• 2105 Beechmont Ave
    Cincinnati, OH 45230
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    Just moved to Cincinnati from San Diego and I hope that Captain Comic is not a reflection of the Cincinnati Comic Book Store experience. Place looks like it is falling down, shelving units are stressed with years of stuff piled on them that will never sell, it was/is just a dank hole in the wall.

    There are a dozen or so new titles on the wall but everything else you have to dig though boxes, even to just find last weeks books. That is super annoying, every other comic shop I have ever been to keeps at least the last couple issues out behind or within grabbing distance of the current issue.

    I asked the morose looking guy sitting behind the counter, I am assuming it was The Captain Comic himself, about if a couple new DC titles dropped last week and his response was "Oh I don't know you have to look that up online", LAME!. Asked about new Superman title and he said in a dull monotone "Yeah I am all sold out of that". Not let me see if I can still get you a copy.

    Captain Comic is the closest shop to my house but think I have to venture farther out to find my new comic store, this wont be it.

  • $$ Burger
    2204 Fern St
    San Diego, CA 92104
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    10/08/2010 Avis mis à jour

    Second visit to the Station -

    1st review I gave this place 1 star, service was so atrocious we walked out after 10 minutes of being ignored. Upon receiving a gift of a gift certificate for $25 dollars we decided to give them one more try.

    So here goes...

    Service is still lacking but not nearly as bad as last time; we were immediately greeted as we walked in; great. Found a nice table outside in the sun and sat down, someone came by and immediately handed us menus, awesome, 100% better than last time so far. Only 6 items on the menu so decision making was simple, ready to order a couple burgers  and get a couple drinks.... no server for 10 min.

    And really that is my major complaint with this place, the food is really good, and came out really fast once we got the order placed. The black bean burger was awesome, and the sweet potato fries were great, but the service is just so bad.

    So if you want a decent burger and fries and don't mind waiting for it, then by all means give this place a try.  And if you like being an individual and wear ironic t-shirts, have sleeve tattoos and own a fix gear bike you are in for a treat, because everyone here does too.

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    17/07/2010 Avis précédent
    First time visit and first impression "Fail". (Unless you are a hipster that is)

    Apparently unless…
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  • $$ Hôtel
    1690 E Thompson Blvd
    Ventura, CA 93001
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    This is a residence motel not a proper Motel like Motel 6 and is certainly not a place to bring the kids unless you are going for a Scared Straight thing.

    1st problem: was there was a big sign saying their internet was down taped to the office window, he said it just happened and tech was coming to fix it tomorrow (tomorrow would have been a Sunday and anyone could tell the sign had been up for months)

    2nd problem: We booked an Ocean View Room (hence the name of the motel)  turns out they have 4 rooms that over look the ocean but they were all rented by people who were living there.  But offered us a suite instead, that was problem #3

    problem #3: We viewed the room that they did have for us; what they called a "2 room Suite"; the master room was a tiny room, cold tile floor  , with a twin bed, the 2nd room was a carpeted closet with a tiny window  and a twin bed (it looked like a prison cell).

    We decided to move to a proper hotel, we stayed at the County Suites $100 more but well well worth it.

    problem #4: While we were waiting for our cab to pick us up, the owner got into a yelling match with a pair of crack heads and their dog for loitering in the parking lot of the motel (this was all at 1 o'clock in the afternoon)

    final thought on this flea bag motel: I say DON'T DO IT!

  • 1531 Tyler Ave
    San Diego, CA 92103
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    The New Perspective Fest was not like you might picture when someone says to you "We are going to the Theater". This was very relaxed and the plays were in fact very funny.

    I want to start by saying "I am not a Theater guy or anything; I drive an old Jeep not a Bentley, I don't drink Sherry I drink beer, I don't smoke a Burl Pipe and I like women.

    So all that being said "I really liked this show!" In fact I liked it so much I went Saturday and then to see Sunday nights plays (which were different than Saturday nights).

    Basically it is a collection of short plays, each about 10 minutes long, all written by local playwrights and performed by local actors, it was great. Yes there are a 1 or 2 that I wished were less than 10 minutes, but it is over so quickly I don't really mind.

    So for the guys, this is a perfect show, fun to watch and if you take a date you might even trick her into thinking you are cultured, have a little sophistication, maybe a little depth.

    For the gals, here is a show that you can take a guy to with out him falling asleep and that he does not even have to get dressed up for. You can sell it by telling him "None of the plays are more than 10 long. There are lots of guns and knives, murder and tons of dark comedy". If that does not work, tell him "There is a girl dancing around in a skimpy night gown on stage in one play" (the girl is nice to watch, the play she is in, well not so much) and finally, if none of that works, dump his ass off at his trailer park in East County and call a friend to go.

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    (In response to Denise Y.)
    I agree it is very expensive but in res ponce to there not being enough programs offered compared to it's other locations in other cities, you can say that about any school, SDSU does not offer all the same things as other schools, sometimes you have to leave you small little community and see the world.
    They do not make you take expensive general education courses, they just do not let you take classes at another school while attending AI. If you take all your GEs at City College they come to AI they will accept them, which I highly recommend because it is much cheaper.

  • 1008 Wall St
    La Jolla, CA 92037
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    I had no idea this place existed a few years ago. A friend had told me about an exhibit in the gallery of the Athenaeum, but when I visited I was blown away by its extensive collection of art, books on art and artists, selection of music and even videos, that if you are member you can check out. The place is pretty amazing. I would say it is a must visit for any artist who needs research material or anyone interested in art.

    But what I really look forward to are the "A-List" events. Every couple of month, always on a Thursday night, they have an A-list event. It is a gallery show but unlike a lot of the other gallery shows in San Diego the exhibiting artist is there and says a few words about their work and answers questions. They serve complimentary drinks; wine and micro-brewed beer usually, but I have been there when Pravda Vodka or some other premium liquor was a sponsor and they were serving specialty drinks.
    The best part is it is only $10, unless you are an A-list member; then it is free and you get to bring a guest.

  • 3408 30th St
    San Diego, CA 92104
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    No vegitarian options on menu other than Veggie Burger.
    Owners Black Lab (a very sweet dog) sat and begged at our table the entire time, as we left went to other guy sitting at bar, took pic of it with my phone but have no way to post it here.
    To bad really wanted to like this place.

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