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    Highly recommend this place. Fixed my broken screen and LCD for a ridiculously competitive price in about 10 minutes. You honestly can't beat that. Highly pleased with the service

  • 13625 Ventura Blvd
    Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
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    Awesome concept for a bar.
    I heard there was already a branch of this bar elsewhere, but when I got invited to check this place out, I couldn't resist.

    The outside decor is very hip. There's no sign saying that it's The One Up, but they have a villain icon on the outside. You have to double take to make sure it's the place. It's so incognito, so you know it's good.

    Valet parking available, but if you're lucky or good with timing, you can find a spot for free on the street.

    In short, good drinks, delicious food, friendly staff, and a free arcade in the back. They have classics like Super Mario Brothers and Street Fighter to name a few. Only thing is, on the weekends lines to play on the arcades can build up (since they're free). But you can gain a good crowd and show off your awesome skills and stuff, if that's your thing.

    Definitely will pay the place another visit soon. Kudos "The One Up".

  • 2961 Michelson Drive
    Irvine, CA 92612
    5.0 étoiles

    Finger licking type of good, but be prepared to pay the price. Just be dressed to impress and come with an empty stomach. The filet mignon was cooked with juuust the right amount of pink, and the waiter and staff were very attentive and friendly. My lovely girlfriend and I celebrated our anniversary here after hearing praises about the place, and it didn't disappoint. They even went the extra distance to pass the word to the server, to let them know it was our anniversary. Got a nice little dessert with a "happy anniversary" written on it.

    Glasses of wine, sophisticated menu, and romantic ambiance, everything was dialed on point.

  • 8915 W Sunset Blvd
    West Hollywood, CA 90069
    5.0 étoiles

    Best experience, hands down.

    This review is way overdue, but since the past 2 months my girlfriend and I couldn't stop talking about this little gem.

    My girlfriend and I arrived at the restaurant a little late because we got off work late. And we definitely didn't want to be those straggler customers who come in 15 minutes right before the restaurant closes. But the owner, Shana, saw the uncertainty in our faces, and insisted we come inside and enjoy their food.

    We got too excited for our own good. Ramen burger, bibimbap, bulgogi fries, and fried kimchi balls attracted our eyes off the bat. The food came out speedy, and the employees put no pressure on us to leave any earlier than comfortable. Shana had such a warm and welcoming personality and even gave us a complimentary soda for being first time guests.

    We were speechless by the level of customer service, we felt like we were eating at their own house with how hospitable they were.

    Definitely coming back, this time before closing, and bringing more people to share in our joy.

  • 6356 Hollywood Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90028
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    This place and its management is a joke.

    I understand many people come here just to check it out and experience a new lounge. But I'm telling my story to illustrate exactly how their staff and management run the place, and hope to prevent future incidents from happening to other people.

    My girlfriend and I were looking for a place to celebrate our birthdays at the end of May, and I received a tip from a friend to go here. I booked a table with Taylor, assuming everything should have gone smoothly that night.

    I told him we should be expecting 20+ of our friends to be there that night, so a booth accommodating most of us should be ideal. When we arrived there, the hostess tried to seat us at a TINY booth that barely fit two people and was located behind a pillar... are you kidding me? I notified her that I was promised a much bigger booth, and we got moved.

    To sum up the rest of the night, we ordered a small bottle of Ciroc, which was $350 (steep for such a small lounge), and the waitress forgot to bring out champagne we ordered for our birthday. The lounge was such a small venue that a majority of my friends couldn't even get in, and they had to go elsewhere. At the end of the night, the waitress did not include an itemized receipt showing what we ordered, and didn't explain that gratuity was already included.

    The next day, I wanted to contact the manager to discuss a couple discrepancies as I wasn't too happy with how the previous night occurred. I left my number with Taylor, and he told me either Elie or Tony would call me back. After weeks of not receiving anything, I gave them a call, and I got the constant "I gave them your number, I thought they would've contacted you by now" response. I finally reached Tony, who promised a refund of the additional tip we left.

