• 304 Carpenteria Rd
    Aromas, CA 95004
    4.0 étoiles

    We just moved to town and, after many recommendations, went in for lunch one sunny Sunday afternoon. We sat on the patio, had a couple beers, the fried artichokes, an Aromas burger and the fish tacos - ALL GREAT! The waitress was lovely and friendly and the other patrons were laid back and enjoying the day as well. A really nice vibe.

    I can see how this place could get packed, the beer list could be better if it had more craft brews and there's not a lot of parking on the street, but this place is a gem.

  • 2234 Leo Pl
    Aromas, CA 95004
    4.0 étoiles

    We just moved to Aromas and needed somewhere for our beloved older pooch to stay for the day while we were at work and our fence was being built. Since Camp TLC was right on the way to work and seemed to have everything we needed, we decided to check it out.

    We were a little apprehensive after our initial visit, since it's set up differently than we were used to from the various dog daycares that we used while we lived in San Jose (Planet Pooch, etc), but after many days at daycare and the extreme level of care that Gail and Buff put toward our dog's happiness and care during her stays, we are happy with the change.

    The main differences are that this is a private home rather than a boarding facility, pickup and drop off times are super flexible and can be changed at the last minute if need be without penalty and I can always reach Gail or Buff via text or phone at any time.

    Gail would text me pictures and videos of our dog throughout the day so that I could see how she was getting on and that was very helpful.

    I would normally drop off our dog around 6:30am which was extremely accommodating and could never have been done at any of our previous daycares. I frequently changed her pickup times based on my schedule, and it was never a problem. I could text Gail the night before or even early in the morning to let her know that our dog was coming for the day, and it was always AOK. Buff even had coffee for me one morning and was always very sweet with our pooch.

    At one point our dog was a bit sore from playing hard with us all weekend and after spending a mellow day with Gail, Gail recommended that our dog might be happier recovering at home and that she'd just come by our house to check on her and take her out for a mellow walk. That turned out to be perfect and we've had Gail back out for check-ins a few times since. She even brought a few of the mellower pups to visit and play, which was great.

    Now that our fence is finished, it's good to know that we have on-call care for our dog when we need it.

  • 55 Peckham Rd
    Watsonville, CA 95076
    5.0 étoiles

    Great selection of pies, pastries, juices and snacks from the Gizdich produce. Swing down Peckham rd in Watsonville to the ranch and save a few bucks on all of their products compared to buying them elsewhere. Plus there's a gift shop with antiques (I haven't been in, but it's there) and you can sit and enjoy your pie, etc in the barn or outside on a nice day.

  • 1819 Freedom Blvd
    Freedom, CA 95019
    4.0 étoiles

    I go to WN on a weekly basis and tend to get either the Nickle Special burger or chicken sandwich, but the snapper dish with white wine sauce and capers is REALLY good, too. Portions are kinda massive, so keep that in mind. A friend recommended it and I was pleasantly surprised. The fries are ridiculously good (fresh cut, crispy) and their side salad is pretty decent. I love that all plates come with fruit, coleslaw and a piece of chocolate cake. The waitresses here are awesome - super friendly and personable. A good local spot for American fare.

  • 100 Aviation Way
    Watsonville, CA 95076
    4.0 étoiles

    Ella's is a nice spot to go for lunch in Watsonville - great to have an alternative to the usual standbys. I usually get the soup/salad + sandwich combo. The cup of soup is a bit small (because the soup is GOOD), so I started switching to half sandwich and a bowl of soup. The Jambon sandwich is pretty tasty and their parsnip soup (seasonal) is wonderful.

  • 160 Pajaro St
    Salinas, CA 93901
    5.0 étoiles

    Efraim was incredible! He came out as scheduled and was on time. He was friendly, personable and answered all my questions. He cleaned our chimney, offered advice on fire escape plans and fireplace maintenance - even recommending the types of wood that we could gather from our property to use. It was great to have someone local who knew the area well enough to find our out-of-the-way property and not balk at its remote and hilly location. Will definitely use these folks again!

  • 316 S Monroe St
    San Jose, CA 95128
    5.0 étoiles
    07/06/2012 Avis mis à jour

    I've now been going to Danielle for the brow/Brazilian combo regularly for a year and a half and can say that she is GREAT.

