• 2817 S Eagle Rd
    Newtown, PA 18940
    4.0 étoiles
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    Asian citrus salad was uninteresting and quite small for what you're paying for but the bao buns were really tasty though and the lunch bentos are a good deal. We all thought the food was good. Just don't order the salad - waste of money. The free salads that came with everyone else's lunches were 3 times tastier!

    Commentaire de John I. de KO Modern Korean Cuisine
    09/07/2015 Glad you enjoyed just about everything, Kat! Thanks for the kind words. Sorry you weren't impressed… En savoir plus
  • 8544 Palm Pkwy
    Orlando, FL 32836
    4.0 étoiles

    Had dinner here last night with husband and 2 year old daughter. We called ahead so our table was ready when we arrived. The servers were super friendly and knowledgeable. I was a bit bummed as it was Valentine's day so they had a limited set menu. Also, their paella was good but not mind blowing - a bit overly seasoned but the seafood itself was well cooked and fresh. The coconut flan we got for dessert was overly sweet - we split one and couldn't finish! Overall a good experience as the service was nice and the food was good.

  • 8625 International Dr
    Orlando, FL 32819
    4.0 étoiles
    1 check-in

    Really great food! My 2 year old loved the short rib wraps and the mahi mahi. My husband and I loved the short ribs as well and the pork belly sliders. Very enjoyable meal. The only reason I'm knocking down a star is the service wasn't that good. First off, we made a reservation for 4 adults and 2 highchairs. When we arrived on time, we were informed the table wasn't ready but that they would set it up shortly. Meanwhile, they seated 3 different wal- ins!!! Then, when they finally took us to the table, there were no highchairs! So I'm not sure what we waited for exactly in terms of 'set up'. Also, our waiter, though super friendly and happy to help, seemed new and didn't seem to know his stuff yet. But I'd go back - just probably won't make a reservation next time!

  • 160 Lawrenceville-Pennington Rd
    Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
    3.0 étoiles

    Got take out here so can't speak for their sit down experience, but the fish was just ok. The salmon sashimi wasn't really high quality - it was fresh, but the kind of salmon you'd put in a roll, not sashimi. The Spicy Yellowtail appetizer wasn't that tasty either - the fish was drenched in lemon juice so it was like a ceviche. We then got the Mexican and City rolls and those were good. The spicy salmon in both rolls was a bit mayo heavy but the combination of flavors was tasty.

    I'd go back for rolls but not for sashimi. At the price they are charging, I expect better quality of fish (not just freshness).

  • 931 Stony Hill Rd
    Yardley, PA 19067
    4.0 étoiles
    1 check-in

    They serve great homemade ice cream! Their peaches are good and their corn is fantastic! Their organic vegetable section is tiny but otherwise, there is a good variety of produce and fresh, homemade local stuff.

  • 1108 Taylorsville Rd
    Washington Crossing, PA 18977
    2.0 étoiles
    29/05/2014 Avis mis à jour
    1 check-in

    Their muffins have gone downhill as have their cookies. The hot bar is still hit or miss and the grocery is still way overpriced.

    I've gotten under baked muffins (gooey dough in the center), muffins with barely any ingredients (see my strawberry muffin photo and good luck finding a strawberry) and stale cookies. Their stuff is not cheap so it pisses me off when I get home and the item is a complete disappointment :( The staff is still SUPER nice and the convenient location still brings me here every once in a while. But I'm definitely no longer a regular. I really want to love this place but their quality is just not up to par at their prices.

    3.0 étoiles
    17/12/2012 Avis précédent
    The *only* reason I'm a fan of this place is because it's 4 minutes from my house and the only… En savoir plus
  • 4.0 étoiles
    4 check-ins

    I'd give this place 3.5 stars if I could but I'm upgrading to 4 as everyone I've brought here LOVES it. I have loved it on several occasions but I've also found it very salty at times. I'm not sure why the meat in the gyro would be much saltier on certain days but that has put me off from coming by on a regular basis. When it's good, it's excellent and I absolutely love their hot sauce. But because I know there's a good chance it will be over salty, I find myself going elsewhere.

    Their lentil soup has always been too salty and two of the 3 times we got the chicken gyro it was too salty as well. Like I said, my friends and family all loved it so maybe I'm just sensitive to salt - I don't tend to salt things much.

  • 676 Stoney Hill Rd
    Yardley, PA 19067
    5.0 étoiles
    2 check-ins

    My review is for their a la carte menu. (Their buffet is good but not spectacular so I'd give it 4 stars. Mainly, it's pretty much the same thing EVERY day which is kind of annoying.) However, their menu items come out steaming hot, made to order and AMAZING! You can totally taste the freshness of the ingredients in every dish. Nothing looks or tastes like it's been cooked ages ago and reheated. Plus, it tastes slightly different every time so you know it's freshly prepared and changes based on the chef's mood. I mean the overall dish still tastes the same but one day it's a bit more spicy, another there's more tomato chunks and another there's more peas, etc. Their spicy level is truly spicy yet perfect and I wouldn't dare order their Indian spicy, but their medium is also quite enjoyable. My favorite dishes are the Baingan Bharta, Lamb Curry and Mattar Paneer. They're fabulous! My only wish is that their naan was a bit more consistently good. I like it crispy yet chewy on the inside but sometimes it's just a bunch of chewy dough. My husband LOVES their garlic naan and that tends to come out perfect every time. Not sure why they can't do the same with their plain naan! Also, their pappadoms are a bit too salty. I highly recommend ordering off their menu!

  • 15903 City Walk
    Sugar Land, TX 77479
    3.0 étoiles
    1 check-in

    I ordered the Kobe burger well done and it was dry as cardboard! Hubby ordered it medium and it was cooked through but a bit more juicy, definitely far from medium but at least edible. The french fries were soggy but I liked the self serve condiments and the service was polite and friendly. The meny sounds promising but I think they need work on execution!!!

  • 707 Chestnut St
    Philadelphia, PA 19106
    5.0 étoiles
    1 check-in

    I've been here several times now and had a great experience every time. The food is really good and ambiance really nice. The staff is good but could be a bit more attentive at times. I felt like I had to wave down our waitress a couple times on our last visit. But I threw my husband's surprise birthday party there recently and they gave us a great table and worked with all of our food preferences and limitations. Great restaurant and nicely priced too.

    Pork belly buns = excellent!!!

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