    To make a long story shorter, I tried contacting them week after week after week, getting the excuses "they just left the building" or "they're in business meetings" constantly, fine. I finally get a hold of them last week (mind you the event was May 31st and I never received ANY phone call from them to this day). I spoke with Tony, who put me on hold, and THEN HUNG UP. After many calls, voicemails, and leaving my number with other people for these managers to contact me, they had the audacity to tell me that my problem wasn't that big of a problem and they'll take my number down if they CHOOSE to call me back.

    The level of customer service and their way of handling problems is completely unacceptable and insane. I've never seen an establishment handle a customer's issue in such a "we don't care" manner; dodging my phone calls, ignoring my messages, and telling me that my problem is nothing to them. I've been patient with them to this hour to contact me to resolve the issues that transpired that night.

    Small place, bad service, and terrible management.

  • 15505 Roscoe Blvd
    North Hills, CA 91343
    5.0 étoiles

    What can I say, over the years I've been used to the stressful interaction that usually follows the minute you walk into a dealership. As a prospective customer, the added pressure you usually get from a salesperson does not help you make the best car decision when it's time to make the decision. I'm glad to say that this dealership proved me wrong.

    The minute we arrived to the dealership, we were met by a good man named Manny. His down-to-earth charisma, enthusiasm, and genuine willingness to help made our car buying experience truly hassle free. I was surprised by how smooth everything proceeded. He showed us different cars that would really suit us, and at the end we found the perfect car that met our every need. And I thought deals like this only happen in commercials.

    To top it off he bought us a couple drinks as a little cherry on top from the Starbucks on the bottom floor. He was very respectful, not pushy at all, and I really felt like we were being taken care of. I had to take one of his business cards to make sure I point people in his direction whenever they're in need of a new car.
    I always pass by the Galpin dealerships whenever I make my way to Panorama City, and I'm glad to say that they left a great impression that they will be one of the first places I go to when a new car is next on my shopping list.

  • 11911 Wilshire Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
    5.0 étoiles

    My girlfriend and I travel to this location from the san fernando valley numerous of times, on the drop of a dime, to get a good taco fix. And we're always in awe with the service they have here. The workers that work here are usually 100x friendlier than any server you would find at a 5 star restaurant.

    No complaints at all. Food is full of flavor, service is too good to be true, and word has it they're opening one up by the san fernando valley. So I know where my diet is going to be going this summer. 4 thumbs up!

  • 17240 Ventura Blvd
    Encino, CA 91316
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    I'm usually not compelled to write a bad review about a place, but when I have the intention to bring my girlfriend to a place for a birthday dinner, as a last minute attempt to turn her bad day around, and the place makes it worst? I have to say something.

    It was about a week ago. I hurry up inside to let the host know it's my girlfriend's birthday and she notifies me that she will let the server know. Cool. I grab a booth immediately and the server, Randall, tells me that he knows about the birthday girl coming. We take a look at the menu and decide to order some sweet potato fries, oh you don't have anymore? Okay, well we were looking at the drinks, how about a margarita with that coronita on top. Oh you don't have anymore coronitas? Alright then, we'll just get the margaritas without the coronitas, but can you put them in those big martini glasses? Oh the bartender already poured them into mugs and you can't pour them into the glasses we asked for AND you ran out of salt? Okay server.

    See, I work at a restaurant. I understand when you run out of things, it happens. But when a small request is made, after not having many of the things we asked for, and then you blame the bartender for not putting it in the right glasses because she "already poured it?"

    And on top of that they were the wrong flavors we asked for.

    Food came. It was alright, nothing special. Spoke to the manager about what happened, he brings the right margarita WITH salt. Now I'm thinking, if the dessert comes with the birthday candle maybe it'll make up for everything that has happened. Oh, that's the check? Oh you forgot about the MAIN reason why we came here in the first place to celebrate my girlfriend's birthday?

    I figured, I'd ask him if it was busy. Maybe he was busy tonight and that's why so many things went wrong. He replies "No, not really."

    I don't even know how to summarize our visit here. In short, save your tip money for servers who will make you ENJOY your birthday dinner.

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