• 13005 Peyton Dr
    Chino Hills, CA 91709
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    Fries are warm and soggy. Is that Wendys style for fries? This is eating them while still pulling away from the window. Did someone sue them and make Wendys stop selling hot and crisp fries?

    Also purchased a spicy chicken wrap. The word,  "ok" just barely passes as a proper description.  Chicken had no flavor.  The stuffing tasted like water, flavorless.

    I got the number one combo.  The burger. ..I think it was assembled in another country.  The ONLY thing that has flavor in the entire burger was the dill pickle.  I hope it was supposed to be a dill pickle.  Finally, the burger was room temp the cheese didn't even melt.

    Everything in my bag failed miserably.  The Wendy commercials got me in the door with big promises. I won't be fooled again.

  • $$ Hôtel
    1533 E. Huntington Dr
    Duarte, CA 91010
    3.0 étoiles
    1 check-in

    Didn't stay here.  I needed help and the gentleman provided it.  That's enough to get 3-stars for being a good staff member.

  • 324 S Hill St
    Los Angeles, CA 90013
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    Didn't try the food this time.  It did smell inviting.  In this occasion we visited to have s seat outside with a beer.  

    A few more weeks and the brewery will open.

    Tables are clean.  Plenty of seats.  Good view of the old angel train line.

  • 149 N. Halstead St.
    Pasadena, CA 91107
    4.0 étoiles
    2 check-ins

    Located on the 4th floor of the parking lot.  Pay the machine and get a pass.  

    $7.00 for a day pass.  I ride the metro for as few reasons.  1) escape the LA traffic grind.  2) get to visit a few cities and not worry about paying for or finding parking. 3) I get to drink as much as I want without worrying about a possible dui.

    $7 is a great deal when compared against $10,000 in fines.  

    Elevators smell like urine.  If you have your health,  take the stairs.  If not, deal with the earthly aroma and continue on.  

    It's a clean station like all the others on the line.

  • 3.0 étoiles
    1 check-in

    3-stars.  Possibly 3.5 for the view.

    The service was fine and we were seated, waited on and received our food promptly.  

    The home made salsa was good.  A little watery with a touch of heat.

    The food was a dollar or two more than elsewhere for the standard flair.  

    The food: it lacked flavor and spices.  My breakfast burrito was a mesh of ingredients with nothing that stood out from the rest.  Usually,  there will be an ingredient or two that stands out.  One that when you take a bite reminds you that it is there for better or worse. Does this mean they found the perfect balance for harmony within the food?  No,  it is simply bland.

    I tried my wife's pilot special omelet. I agree with her assessment. "It tastes like egg with a cheese, it's bland. "

    3 stars because it is a nice place.  Decent atmosphere.  A person can sit on the patio and watch the planes  (surprisingly low volume) take off and land.   If the food was anything more than bland this would easily go up a star, maybe two.

    Crack open the spice rack and put some life into the food and the reviews will go up as long as the prices don't.

  • 5939 Golden W Ave
    Temple City, CA 91780
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    1 check-in

    Small town. Small library. Kid friendly.

    First I would like to make a note that librarians are NOT computer technicians.  Years ago a fellow graduate decided she would like to become a librarian.  It was at that time we learned what that entailed.  Small towns might promote within allowing some folks to become a head librarian.  Most libraries require a degree in library science [don't remember the actual title] to obtain the coveted position.  

    While we looked over the degrees requirements from book acquisition and inter-library management; computer science and trouble shooting was not listed.  

    People don't work at libraries for the pursuit of money.  They work here because they love books,  reading,  the wonder and adventure that the written word provides.

    Talk to the librarian of your writing a school paper and need ideas or a direction.  Having trouble finding a book on a topic your just learning about and don't know where to start,  ask a librarian.  

    This is a child friendly library that is located in a public friendly park.  The children's section fills half the library.  Movies,  music, books on tape and computers fill another quarter. Fiction and non-fiction round out the rest.  

    I like the computers limit what other people see from side angles.  The political/history section is limited but fair (expected,  few people want to understand such things when complaining is so much easier).

    I'll be back and may move it up to 5-stars.

  • 630 S Almansor St
    Alhambra, CA 91801
    3.0 étoiles
    1 check-in

    3 stars because of wait time and food value to dollar ratio.

    Wait time.  With immediate seating we waited 40 mins for our food to arrive at our table.   I ordered a 3 egg omelet with chorizo, tomato,  chili and cheddar cheese.   A perfect order for me on this particular day.  It also set me back around $9. The gripe is simple, every other breakfast place includes a side to round out the meal.  This place,  nothing.  

    My wife had a 3 egg omelet with spinach, tomato, jalapeño and onion.  It looked liked they divided the ingredients into pairs and didn't allow the 2 to meet in the middle.  The ingredients were not blended.  She was not excited.

    Tip for the first-timer: if you see anyone waiting for a seat and you are wanting a quick bite,  leave!  It must be a small kitchen.

    Wait time,  small kitchen,  small portions for a breakfast place earned 3-stars and will not gain another visit.  2.5 stars is the actual.

    The wait staff was decent.  Didn't feel overly cared for or neglected.

  • 23379 Golden Springs Dr
    Diamond Bar, CA 91765
    5.0 étoiles
    1 check-in

    I'll write a decent review in a few.

    Just had my 8yr. bunny put to sleep.

    The bed side manner, impeccable!

    The staff, wonderfully sensitive.

    Bunny friendly vets are tough to find.

  • 12474 Central Ave
    Chino, CA 91710
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    It is implausible to believe they wouldn't help you if you were on fire...  as long as you are already a member.  I removed my money from this bank years ago.  I still suggest the remaining members of my family to follow my lead.  I came in to change a few bills for newer versions.  I might as well have asked to see their knickers.  
    Hospitality is not this banks strong point.   Charging for every kindness most likely odd,  and remains why I won't bank with them.

  • 11712 Central Ave
    Chino, CA 91710
    3.0 étoiles
    22/07/2015 Avis mis à jour
    3 check-ins

    Service has slipped a little.  After receiving 2/3 of our meal we were told that completed our order.  It lacked a component. Most of a meal is not complete.  So we waited eventually needing to honk the horn to get there attention.  

    The drinks were ready,  we weren't getting them.  Eventually we did. The food is fine,  service needs some work.

    5.0 étoiles
    21/04/2014 Avis précédent
    This place used to be an EZ-Out.   The name has changed but the prices and flavor remained.  

    This is…
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