• 2513 McDonald Way
    Austin, TX 78754
    5.0 étoiles

    So I haven't been on Yelp in quite some time, but Jose is 100% worth coming onto tell everyone about him. He is incredibly amazing at what he does.

    We purchased a home recently, with a seriously high wall, and thought yeah we'll break our necks if we do it ourselves. I did a quick google and yelp search and Jose's name came up right away.

    He has done pretty much our entire house, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. With incredibly competitive rates, he is always early, he leaves no trace of his being there other than his amazing handiwork, and he really knows about paints and the process (obviously).

    I can't say enough great things about Jose. I SERIOUSLY recommend him for ALL of your painting needs!!!

  • 815 W 47th St
    Austin, TX 78751
    1.0 étoiles

    On behalf of my husband I write the following review:

    He likes his beer. And I KNOW when he's drunk. Trust me, he's not a rowdy drunk. He's not a disturbance to your other patrons. There was absolutely no reason for you to cut him off after only a few beers simply because "my manager wants you to leave". That's some serious bull.

    That hurts your reputation, Flying Saucer (as my one star review will show), and it hurts your server because others will take it out on her tip.

    A group of friends gets together after not having seen each other in a month and you cut one of them off (not the husband) for being loud? You can tell him to be quiet - his tab was at $15. Or was it race? You tell me.

    I used to like you. But without probable reason to cut them off, especially my husband, you've lost a customer for life. Several, I'd bet.

  • $$ Hôtel
    1400 Old Spanish Trl
    Houston, TX 77054
    5.0 étoiles

    Stayed here for the Houston Junior League's "Nutcracker Market".. GLORIOUS. The room was spacious, the staff incredibly helpful, and the hot tub DIVINE for our aching feet in the evening. The breakfasts were a delight - different eggs every morning, oatmeal, cereal, fruit, coffees galore, and in case you weren't sure where you were - waffles in the shape of Texas!!

    The rooms were great - never heard ANY news outside in the hallway, and the beds were so comfy!

    I would stay here time and again for my visits to Houston!

    One "complaint" - our clocks were all 10 minutes fast.. Not sure if it was on purpose or not but it got us out of the room that much quicker in the mornings!

  • 1 Reliant Park
    Houston, TX 77054
    4.0 étoiles

    Was here over the weekend for the Nutcracker Market.

    The building is HUGE (yeah, yeah everything in Texas IS bigger).. We set up our booth for the Market and everyone who worked there was incredibly nice. The parking was very easy, everything was well marked.

    Two minimal complaints - too many events going on at the same time (us, Disney on Ice and Rodeo) - I know they want to make the most money but it made for too many people in one small section..

    and ouuuuuch that cement is HARD. Maybe putting down some rubber for the vendors? My feet STILL hurt! :)

  • 601 Preston St
    Houston, TX 77002
    5.0 étoiles

    I'm writing this from a different perspective than the other reviewers - I worked for a vendor...

    It was realllllllllly well organized! Though this is my first year there (and my second visit to Houston ever) all of the Junior League women were very excited and supportive. Most importantly the support staff were to DIE for. Those were some looooooooong days and every time - from the security guards to the bathroom attendents to the janitorial staff - they were always SMILING and happy to help you in absolutely any way they could. I know I asked the same questions as everyone else did but they never made me feel like it was the 1982838th time they'd heard that question. Hats off to them!

  • 5.0 étoiles

    I can't say enough great things about the girls there especially Liz!!

    I met Liz drunkenly at a bar - her brother and my husband work together. As all curly hair girls know, you get someone who knows their stuff you don't EVER stray. EVER. My guy had moved away and I hadn't found anybody that was worth it... until Liz.

    She cut my hair and did a trial run for our wedding.. it was SO gorgeous I couldn't have asked for anything better.. All I said was curls in the back and poof in the front.. and well.. POOF there it was!

    She is the nicest nicest hairdresser I've ever met, and she did my mom's color - my Mami loved her so much she wants to fly down from DC every six weeks just to see Liz (not me, her favorite daughter)..

    Liz came to our hotel and patiently did every single woman's hair in our party - she knew what she was doing and every time I see pictures of their hair, but honestly in particular, mine, I have a HUGE smile.

    The best part is she does guy's hair -- and well! The husband ADORES Liz and she never gives him the same cut twice - in a good way. He looks so sharp and well put together when she does it! He appreciates that she cuts and THEN washes (apparently this is a big deal for guys?)..

