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    1212 S Flower St
    Los Angeles, CA 90015
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    I'm really not sure what has happened to Hautelook.  I used to be a very regular customer.  Things started to go downhill with two orders I placed late last winter.  On one order was some artwork and a decorative shelf.  When my package arrived, it contained two shelves and no art.  The art was FAR more expensive than the shelving.  I contacted Hautelook via phone and e-mail, received about 4 different stories/excuses, and long story short was told I would NOT be refunded the difference I was owed.  Meanwhile, I had placed another order: a (pricey!) watch for my husband.  When it arrived, the second hand was not functional.  I did not even bother contacting Hautelook about this after my last experience with them.

    A few weeks ago, I made a decision that I deeply regret: I decided to give Hautelook another chance.  I ordered two pieces of clothing from their "Shades of Grey" sale.  The package arrived promptly--something that typically doesn't happen with this site, so I was hopeful...and then I opened the package.  One of the items was one that I had ordered, and the other one was the wrong size.  Although the size on the invoice was correct, the actual product in the box was not.  This item is not wearable.  Over the past two weeks, I have contacted Hautelook twice regarding their mistake and I have gotten NO response.  

    In short, this company has taken money from me on three separate occasions and neglected to provide the product/quality that I was promised.  Now, I know that this qualifies as extremely poor service...but am I the only one who thinks it's starting to sound borderline-illegal?

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    955 W Fulton Market
    Chicago, IL 60607
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    Aviary's opening night=4.5 hours of waiting in line, 3 shoe blisters between my companion and myself, and temperatures that dropped so fast the staff brought out complimentary spiked cocoa to thaw its patrons.

    Two complimentary drinks as compensation for the circumstances, outstanding service from Brittany, and a plethora of delectable cocktails that followed made it all worth it.

    The Sassafras was the best cocktail I have ever had in my LIFE!  I talked up this drink, as well as the Buttered Popcorn and the Rhubarb, to my family so much that they were just DYING to try them all.  

    I return tonight, out-of-town family in tow, to find that the Aviary has changed its menu, and the full list of cocktails on the menu is not available for a la carte purchase.  They now have a "tasting menu," in which patrons may only partake if the entire table chooses to do so.  Ours didn't.

    My guests were so disappointed that they could not order the drinks they'd had their hearts set on!!  This begs the question: what gives, Aviary?

  • 2117 N Halsted St
    Chicago, IL 60614
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    I can't believe it has taken me so long to write a review for this place!  I first found Edrop-Off this past holiday season when I purchased a handful of designer items as Christmas gifts for family.  The men's shirts I purchased were new in the packages with tags for $200+ and I paid $18.99 apiece...a very small price to pay to have a fashionable husband!

    My experiences in both buying and selling have been nothing but positive; I just wait in the store while the girls go through my items, deciding what they can and can't sell, and I'm out in no time.  Plus they offer full disclosure both verbally and in their contract as to what their policies are, as well as what kind of timeline the process will have.

    As someone who lives on a tight budget but doesn't like to look like it, I feel that this is the BEST place for cheap designer finds.  And as someone who has sold on Ebay and Amazon in the past, I can say that Edrop-Off takes all the hassle out of the process (i.e. saves me photographing items, answering obnoxious, numerous Ebay e-mail inquiries, and making multiple trips to the post office.)  Try them out!

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    Mylissa's Little Gallery: I tried to love you.  I wrote you a glowing Yelp review (just removed it) and referred friends to you after meeting you only one time.  As it turned out, I was too quick to assume that your errors in scheduling for my first appointment (which started an hour past its scheduled appointment time) were a one-time occurrence, and I swept it under the rug after you went out of your way to offer me a much-needed eyebrow wax.  

    I just went to Mylissa's for a second appointment this past weekend.  Isabella (or a name similar to that) scheduled my appointment for 2pm with Mylissa.  After arriving at 2pm, they asked me to come back at 3:30 for my cut/highlight appointment because I "wasn't in their books plus they were running a bit behind."  I came back and waited.  At 4:15, they shampooed me and sat me in the salon chair.  At this point, I was notified that there was no time to fit in my highlights.  I REALLY wish I would have been told this prior to spending OVER 2 HOURS WAITING.

    My hair was cut and blown dry (or half dry, at least) within 15 minutes.  They offered to accommodate me by doing my highlights after-hours during the week to compensate for the scheduling mix-up, and told me to call with my schedule.  I called.  I left a message.  Someone returned my call, spoke to me for a minute, then said she would "have to call me back in five minutes."  