    Professional but also really personable and damn good at what she does.

    I won't go anywhere else for waxing. She's my gal.

    4.0 étoiles
    06/12/2010 Avis précédent
    This was my first official Brazilian wax after many failed attempts to get at the same issue via… En savoir plus
  • 5.0 étoiles

    I'm going for the five star review here because the one drawback of the evening (the aforementioned "strange" service) was like much of the service found in Austria itself, so I'm counting it as "authenticity" rather than "strangeness".

    While Austria is full of delicious food and wine (and many other fantastic things), service can sometimes come off as abrupt  when compared with the convivial service found in our American establishments.

    All that aside - our meal and drinks and the restaurant itself was divine.

    The goat cheese purse salad with strawberries was excellent, particularly when paired with a glass of bubbly.

    My husband had the goulash, which was flavorful and rich and worth eating despite the warm temperatures outside. To balance the temps, he just had another Weiss bier - for its cooling properties, of course ;)

    I had the salmon, which was roasted perfectly and seasoned lightly, so that you could savor the flavor without being overrun by spices all crusted on there like you find so often in fish dishes. The farro, chard and artichoke were also very good and paired nicely with the fish.

    We shared the mushroom pastry appetizer, which was heavenly. The Speck was the best I've had since our travels in Germany and Austria and will single-handedly get us hauling our butts back to this restaurant.

    For dessert, we shared the (Schoko Kuchen) chocolate cake with its warm flowing center, chocolate ice cream and banana. Even though we were stuffed, we finished it all with a little help from our friend, The Espresso.

    And I can't forget the cucumber gimlet that started off the evening - very good! They add the cucumber wedge sprinkled with salt, which added a nice contrast to the sweetness of the cocktail.

    Overall, a fantastic evening in a simple but elegant restaurant. We'll be back and we'll sit at the bar!

  • 18625 Se McLoughlin Blvd
    Milwaukie, OR 97267
    1.0 étoiles

    I started off dealing with a very helpful and forthcoming individual at the dealership and went ahead and put a deposit on a car pending the outcome of an inspection.

    When I called to follow up on a few of the issues that came back in the inspection report, the onsite manager refused to answer my questions regarding the impetus for the head gasket replacement they did by telling me that I "should just be happy that they did the work because it's a very expensive job."

    When I pushed him further to ask what prompted this expensive job, I was told that it was part of the scheduled Subaru service schedule, which it is NOT. (cars101.com/subaru/subar…)

    When I asked again, for the third time, what caused them to replace the head gasket (an issue that is common for some Subaru models/years, expensive to fix and a sign of other potential engine damage and poor maintenance) he told me that he doesn't understand why people ask questions about service performed on a vehicle before they buy it.

    Because, yeah, it's ridiculous to ask about the condition and history of a used car before putting down thousands of dollars. I really have *some* nerve.

    At that point, I asked him to remove my deposit from the vehicle and he then said, "Yeah, whatever, OK." AND HUNG UP ON ME.

    I have not been able to reach anyone, including the formerly helpful individual at the dealership, since this incident and I'm basically watching my credit card activity now to make sure they don't decide to wrongfully charge me for a deposit on a car that they wouldn't even discuss with me in rational terms.

    Overall, a truly atrocious experience and a prime example of why people have such a distaste for used car shopping.

  • San Jose, CA 95136
    5.0 étoiles
    22/05/2012 Avis mis à jour

    We had Zak back out in 2011 for an interior job - tearing out the wall of our breakfast nook and converting it into a bar with overhead lighting.

    He worked closely with us to make sure that the end result was just as we described it to him during our first discussion and the job proceeded very smoothly.

    He kept in close communication with us throughout the job, even texting us pictures of the progress (and questions about weird things he came across) while we were traveling, which was very reassuring and helpful.

    As always, no surprises with his work even though our house presented plenty of surprises for him - mystery soffits, holes in the floor, etc.

    We're having him out again to renovate a bathroom and expect to have the same excellent experience this third time around.

    5.0 étoiles
    06/05/2010 Avis précédent
    When relandscaping our front yard, we realized that one of the beams of our front porch was starting… En savoir plus

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