• 1649 N Capitol Ave
    San Jose, CA 95132
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    I would give them minus stars if I could.  I went to the closest place to my house for a hem on my jeans.   I ask the lady how much it would be she responded 13 dollars.  Ok I thought is was kind of high but then I said ok.  Then she asked you want the orginal stitching and same color.  Of course I said yes.   She said 10 more dollars.  Then I asked $23 for jeans?  She said ok ill give you discount $20.  I said no way that's too expensive.   Then she gave back the pants and go somewhere else.  

    I went to the next closest place and charged me $8.   Stay away from this place they will try to overcharge you.

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    After my car got broken in sf.  I called a few places to get estimates on a side window spider auto glass was a little cheaper than the other places.  I'm glad i went with Raymond.  He was fast and carried him self very professional.  He said it would probably take a hour but he was done in about 45.  He takes pride on what he does and cleaned my car out real good.  

    I would totally recommend spider auto glass to anyone that needs window work.  I am going to return to him soon to get my front window fixed since it has a crack in it.

  • 1535 Landess Ave
    Milpitas, CA 95035
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    I went to this place about a week after they opened.  The place is really close to my house so i was excited that they have a korean place right by my house.  I got one order of some tofu soup.  The menu says all entrees served with COMPLIMENTARY  side dishes and steamed rice brown rice available upon request.  So i got brown rice.  When i went to pay i thought it was kinda high.  He charged me for brown rice  $3.50.  I thought it ok till i looked at the menu i took to go and it says the rice was free and if i wanted a side of brown rice it was $2.50.  So i could have got my white rice for free and order a side a brown rice for $2.50.  I was ok they just opened maybe they made a mistake but when i got home I opened the rice and it was white rice.

    First food was average at most.  Over charged me for a item that i didnt even get.  Come on korean garden get your act together.  I was hesitant to write this review since i want to go back and give them another try but i guess i just need to let you people know to double check you bill cause they might over charge you for items that you wont even get.

  • 1701 Lundy Ave
    San Jose, CA 95131
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    I have been living in this area for most of my life.  Shanghai garden is in one of the worst locations possible.  Every restaurants that opens up in this space dies.  I think its cause you cant tell there a restaurant there from hostetter and is hidden by liangs kitchen on the corner.

    Location location locatoin is one of the biggest factors in opening a restaurant.   Hey even Thomas Keller first two restaurants went under cause of location.   Im not saying shanghai garden is a michelin stared restaurant but its pretty solid at wat it does.

    The docor is real nice and comfortable for a chinese restaurant.  I often eat lunch by myself so enjoy having a tv so i have something to look at instead of people watching and looking like a crazy fool.  So i give them brownie points for that.  The menu is easy to follow they have alot of pictures.  

    After looking at what all the other people were ordering i decided to get the shanghai dumplings, ricecakes with pork and veggies, and some lotus root app.  Yes i know i eat alot.   The shanghai dumpling were really good.  I would go back just for that.  The other items were all solid in my opinion.   Im just really hope this reataurant will last i really enjoyed the food there.

  • 2050 Concourse Dr
    San Jose, CA 95131
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    When I found out their was  a pho y in my area I was excited cause I really like the one on capital.  I have been here twice and both times I have been dissappointed.  The first I went it was during chinese new years and they had a sign that they closing early.  So when I got my pho and plate of condiments I notice no bean sprouts.  So asked for bean sprouts and they said they were out.  I was thinking maybe they didnt order alot since they closed early and didnt want to go the store to get any since they were closing in a few hours.  The pho was decent but its not the same without the crunch of the bean sprouts.  

    After my first bad experience I decided to give it another try.  I went to pho y on a sunday and it was not during chinese new years this time.  When they brought out my bowl of pho and a plate of condiments I notice no basil and asked for it and the waiter said they were out.  I was thinking that your going to be open for another 7 hrs and no one has the time to go down the street to ranch 99 to pick up a few bunches of basil.  I have worked at alot of restaurants and yes they do run out of things but usually at the end of the night.  But if your running out things at lunch that just shows that they dont care.

    Basil and been sprouts are a major part of pho since vienamtese food is all about balance.  The chewyness of the noodles, the saltyness of the broth, the crunch of the bean sprouts, the acidity of the lemon,  the spicey of the siracha, the sweetness of the hoisin, and the aroma of the basil.  

    I think this pho y is running from the rep of its better sister restaurant on capital.  Im going to just stick my favorite pho restaurant Pho Kim Long.

  • $$ Thaï, Bar
    2033 Union St
    San Francisco, CA 94123
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    First I have to say that this review if for this osha thai only.  I have eaten at the osha thai at geary many times and love it.  So let me tell you why I dislike this place so much.  

    I have worked as seafood cook for 5 years, 3 years at michelin rated restaurants ,1 1/2 years at a Kaiseki ryori assisant chef, curently a fish monger, and a very good sport angler.  So I guess you can say I know fish.  

