• 5 Logies Lane
    St Andrews KY16 9NL
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    Wonderful addition to the St Andrews breakfast and lunch scene. This really is a 4.5 but it is the best place to have breakfast in St Andrews - their eggs are always poached perfectly - lovely runny yolks with no hint of fuzz - and the cakes are always lovely - orange polenta really excellent. All the food is homemade and ingredients certainly seem to be locally sourced and of the highest quality. The range of food coming out of what seems to be quite a small kitchen is very impressive.

    We have been several times now and it is a really solid place with extremely friendly staff. Sometimes the coffee can be a bit hit or miss - but the past couple of times it has been good - not as good as taste's though...Occasionally the seasoning can be a bit variable - scrambled eggs can be quite salty and the soup sometimes needs salt added - but that is just personal taste.

    Very happy that the Cottage Kitchen is proving so popular in the town and look forward to remaining a regular!!

  • 2-6 Spottiswoode Road
    Edinburgh EH9 1DY
    5.0 étoiles

    The caramel brownie - oh man the caramel brownie!!! The coffee is also fabulous and the atmosphere so laid back and relaxed. It's so airy and bright whilst still having gloriously comfy sofas and chairs. I must come back for lunch as the sandwiches look scrummy and the woman sitting on the sofa beside me had a delicious looking bowl of soup with doorstop slices of bread.

    Just as well I no longer live near here or I could forsee spending lots of cash and consuming lots of calories, but I think I might have found my new favourite place in Edinburgh.

    And the brownies.......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • ££ Fromagerie
    141 South Street
    St Andrews KY16 9
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    Great selection of cheese from all over the UK and Europe with a very knowledgeable owner who has spent AGES helping me discover some new favourites. I would say that the selection of cheese is very varied, though the cheeses stocked do vary according to the seasons. You can be sure that whatever is carried here will be guaranteed to be at its peak. Try the 4year gouda, the bleu d'auvergne, the stilcheton and  the delice triple cream... some of my absolute favourites!

  • 8 Forrest Road
    Edinburgh EH1 2QN
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    Oh wow - I had read Jenny L's review of this place, but hadn't clocked where it actually was, so on my rare jaunt into the central university campus today, I had to stop by and try some soup.... and very glad I am that I did.

    Had the Tomato Ramala (?) A lovely kick to it, nice and chunky with lentils not at all mushy. I also had a taster of the Cauliflower and Almond soup. Almonds are one of my favourite sweet things ever, and I love some roasted cauliflower. It was very good, but a little creamy for me - I couldn't have had a whole small one.

    Have to say that for £3 it is VERY good value. The cafe at work charges £2.50 for a soup which is not as inventive as this, along with a crummy small roll (think the kind you get at a hotel mass catered function, that type that is sitting at your table when you arrive) This bread is delish - I had wholemeal, which does sound kinda boring when pitted against olive, 8 grain or onion, but it was a lovely wholemeal - not too dense and dry, with a good crust.

    As Jenny said, +1 for the cuter than cute pots - and I also dig their commitment to the environment by having their take out stuff all compostable. Great job, and if the super lovely person who served me is readin, I wasn't kidding - get yourselves a truck or something and pitch up at KB - we need some decent lunches!!

  • Strathtyrum
    St Andrews KY16 9SF
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    OH and I came with our parents about 6 months ago and had very tasty lunch, however, for no particular reason we hadn't gone back until Saturday morning when we decided to go for coffee and scones.

    We had to wait for a wee while for a table, not because there weren't any, but because the waitresses were clearly trying to be strategic about the number of tables they could manage efficiently. Anyway, coffee and scones were good - cheese scone perhaps a little dense, but the fruit one was lovely, and, at under £8 for the pair of us for a HUGE homemade scone is pretty good value when you compare the prices to Costa or Starbucks.

    The shop is excellent and not particularly over-priced that I could tell. Butcher counter looked pretty awesome. Would definitely return for some meat and some scones.

  • 60 Bell St
    Glasgow G1 1LQ
    5.0 étoiles
    04/03/2012 Avis mis à jour

    Still a 5 from this (not so) scardy cat. The cut from before Christmas is only now starting to grow out a bit but it still looks passable when I wear it down - not bad for just about 3 months worth of growth.

    I am  getting over my little phobia so much that I might actually go for a shorter cut next time - now that is trust for you!!

