• 8118 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92111
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    Worst experience of my life. If you are planning on buying a car, please do NOT spend your money here! I was on the freeway and my gas pedal got stuck TWICE. It's a miracle I didn't get in an accident. I immediately took my car in to get serviced as well as to get looked at for an air conditioner issue I've been having. This car is only a few months old and is a 2015..you would think that two defects (air conditioner and gas pedal) would not happen with a new car. When I took it in, I was serviced by Matt Williams and I've never felt so offended in my life. He told me that my gas pedal was indeed stuck and that a new one was on order. Fast forward to two weeks later- he retracted everything he told me and gave me my car back and said there was not a single problem.  Okay, maybe you made a poor judgement call but to lie and say you never said something is not okay from a customer standpoint.  Also, I was given a report that left out all the details and was filled in with false facts to cover himself for the lies I was told. I fully intend on taking this as high up the totem pole as I can. My safety is important and if they fail to think so, I will fight for myself until this issue is resolved. Please do yourself a favor and stay away from this dealership. What a horrendous experience.

    Commentaire de Mossy R. de Mossy Nissan Kearny Mesa
    Service client
    09/11/2015 Hi Marina,
    We appreciate your feedback and apologize for any inconvenience you experienced at Mossy…
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  • 9450 Scranton Rd
    San Diego, CA 92121
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    11/11/2014 Avis mis à jour

    I come here usually 3-4 times a week.  Yesterday was probably my last time coming.  I found a super long blonde hair wrapped around my crouton and lettuce.  When I kindly asked for a remake, I was not asked what my toppings were, anything.  The man put together a random salad with things I never asked for and brought it back to my table.  Stil, not a single sorry was said.  Now 35 minutes into my 1 hour lunch, I went back up and let them know this is not what I like in my $9 salad and let them know that I would like the correct toppings.  Again, it was brought back to me with no dressing even though I asked and hardly any toppings.  I went back again and asked for them to please get it correct as I had about 5 minutes left to get back to work and again, no apologies.  I would hope for a food business, there would be a bit more care put in especially when a customer almost ate the employees hair. Just a thought..

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    19/08/2014 Avis précédent
    Amazing. Love it. So glad I found this place after such major fails around this area. The only… En savoir plus
  • 4540 La Jolla Village Dr
    San Diego, CA 92122
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    I'm writing this review from the my table. I just waited 65 minutes to be seated. That's not even my issue. My issue was after waiting for the 65 minutes, I was seated with my group of friends, the same group I come with every week to this location. The only thing I can have on this menu is the lettuce wraps with no mushrooms. I can't have mushrooms at all. When I placed my order, the waiter rudely told me that I was not able to make such modifications. Interesting because I've been to this location every week and this has never been told to me. So now, 65 minutes later, I am sitting at this damn table not being able to eat and having to watch my friends eat. I just got off of an 8 hour shift and all I wanted was to eat. I didn't want the rude service nor did I want to wait for food that I am not even getting. I refuse to return and will tell all of my friends the same. Thanks PF Changs.

  • 22390 El Camino Real
    Santa Margarita, CA 93422
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    What I love most about this place is the fact that there are always new items to choose from. I come in pretty regularly and you can tell the owners of this place enjoy what they are doing. Unlike most antique shops, this store is constantly adding new items and I never feel like I am looking at the same things. I also enjoy the fact that I am greeted each time I come in. I'd give this store an A anytime!

  • 3850 El Camino Real
    Atascadero, CA 93422
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    This auction company is one of the greatest I have been to. They not only offer a wide selection of items but are really organized! I bought a drawer from this company a few years ago & was satisfied with the product, the price & the customer service that assisted me. Thank you to a great staff & a great auction company! Looking forward to doing future business with you!

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