    When my gf  ordered me fish to go after her dinner with her friends I was so dissappointed.  It was suppose to be glazed sole but it wasnt.  So when I askeded her what she ordered she said glazed sole.  I even saw the receipt in the bad that said glazed sole.  What I got was glazed TILAPIA .  I am 100% sure it wasnt sole.  I have never seen a sole that is three inches thick since its a flat fish.   I tried to give the fish a chance even though it wasnt sole but it tasted like dirt.

    I am so dissappointed that a restaurant would try to do this to a cusomter.  Tilapia is a  cheaper fish than most soles.  The only sole that isnt cheaper than tilapia is dover sole which would be almost imposible to use for this dish cause of the small size of the dover sole.  

    I think this happens alot in restaurants cause most people dont know much about fish.  Can the average person really tell the difference between farmed, wild, atlantic, pacific, or if its really from alaska.  Most chefs cant even tell the difference.  I know one thing that fish mongers do to chefs is lie about  if the fish has been frozen or not.  

    Im not sure how this happened to me.  It could have been something that they didnt know about and thought it was actually sole or somthing they did know about and thought since it was a togo order it didnt matter.  What ever the reason was im sure im never going to this Osha Thai again.

  • 1208 S El Camino Real
    San Mateo, CA 94402
    2.0 étoiles

    I went to Gau Poang looking for a bowl of noodle soup.  When I looked at the lunch menu, they only had two different kind of noodle soups.  I thought to myself maybe I went to the wrong restaurants but I was in a rush so I decided to try it.  I had the Gau Poang noodle soup.  I thought it was terrible.   It was a bowl of noodles with flavorless chicken stock top with some stir fry.  The stir fry made the broth very greasy.

    I think I will go back here and try the other dishes here.  I looked around at the tables around me after I was done and the dishes looked good.

  • 215 E 3rd Ave
    San Mateo, CA 94401
    4.0 étoiles

    On their website, their goal reads " to serve you with tasty delicious  Chinese food that is also good for your health, as we use only the freshest ingredients to prepare our food" and that is what this restaurant is.  The quote is kind of generic because really, what restaurant wouldn't say that they like to use fresh ingredients?  Who really admits that they use old produce or frozen meat and seafood (even though most restaurants do).  But this restaurants food is good and a lot healthier than most Chinese restaurants.  They offer brown rice and use all white chicken meat in their stir fry.  The food is not filled with grease or too salty.  The price ranges from $8.00 -14.99 for the entrees ($8 dollars for a chicken stir fry and $14.99 for salmon).  My gf and I ordered kung pao chicken, some beef special, chicken corn soup, and steamed rice.  Our total bill was about $30 dollars and we had left overs to bring home.  My favorite dish was the soup and it was only $5.95 for a big bowl.

    The ambiance was really good, considering it was a-hole-in-wall chinese restaurant.  The decor was nice and welcoming.  They came to check on us and kept our water glasses full.  One thing I notice is that they didn't have chopsticks or condiments on the table, which I thought was kinda nice.   I didn't have to look at another greasy hot sauce jar or a dirty soy sauce bottle that probably hasn't been washed for years and just refilled (this is illegal, btw, and how most people get sick since some of the old sauce is left in the container for years before its changed).  I believe that if you have to add something to your food then it must have not been made correctly.

    I will be back and let you know how it went.  But for now i think you should defiantly check this place out.

  • 1218 W Hillsdale Blvd
    San Mateo, CA 94403
    4.0 étoiles

    Piazza is one of my favorite grocery stores in the area.  It is in walking distance from my house.  The produce is very high quality organic and non organic produc with good prices.  I got cluster tomatoes for 79 cents a pound once.  They have many items that most stores to not.  I was very happy when I asked for sweetbreads and they had them.  It was kinda pricey but i was just glad they had them.  I would have given them five stars but the choice of asian items was kinda small.

  • 3.0 étoiles

    When I found this place and walk in the two ladies were really nice.   I ordered two banh mi, one pork one chicken.  I have been looking for for good banh mi since i moved to San Mateo from San Jose.  In San Jose i have been spoiled with so many choices of good banh mi.  The sandwiches were good overall.  But they didnt satisfy my craving for banh mi.   I guess you can say this was a hybrid vietnamese sandwich.  I didnt want to use that over used F work "fusion".  But they do have handburgers and pho on the menu.  The pork had good taste  and tasted vietnamese but the chicken was shredded white meat that was bland.  The mayo was the regular american mayo not the vietnamese mayo im used to.  It did have all the fixing in side pickled daikon and carrots, cilantro, cucumber, and chile peepers.  I think the biggest dissapointment was the bread.   It wasnt a vietnamese baguette it was a store bought colombo brand roll.  One of the reasons i love banh mi so much is the fresh bread.  If you evey bought baguettes from a vietnamese store, have you notice the shelve life is about one day , so you know it is fresh.

    To some central markett up, it has good sandwiches.  I havent tried anything else from there.  But if your looking for banh mi, I would go some were else.  The menu says vietnamese sandwiches, but what they really are is vietnamese  *STYLE(see note) sandwiches.  I will go back here for another sandwich but this time I wont be expecting a banh mi.

    *Style:   A word used by chefs  to trick customer to order a item which it is really not.   Most seen in the kobe style form or kurobota style pork.

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