    5.0 étoiles
    02/06/2010 Avis précédent
    Just back from another cut and colour with John and it was as great as ever! 6 months have passed… En savoir plus
    5.0 étoiles
    06/09/2009 Avis précédent
    If you are scared of the hairdressers then go to John, that is all I am saying!! My hairdresser… En savoir plus
  • 124 - 134 Fenwick Road
    Giffnock G46 6XN
    5.0 étoiles

    Yup, a predictable fiive stars. Not quite as amazing as WF in the States, but then this has been open predominantly through the winter months, and since products are predominantly British, we just aren't going to have the year round heirloom tomatoes and leafy greens that there are in the States. I would say though that perhaps unsurprisingly, we have a better range of tatties than in the US stores!

    I love that I can get some of my fave US brands here, but a couple of suggestions WFM Giffnock

    1. can you sell your pizza dough by the lb either fresh or frozen?
    2. housemade salmon and tuna burgers in the states were awesome, can you make some of them please for when I am too lazy to cook?
    3. more chicken sausage - it is immense I love the mild one, but the hot Italian is pretty good too....
    4. Bring back the Burrata

    All in all, this place ROCKS - the self serve grains and spices makes my heart sing and I love that you stock Swiss Chard.

    Maybe open a store somewhere on the East Coast..? St Andrews or even Edinburgh...?

  • 73 South Street
    St Andrews KY16 9QW
    5.0 étoiles
    04/03/2012 Avis mis à jour
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    It is always good to update to let people know it is still as good as ever, and it is. I can honestly say that the guys who run this place really know their stuff, and are happy to give suggestions and tips for cooking. Saturdays can be pretty mental, but they are always willing to take time and vacuum pack your fish for you to ensure it stays fresh in the freezer.

    I love this place and spend far too much of my money here, but I will never buy fish in a supermarket again, as long as I live in a reasonable distance from Kerachers.

    5.0 étoiles
    12/01/2011 Avis précédent
    I think that this place is going to cause me a problem..! I think that it is going to make me spend… En savoir plus
  • Crail Harbour
    Crail, Fife
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    So the name of this place is a bit ambiguous: The crab shack, the lobster shack, the lobster store or, that little wooden hut on the harbour...This has to be one of the East Neuk's best kept secrets and is a real gem. Very very reasonable dressed crab and fresh lobster. On a sunny day (yup you are in the East Neuk, so these days are not too rare) between Easter and September, come down to the harbour for some al fresco dining. It is a little bit of New England in Scotland!

    Here is how you tackle the lobster shack.

    1. Make sure it is open - opening hours are variable, but usually open weekends from Easter, and in the height of the summer, they are open during the week for lunch.
    2. Bring glassware/plastic cups and corkscrew if you are wanting juice/wine
    3. Get some cash - they don't take cards
    4. Go to the hut and pick your lobster, they are live and will be freshly boiled for you.
    5. Whilst lobster is boiling, go to the co-op across the road and buy some wine, bread, salad or anything else you want to have with the lobster/crab - the lobster/crab is just served as is, no lemon or anything.
    6. Come back and grab yourself a bench, get your delish lobster/crab which will be served on a glass plate with real cutlery.
    7. Enjoy - guaranteed you will!

    But please, please, don't tell anyone else - this is a really special place, we don't want it too busy now!!

  • St Mary's Place
    Saint Andrews KY16 9UY
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    Got to say that this place is not a Mexican restaurant, but there are I guess Mexican influences in the menu.

    I actually am not a big fan of tequila, but I really like the free mini frozen margarita - I think it is a really nice touch, and since my OH is often driving, I get to have his as well ;-)

    I would say that this is pretty good value for money - it is not super expensive, but portions are hearty and the meat is definitely good quality. The chicken chilli is decent. The burger is good, but a typical Scottish 'gourmet' burger - i.e. quite densely packed,  quite small in diameter but thick, quite 'meaty' (if you know what I mean) and not given the choice of rareness. (For an awesome burger in St Andrews then go to the Jigger).

    I have to say though that we went for a Friday special steak a couple of weeks ago, and the steak was cooked EXACTLY the way I wanted it - medium rare, bloody and melt in the mouth. OH had has medium and there was a discernible difference so props to them for that - many places I have been to don't really seem to distinguish and insist on overcooking them.

    If you want a quick meal, not too expensive, but somewhere solid for a tasty bite, then come here - especially if you can grab one of their lunch or pre-theatre deals.

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