    They did not call back.  I called, left a second message...still no call back.  I'm not going to beg them to do my hair.  There are hundreds of salons in this city, and even though I'm DYING to be a loyal client to one, this is not a good fit for me.  

    I just made a color appointment elsewhere...oh, and they're going to fix the botched, rushed haircut, too.

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    4359 N Milwaukee Ave
    Chicago, IL 60641
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    Ugh, Hops...we used to come to you because we loved you, and now we go to you when we want something close and don't have any other options.  We used to be proud to take out-of-town guests here, and now we've been too embarrassed to do so since the last time, when they pointed out the huge cockroach crawling up the wall beside our table.

    Ever since the current management took over and the menu changed, the quality of the food and of the service has gone significantly downhill.  So why two stars instead of one?

    The good: drinks are cheap, we still have a great regular waitress whom we really enjoy talking to, and she really gives us great service.  She is the exception to the following:

    The bad: **EVERY** single time we come here and don't have out regular server, something is either missing from our order, is the WRONG order, or in the most recent case, rotten.  Any apology from management?  No.  We felt sorry for the waitress who had the task of bringing spoiled food to our table and had no support from her manager.

    Management: stop being so concerned with which stations your televisions are playing, and start giving some consideration to your customers and the kind of service and quality they expect and deserve.  Skip that next smoke break and pay attention to what's going on in your kitchen, and consider asking your servers not to sit at the bar when customers' glasses are sitting empty.

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    16/03/2010 Avis précédent
    We really do love Hops and Barley--it's a laid back, convenient, and affordable option for us in our… En savoir plus
  • 1952 N Damen Ave
    Chicago, IL 60647
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    Takashi was the first restaurant on my list to try when I moved to the city.  Nearly four years later, the anticipation of checking out Takashi was killing me, and I finally convinced my husband we had to go.  Let me tell you--though it was worth the wait, I can't believe I deprived myself of this place for so long!

    I noticed several reviewers expressing their dissatisfaction with the cocktails.  Not only did we find the cocktails enjoyable, we thought they were thoughtful, unique, and expertly mixed.  My husband is not interested in the sharing of small plates, so we opted for a more traditional approach and each ordered an entree: my husband had the duck, and I the pheasant.  We sat on the first floor, which gave us the opportunity to watch as the kitchen team prepared our dinner.  Each element of the preparation looked so involved that at times, 3-4 people were working on one plate at the same time.

    The duck was cooked in such a way that the slices ranged from medium-well to rare.  It was interesting to experience the differences in flavor from one end of the spectrum to the other, and it gave the entree variety among its main course so that it did not require a side.

    The pheasant was beyond tender--it literally melted in my mouth.  The chestnut and mushroom risotto was heavenly and quite possibly the high point of both our dining experiences.  It had a flavor and richness that I will never forget.

    I look forward to returning to Takashi in the near future to try their small plates--especially now that we know where it is (it is set back from the street and thus very easy to pass by!)

  • 2300 W Armitage Ave
    Chicago, IL 60647
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    01/09/2010 Avis mis à jour

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: this place seems to have undergone major restaffing or something, which I suppose explains the difficulty with which I was faced while trying to confirm my second LHR treatment (which I missed, by the way, since the spa never returned my calls).

    All that aside, I'd just like to say that Spa La La has REPLACED their laser hair removal device which caused me so much pain at summer's beginning, and they now use a similar, more modern device with a "cooling" feature.  

    In my original review, I compared the sensation of the old device on my skin to a hot curling iron rolling back and forth over the area, sparking and shocking me repeatedly.  The new device does not get NEARLY as hot as the old one, and was a walk in the park compared to my first LHR experience and to waxing.  I can't say it was painless, but the technician also noted that the new machine allows the user to adjust the settings to the client's tolerance/preference.  Oh, and for the record, the new staff is way more friendly than the girl I encountered the first time around.

    The change in LHR devices did not compromise the effectiveness of the treatment, and this time I look forward to my next treatment with anticipation rather than with fear and dread.

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    04/05/2010 Avis précédent
    I went to Spa La La today for my initial laser hair removal treatment that I purchased through… En savoir plus
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    3358 N Ashland Ave
    Chicago, IL 60657
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    I'd been looking forward to trying Pour since the week they opened, when UrbanDaddy taunted me with an article about their fabulous patio and mouth-watering chihuahua-stuffed hotdogs fried in a corn tortilla.  I finally got my opportunity last night, and I have to say...I have not been this disappointed in trying out a new place in a long time.

