service selections are minimal and not too tasty...breakfast faired a bit better because lets be real, scrambled eggs are hard to mess up

    The absolute WORST was their terrible internet service which they make you pay through the nose for ($8 an HOUR!!!) which kept cutting in an out during a business meeting.

    I travel to Chicago frequently and I will NOT return to this hotel EVER.

    This place is a tremendous disappointment and for the money you can stay at a nicer more up to date hotel with better amenities, service, and internet that works.

    I consider this place a major FAIL

  • 937 N Rush St
    Chicago, IL 60611
    4.0 étoiles

    I went here on Thursday evening with a very handsome social media exec for a few drinks.

    Reservations are recommended from what I've been told.

    The decor is cool, chairs are comfy, noise level is moderate. The drinks are well executed and we were served an amuse bouche cocktail to start -- classy and different.

    Music was good and the crowd is mixed --  20's and 30's to the silver foxes of the local Viagra triangle.

    I'll definitely come back but wish it were a bit more clandestine of a speakeasy a la Milk and Honey in NYC.

  • $$$$ Hôtel
    11 E Walton St
    Chicago, IL 60611
    5.0 étoiles

    The Elysian is #1 for a reason. Everything is elegant with impeccable service and attention to detail.

    I stayed in an Executive Suite (room 2203). The square footage wasn't huge and the bedroom was only separated from the seating area by a half wall, however the dressing area and huge bathroom more than made up for it.

    The decor is absolutely stunning -- a symphony of grey's and creams with chandelier accents. The fireplace didn't work but perhaps this was because it's summer? I had a very small balcony (standing room only) with a view of the Hancock building. That was the only window which made the sitting area seem a little dark.

    The elevators are slow and there are only three of them.

    Room service was a dream accommodating all of my picky requests but the prices are steep.

    Housekeeping was fabulous and even went as far as putting tea towels on the bathroom vanity and arranging all of my makeup supplies and brushes for me.

    The bathroom is really where it's at. The shower is large and luxurious -- big enough for two people to have a lot of good clean fun.

    The bathtub is marble and very deep...I was able to stretch out and have my shoulders submerged.

    Asprey provides delightful amenities including shampoo, conditioner, soap, shower gel, bath salts and lotion in their signature scent.

    The house car was never available when I needed it which was disappointing -- I had heard there was a fleet of Lexus' (Lexusi?) available but apparently there is only one and you can't reserve it -- it's first come first served.

    I didn't get a chance to try out the spa unfortunately but I imagine it's on par with the service I experienced as a hotel guest.

    Overall I felt ensconced in luxury and that's the way it should be. I will definitely return. My favorite hotel in Chicago so far.

  • M
    2 Miranova Pl
    Columbus, OH 43215
    3.0 étoiles

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food and the service at this restaurant. Being from Manhattan, I am notoriously picky and hard to please and my Columbus hotel had been such a tragic failure that frankly I didn't know what to expect of this place.

    The interior is a bit overdone and dramatic -- it felt a bit Miami-esque/trying too hard (I later learned that the builder of the Miranova builds in Miami).

    Our waiter was wonderful and I was impressed with his attentiveness and skill. Even in NYC where standards are high, it can be hard to find someone who really understands what good service is, and our guy nailed it.

    The food....was it the most amazing meal I've ever had in my entire life? No. Was it very good and pretty well executed? Mostly.

    A few dishes were over-salted (like my tuna entree) but I was too busy enjoying the evening with my dinner companion to care. We were so stuffed on the food and wine that we passed on dessert.

    If you're used to very very high end cuisine, you will find this place to be more middle of the road in terms of food...good, servicable, but not life changing. If you tend to eat at chain restaurants then this place will likely blow your mind.

    Also, I can't speak to prices since I didn't pay and I barely glanced at the menu but I think they are on-par with prices in the area.

  • $$$ Hôtel
    200 North Columbus Drive
    Chicago, IL 60601
    4.0 étoiles

    My stay at the Fairmont in April 2011 was nothing short of wonderful.

    I booked a King size room that had huge picture windows, a phenomenal bathroom, and a great dressing area.

    Room service was divine and I was grateful to be able to start my busy days with a healthy locally grown breakfast (smoothies and eggs among many other things).

    The bed was amazingly comfortable....the shower was heaven.

    I travel frequently to Chicago (at least 10 times a year) and I will be back again. I also just booked a trip to Bermuda and will be staying at the Fairmont there due to my excellent experience with their Chicago branch.

    The front desk staff were a little standoffish...I prefer more sucking up when I travel, but the room more than made up for it. The hotel bar had lovely ambiance but I found the drinks to be just so-so.

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