    If you want a great stylist, who is super super sweet (and why wouldn't you?) go to Liz. She is uh-MAZING!!!!

  • 7900 Shoal Creek Blvd
    Austin, TX 78757
    5.0 étoiles

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this location!!!!!

    I, in apparent minority of much of the population, love going into a bank's lobby to do my bank-ly business. I dunno, just the way my daddy raised me. Besides the ONE bank robber I've ever known was the nicest guy ever (he was a professor of mine, true story). Minus the whole bank robbing thing....

    Aaaaaanyways, tangent over. They know me, by name, on sight when I walk into this lobby, and provide the kind of customer service you know you just don't get any place else these days. And that type of  rapport has come in helpful when they've been willing to waive a fee or two. Not that I abuse it, (honest!) but it's nice to know it's there.

    They make me feel like a million bucks, even though that's not what I have in my account.

  • 2.0 étoiles

    So, erm, what I'm about to say is going to make me very unpopular.

    This is SO not worth the price.

    Disclaimer: I adore brunch. I do breakfast for dinner way more than my husband finds acceptable. I love eggs so much I've taught myself how to make omelets, eggs benedict, and am working on quiches. I've been to truly epic brunches (think Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton).

    So when friends suggested we go, I had heard so many things I figure it would be awesome! Yeah, erm, no. I love my friends, but this place, not so much.

    The service was AMAZING, and I can't say enough good things about our server. (Minus the added grat. I know why he would do that with a party of 6 but still... I'd have tipped better. Just sayin'..)

    The space is TEENY.. The food.. seriously underwhelming. Seriously. Fruit looked like they opened one of those mixed fruit bags from HEB and dumped it into a bowl. Everything was greasy, and there was only two TINY rooms with food. That's it. I'm sorry but for $15 I expected a station or two.. omelet station, pancake/waffle station, meat carving station, whatever. Take your pick. But offer something!

    There was King Ranch Casserole, Broccoli and Cheese Casserole, and about 8 other different types of casserole.. (I exaggerate... barely) There was the world's tiniest biscuits, and even though I'm a yankee, I married a Texan -- where the hell was the gravy and sausages for the biscuit??

    I could go on and on but you get the idea. I loved the company we came with, and it's a nice idea... in theory. They need MUCH better (and more and higher quality) food for me to even THINK about coming back. I can get a week's worth of groceries for my husband and I for what we paid this morning. Ugh.

  • 2100 San Jacinto Blvd
    Austin, TX 78712
    3.0 étoiles

    Oh em gee. Does it HURT to only give the stadium 3 stars.

    On the plus side:
    The amazing energy. We got to sit in the student section and it was just electrifying!
    The creativity and the camaraderie of the fans! They were so nice to us, even though it was our first game.
    Being at a game.. 'Nuff said.
    Jumbotron - woooo I don't have the world's best eyesight so instant replay FTW!

    On the not so plus side:
    No alcohol sold. I get it, it's a college campus, blah blah blah, but seriously.. we're BOTH almost in our THIRTIES.. WTF?? Instead people have to sneak in flasks.. which only gave me flashbacks to high school football games..
    The food quality. We were starrrrrviiinnnngggg, and bought a "jumbo dog" - apparently the only way that a $4.50 hot dog can be justified. And the bun, was soggy. I'm STILL gagging as I wrote that last sentence. I get that maybe for efficiency's sake that the dogs are pre-bunned, but all of the dogs looked like that. Vommmmmmiittt.....

    All in all a good experience, though I'm not sure I'd be wanting to repeat it every week...

  • 12001 N Burnet Rd
    Austin, TX 78758
    5.0 étoiles

    My husband as a bumper sticker in his cube that says "Viva Tacodeli!"

    That pretty much sums up our relationship with Tacodeli. We share a car and I take him to work and every day we drive past this location. It takes everything that we BOTH have to not go there pretty much every day...

    My Texan husband loves him some cowboy tacos, he was so proud of himself the day he downed THREE.

    This Yankee pansy prefers the vegetarian side of things, and I stick with the portobello taco (the name totally escapes me at the moment)...

    The guac is outstanding - a little spicier than the norm around this town, and thank goodness. Being half-Mexican I'm a little snotty about my Tex-Mex food. This fits the bill time and again. I've never had poor service, and their food is OUTSTANDING...


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