    The patio was ok, but was poorly lit, save for a couple of street lights that were on their last leg and kept blinking and just shutting off, and some fake candles on the tables.  They also allow smoking out there.  Is that even legal?  It sure isn't at the restaurant I work at.

    My drink (Strawberry Basil Lemonade) was five stars and worth the $9 price tag for one.  The prices overall were pretty good for the area.

    The food...not so much.  Although they were decently priced, my Dogs in a Pancho tasted like an after-school snack I would have dug out of my parents' freezer when I was in 9th grade.  Crusty, not spicy, not cheesy, not interesting in the least.  Oh, and the tortillas ("panchos") were over-fried or stale.

    YOU MUST READ THE WORST PART: For us, this was a quick visit.  Our bill was $23 and some odd cents.  We paid with $40 and patiently awaited our change...for over half an hour.  When someone in our group went inside to find the waitress, we were told that she had gone home for the night...AND TAKEN ALL OUR MONEY WITH HER!!!!  The manager gave us our change, so at least we got that back and didn't have to pay this girl's tip out of our own pocket.  Maybe it works for this girl to steal from her guests the first time they come in, but I can guarantee that we, and anyone else who has experienced this, will not return.  If Pour keeps staffing dishonest people like that, pretty soon they won't have anyone left to steal from.

  • 6701 W Forest Preserve Ave
    Chicago, IL 60634
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    I can't tell you how disappointed in myself I truly am for having lived MINUTES from this gem for years and not stepping foot in it until today.  In my defense, I did believe it was only a factory for a while--since it's set a bit further back from the roadside, I didn't see the "Cafe and Bakery" lettering along the side.  

    I went here using a Groupon (Are you sensing a pattern here?  My profile told you that I live off discount websites, and it wasn't lying).  Even though they're in on the deal, many businesses do not seem receptive to their Groupon clientele.  I used to think that this might be due to the fact that the coupons could be difficult to process, but since my own employer struck a deal with Groupon, I know that is not the case.  The coupons are a cinch to process and manage, and Groupon customers are great!

    Not only is this place polite to discounted customers...they actually rewarded me for participating in their 'deal' by offering me 15% off coupons for my next visit!

    I went for their lunch special, which was a turkey, bacon, and avocado sandwich on ciabatta.  The sandwich was ok--the ingredients were fresh and tasted good, but as another reviewer mentioned, there was no mayo or sauce of any kind which was a bit odd.  What made it worth it was that it came with a free dessert of my choice--chocolate chip cheesecake, yum!  In addition, I purchased some more desserts, exceeding my Groupon limit, and leaving a satisfied customer.

    Oh, and has there EVER been a sweeter, more accommodating service person than the girl who works behind this counter???  She was fantastic and made my experience as a newbie that much better.  She will make me a repeat customer!

    So why not 5 stars?  I already mentioned the sauceless sandwich...fine, I can deal, it's a cheesecake cafe.  But there was some kind of trivia game going on that was taking up the entire dining area, eliminating my option to lunch there.  My observation was that Eli's could have consolidated their audience a bit (there were many tables with just 1-2 people sitting at them) and made room for customers.  I unexpectedly had to take my lunch to go since they hadn't done so.

  • 4431 N Milwaukee
    Chicago, IL 60630
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    I've visited this place a couple of times on my own for coffee and baked goods, and a couple more times for lunch with my husband.  The food is great--definitely try the Classic Cubano Sandwich.  My husband is a fan of  the Turkey and Avocado.  Also, their chips and salsa are to die for!

    The coffee and espresso drinks are fabulous, and I love that it is now so convenient for residents of our little neighborhood to support a family-owned business rather than the Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks down the street.  

    I realize the business is still getting started, but the service here is very spotty.  I've encountered one young guy who worked as quickly and efficiently as possible to fulfill everyone's orders--all of which are made to order, by the way.  However, three of the times that I've been here I have had the same girl who A) once overcharged my husband's credit card and we didn't find out until he checked his bank statement because, B) she does not hand you your receipt or tell you the total.  Oh, and C), I realize made-to-order food takes a while--and I truly believe it is worth the wait--however we should get our beverages BEFORE the food comes out rather than waiting 35 min for a coffee and small iced latte to be brought out after our food.  

    As someone who works in the hospitality industry, I realize it's tough to get started...but Craves Cafe's management should establish key points of service for their staff to follow during each transaction to make things run more smoothly and consistently.

    Overall, great place...can't wait to try more of the items on their menu!

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