• 4515 Airport Blvd
    Austin, TX 78751
    5.0 étoiles

    In-N-Out is better than P. Terry's, 5 Guys, Whataburger, etc.
    In-N-Out is better than Phil's, Fuddruckers, etc.

    In-N-Out is at the top of the burger food chain and its only competitor is Hopdoddy's.

    Get a classic Double Double with whole grilled onions, fries, and fountain drink. If it's your first time, don't go Animal Style.

    Lines out the door? Cars out the lot? Still worth it.

  • 519 W 37th St
    Austin, TX 78705
    5.0 étoiles
    2 check-ins

    Must have been here 5-6 times within the past month. My new favorite spot near campus (not too far, and not too close).

    Highly recommend  2 items: 1) The coffee (hot or cold) is smooth. It's hard to get coffee like this. Out of the many places I have been, La Tazza's stands out. The iced coffee is also nicely served in a metal cup. 2) The veggie breakfast burrito (superior to the meat). Not just an ordinary breakfast burrito, kind of reminds me of a samosa. Served with your regular salsa, but the main attraction is the other green sauce. My 5 star comes from these 2 items.

    Other stuff: Lattes were pretty good. Lots of outlets. Lots of wifi (they have 6 or so different connections, although not fast). Indoor seating is limited.

  • 2222 Rio Grande
    Austin, TX 78705
    1.0 étoiles

    Why does it seem like all the 1-star reviews are filtered? Looks fishy to me. Yelp, save those reviews!

    Not a fan of the management and leasing office. Did not find them friendly, helpful, nor efficient. They are the type that likes many fees: extra fees, hidden fees, cleaning fees, and inconvenient "convenience" fees. Not a business that exemplifies customer/resident satisfaction.

    Here are a few good things...Have lived in Quarters Nueces for 3 consecutive years with a base rent price of ($415, $415, $420). They give you a balloon on your birthday (really think they could be using their time improving things at the leasing office instead of passing out balloons). They have a belly card awards system (tried to attain the cleaning service but either their iPad was broken or they discontinued their service at some point). They have random food giveaways. Yep, I speculate that they want to lessen the tension with the management indirectly in these ways.

    The star is for the leasing office located on 2222 Rio Grande.

  • 1030 Norwood Park Blvd
    Austin, TX 78753
    1.0 étoiles

    Just wanted to confirm what the other reviews say, this place is GHETTO! It's actually kind of fun/funny going in knowing what to expect. Getting the mean-eye that you better move out of my way. The "Who do ya think you are?" attitude as you go through the aisles and/or entrance. People getting frustrated in line because there is an elderly couple taking 10 minutes to check out. Seemingly the only hope in this place would be the cashiers who say "Have a blessed day!"

    Because it's close to where I work, I frequent this Walmart to grab lunch, groceries, snacks, apartment stuff, personal things, etc. It's a busy Walmart so you can expect lines to be long (avoid it when there are elderly if you want to save time because my experiences have been many coupons and attempted price matches from catalogs from another store happening). I usually take the self-checkout or swerve into the express checkout by eyeing which one is moving faster. The deli area has good lunch deals going for $3.50 for a main entree + side or $4.00 for a main + 2 sides. Many employees also have the language barrier going on so you gotta point to order. Oh yeah, and the electronics are locked up and you need to ask an employee to get your item (hahaha...). I don't understand how this place could receive 4-5 stars, but oh well!

  • 2538 Guadalupe St
    Austin, TX 78705
    2.0 étoiles

    Came here for the ramen. Friend got bacon and I got squid.

    Yep, it's one of those places you'd except to find in Austin, aka hipster. Being a hipster place, you can expect hipster-sized portions, aka small! Our ramen arrived in what may look like froyo bowls. OK, we say. The food has got to be quality for our $8-9. After getting over the fact that the ramen could probably fit into a Starbucks cup / was the size of a $.39 Maruchan ramen cup, WE WERE READY! IT'S GOING TO BE GOOD CAUSE WE PAID SO MUCH FOR SO LITTLE, K? Well, it was alright...had better. The two ingredients that I wasn't feeling were the tomatoes and Italian parsley. It was still a unique ramen and overall tasty, but not a must try you got to go here omg it's amazing type of ramen.

  • 1906 Guadalupe St
    Austin, TX 78705
    2.0 étoiles

    Food's okay and tapioca drinks are okay. Wide variety of drinks which is fun to try out. Menu is pretty diverse too. I recommend the chicken nuggets, grilled pork, or crispy chicken steak. Not that many boba places around campus so this one is pretty much the default.

    Echoing the many reviews before, bad service! Dirty seating area...dirtier restrooms...humid temperature...slowpokes at orders...mean employees...rude employees...ruder employees with attitudes...yep! They are lucky that there is not much competition, hahaha.

  • 2512 Rio Grande St
    Austin, TX 78705
    5.0 étoiles
    1 check-in

    When it comes to beef noodle soup in Austin, it takes the gold, especially in the UT campus area. Waiting time was about 40 minutes my first visit and 20 minutes my second, but what can you do when you find great beef noodle soup and people are lovin' it. Some of my friends have already made 2-3 runs within this past week to this food trailer. Even students from TISA (Taiwanese International Students Association) call it legit. So solid! Will be back in the future.

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