• 8500 Green Bay Rd
    Pleasant PR, WI 53158
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    This review is for the FM station - WIIL - since that is what I listen to. This station has the guts to play music outside the mainstream. For starters, very few stations can say they have stuck with the same format and formula for over 20 years - and have it work - but WIIL rock can. They stand out from the other corporate owned clones of each other found everywhere on the dial today. The morning show is original and the hosts do a decent job entertaining. Even if the humor gets silly, you can tell they genuinely enjoy what they do - and try to have fun with it.  Take a listen to WTMX in the morning (or the Drive..etc.), and if you have not vomited from the innocuous prepacked "McBanter" than you should not listen to WIIL. If you appreciate real people - flaws and all on air - and real rock -  then 95 WIIL rock is your station.

  • 19351 W Washington St
    Grayslake, IL 60030
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    As community colleges go, this one of the best. Speaking as a 2001 graduate, I can attest to the quality of the teachers. The Grayslake campus has more of a four year school feel to it. There are sports teams, a performing arts center of university quality, and a decent library. Most of my professors were very helpful and the school offers multiple locations, online courses and flexible hours.

  • 1720 N Milwaukee Ave
    Vernon Hills, IL 60061
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    After four years, I am still not overly impressed with this store. It appears to be more of a glorified Jewel or Dominick's. The Vernon Hills location was built from the ground up as a Mariano's so that does make it more unique than the converted markets in other locations. But its the content that is the main problem. For starters, the produce section is nothing special. Garden Fresh and Fresh Farms offer a much better and varied selection of produce. Being a Vegan, and for many others who are not, that is often a large part of our grocery list. The layout is horrible at the checkout! The customer service counter should never have been built directly in front of the check out lanes - it makes for too much crowding. I like their floral selection and I can find some vegan specialty products, but nothing like Whole Foods offers.This market made a good start in 2011 when they opened but its been all downhill from there. I rarely stop by here any longer. I am looking forward to a good possibility of Whole Foods opening up in Vernon Hills - yes they are expensive but you get what you pay for.

  • 175 N Milwaukee Ave
    Vernon Hills, IL 60061
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    18/09/2015 Avis mis à jour

    Three years after my initial review,  I still have nothing but wonderful things to say about Arbor Hills. Dr. Sam, who has treated me and my family, has provided us the best and most honest dental care we have ever had. She is patient, truly interested in her patients well being, works her best to accommodate busy schedules and makes your visit as enjoyable as possible. It is clear to me that this practice is not interested in "quantity" of care - but "quality" of care.

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    18/12/2012 Avis précédent
    I have been a patient since 2011 and would recommend Arbor Hills to anyone seeking oral healthcare.… En savoir plus
  • 565 Lakeview Pkwy
    Vernon Hills, IL 60061
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    This place is not well run. For starters, they never answer the phone and when they do, they're not very helpful. The wait time is atrocious, probably because its so understaffed. I don't understand why a large company like Quest cannot invest the money to hire better trained people and increase the staff. Vernon Hills is a very busy location and certainly has the patient base. The one person who seemed to be handling everything on the Saturday I visited was pleasant and the facility was clean so I added a star for that.

  • 4949 W Belmont Street
    Chicago, IL 60641
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    Let me start by saying this station, since it was acquired by CBS, has lost much of what had made it so unique. The independent voice of rock has since felt the heavy hand of corporate influence. That said, in comparison to the rest of commercial FM radio, this station is by far superior. Take a "walk" down the radio dial in Chicago (or most any other city) and listen to the sophomoric blabber on morning shows, the incessant dribble of pop music, the carbon copy corporate owned noise. Then tune in to 93.1. Sure, you will hear some tunes you can do without, but then there is that new release that Jason Thomas fires up, or some old tune from the 60's you thought was long forgotten. Don't forget Lin Brehmer in the morning - the Ann Landers of the radio with his "Lin's Bin" and the playful banter between him and co host Mary Dixon. The majority of the on air staff have been there for years (Terri, Frank E, etc..). Try finding that on any other commercial station today. Yes XRT is not what it used to be in its rebellious youth..but how many of us are? They just don't make em' like that any longer.

  • 122 Hawthorn Center
    Vernon Hills, IL 60061
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    31/08/2015 Avis mis à jour

    This mall has come a long way in just the last few years. I have lived in Vernon Hills for over 20 years so I speak from experience. The recent addition of the 1200 seat AMC is a welcome entry into what used to be a boring place to hang around after shopping. The seats are the most comfortable of any theater I have been in. I am not a fan of Dave and Busters and do not feel it should have been added to this Mall (maybe another location in Vernon Hills), but Maggiano's is an improvement over the earlier restaurants in that slot. There are new stores being added all the time and the mall now has a better ambiance to it. Still, the feel is more mid level shopping vs. upscale like Northbrook Court or Old Orchard. I think having a Sears (cannot believe that place is still in business) and JC Penney's keeps it more grounded vs the Lord and Taylor, Nieman Marcus, Bloomingdale anchors. There is a Macy's, which seems to fit well into the Mall's demographics.
    I think when all the improvements are done, I hope to be able to add a star because Hawthorn would have a nice blend of stores and entertainment. One last thing...please get rid of that Train! The little kids may love it, but it is annoying to most shoppers and I don't see how it can be safe.

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    24/06/2011 Avis précédent
    This mall has come a long way in just the last few years. I have lived in this area for over 20… En savoir plus
  • 825 S Waukegan Rd
    Lake Forest, IL 60045
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    This may not be the newest location (Long Grove takes that), but it has great service and has some hard to find items. Its not too far from me so if I am in the area, it's worth checking out. I always can find some cool vegetarian stuff.

  • 2171 Northbrook Court
    Northbrook, IL 60062
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    This mall is class all the way. The stores are a mix of high end and more moderately priced retail. There are restaurants adjacent to the mall, but no typical "food court".  It is rarely super crowded like Woodfield. There is also a movie theater on premises. I live within walking distance to Westfield Hawthorn, but despite the improvements to that mall, still think its worth the 20 minute drive to this mall. Oh, and there is no annoying train running around to annoy shoppers (if Westfield Hawthorn wants to change their image - they need to ditch that train and close Sears). For the younger kids, they do have a cool tree house with leaves colored according to the season.

  • 675 Hawthorn Center
    Vernon Hills, IL 60061
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    Awesome addition to our local mall. Its pricey, but worth it. The reclining seats speak for themselves. Everything else seems clean and well done. Even if the movie is nothing special, the movie theater experience is top notch.

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