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    While Danny's wasn't always perfect, Jackson's, the new owners and the new brand Danny's locations are operating under is considerably more consistent at delivering a mediocre car wash experience. I've been using Danny's for years, mostly at this location and am sitting on a couple year's worth of pre-purchased washes and was happy to see Jackson's would be honoring these, though after my first Jackson's experience with a two week old car, I should have known not to come back.

    The wash job was ok, but the interior wipe down was subpar at best and had me questioning what the guy in the car was doing all that time seeing how 50% of the surfaces weren't touched. Of course nothing was as bad as the smell. Yes, the smell. Danny's used to leave my car smelling fresh and clean - not with the 'new car' fragrance that I always passed on, but from the products they use on the interior. As soon as I got in my car and started driving away I felt like Jerry Seinfeld trying to identity the offensive odor left in the car from the valet. It was like BO, dirt and cheap cologne. I'm thinking that maybe the guy finishing the car was sweaty and that it would dissipate. It didn't. It took about two weeks of airing the previously new car out, plus a few applications of some odor eliminator product to the interior to get it to go away. All I could think was that they used the fragrance or something and that it was stinking.

    About a month later I was in the area and decided to give them another go. I told the guy up front what happened on my last visit and stressed NO FRAGRANCE which he then stressed on my window making it totally idiot proof. Wash was great, interior was fully wiped and looking good, but when I got back in the car IT STUNK AGAIN. I then started sniffing my car and it was the leather and vinyl surfaces that stunk. I then stepped out and smelled the rags and product they had been using and IT STUNK! I  then had to go through the destining process again, though this time I was able to reduce that time quite a bit by cleaning and re-cleanng the leather and vinyl surfaces.

    That same week a client was complaining about the same smell and then an employee did as well, so I was comforted in knowing it wasn't just me that I hadn't become a smell snob. They were both however quite happy to get my recipe for deodorizing their cars. As for me, I haven't been back since and have been using another local car wash with no issues or smells.

    My advice, avoid Jackson's at all cost and if you are going to roll the dice, take a whiff of the products they will be applying to your vehicle before you're stuck with it.

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