• $$ Barbier
    3725 Airport Blvd
    Mobile, AL 36608
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    If I could I would have to give this place zero stars for the lady who was a young looking lady who listened to the first few seconds of what I said then kept chating to her friends/ co-workers did not pay any attendion about the way I need my hair cutted after, matter of fact, she just was too busy chatting it up and cutted my hair the way she wants it instead of the way I need it to be so if you want someone to pick a hair style and completely change it when you do not ask for it this place does, a load of BS. Come here if you want a crappy haircut

  • $$ Barbier
    1868 Airport Blvd
    Mobile, AL 36606
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    Great job cutting hair only 2 things I dont like bout this place is the price is kinda high and before holidays they are closed a couple of days even before the holidays so I cannot get a cut before a holiday from them
    pro- great job cutting hair
    Cons-price is high, closed a couple of days before holidays meaning they are closed when I really need them
    Cash only!

  • 454 Azalea Rd
    Mobile, AL 36609
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    They are good nice place to shop if it is my last resort everything is cool but not the fact I spent 17 dollars with my debit card they charged me more for using a debit card I run a gas station and when a customer uses a debit card under 3 dollars I just charge 25cents. Just the fact I'm already spending over 10 dollars and still get charged extra for my debit card I dunno if I like that if you go to sagion on cottage hill they have a minimum of 5dollars no extra charge maybe you should try going to Saigon if you plan on using a debit card.

  • 13071 Brookhurst St
    Garden Grove, CA 92843
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    alright well i find this doctor way below average, my story with him  is i was involved in a bad car wreck paralyzing my whole left side of my body(which is very similiar to a stroke) then ive been to houston for 2 years doing physical therapy but the doctor in houston obviously did not know what he was doing then i moved to california and tried Doctor Yun when i first came to him he was pretty good got my shoulder moving more looser but then later on he was just doing the same thing over n over like it was just a daily thing for him, which was putting me on a machine for only 19 minutes then leaving me and forgetting all about me forgetting that i'm even still there. i came to him 3 times a week charging me 65 every visit for 2 years. and yes i did the math 2 years is 104.354 weeks and i saw him 3 times each week which is 65 times 104.354 equals out to be 6783.01 dollars. we got through a few very small goals but our main goal was to get me to drive but still after 2 years with this doctor i haven't been able to drive which is very disappointing just long story short hes a terrible doctor for me short term he is probably great but long term i think he just is bad news when it comes to being long term with him hes a very busy doctor always would put me on a machine every appointment for only 19 minutes for 65 dollars and still haven't achieved to our main goal which is a bit disappointing hes not a good doctor it just seems like he did not care about me to the and probably worked on me to his minimum but also i do remember like the middle of of 2 years he worked on me he messed up about 4 appointments of me while putting the shocking pads on me he didn't put it on correctly because of a back of a chair got in the way and the pads were not tight at all on me meaning the machine was suppose to shock me at a high level but due to it being too loose i really did not feel it on my arm and i told him about it and i finally asked him for a small compensation for his mistake only the 4 appointments that he screwed up on me about and i would be gladly remove this review but he did not reply back to me.. sad when someone takes 6783.01 dollars but not only that he couldn't even care enough to work on me to his maximum true hustler im not saying hes a bad doctor i'm saying he can be good if he want to or try to or even cares to but for me he seemed like he could care less as long as he can milk me of my money in the end he took my money and wont even give me the money he messed up on me with money hungry doctor.

    Commentaire de Dr. Gregory Y. de Prima Chiropractic Group
    Service client
    18/04/2013 Thank you for your review.  Rehabilitative care is very difficult not only for the doctors but for… En savoir plus
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    i would never go here EVER  i was involved in a bad bad car accident leaving my left side of my whole body paralyzed but when i came to him i was only using a straight cane and my moms stupid friend recommended me to him so the first year he ONLY got me to not use my cane anymore and so i gave him another year and it was a waste of my time and my money i would never for god sakes or for any persons sakes recommend this place ever my left arm can barely even move still after 2 years i spent only a month after the 2 years with this doctor even only just a month with my current doctor here is doing me alot better then this guys 2 years if i could leave no stars i would please just dont waste your time

    Commentaire de J S. de Texas Sports Medicine & Wellness Center
    08/11/2012 It's very disheartening that you feel that your experience was less than exceptional (which is the… En savoir plus

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