• 1519 Broadway
    Seattle, WA 98122
    5.0 étoiles

    Don't understand why this place is so unpopular. The super burritos here taste better than any other burritos in the whole city, and I've tried them all. The pork super burrito in particular is frickin' awesome, the pork has a wonderful crispiness that went above and beyond my expectations upon first bite. And they use legit Spanish-style rice here and not that lame white rice that Chipotle uses. I was also impressed with how neatly this burrito stays together despite how big it is, and doesn't fall apart and become messy like most burritos. No fork required. Their menu is extensive and they have lots of other things to try besides the burritos. This restaurant has quickly become my go-to place for quick-and-easy Mexican food and I've never been disappointed with anything that they serve. Literally my only complaint would be the size of the restaurant, it is quite tiny and holds less than 10 people at a time. But because of how unpopular this place is, getting a place to sit isn't very difficult.

  • 2020 Terry Avenue
    Seattle, WA 98121
    5.0 étoiles

    Location-wise I'd say this is pretty much the best apartment building you can get in the city of Seattle. It's a 15 minute walk from every major tourist destination downtown (Pike Place, Space Needle, Waterfront, Convention Center, Art Museum, etc.) The management can be a little strict and uptight and not particularly friendly, but the location makes up for any minor complaint I might have about this place. It's also a very quiet area despite being next to the busiest street in the city (Denny Way). And I don't work for Amazon, but if I did, this place is a 6 minute walk to Amazon Headquarters! And it's as close as you can get to the best grocery store downtown (Whole Foods). Did I mention this place is in a great location???

  • 1628 5th Ave
    Seattle, WA 98101
    2.0 étoiles

    I've got four words to describe this place:

    "Hello young man, we're taking donations for BATTERED WOMEN AND CHILDREN!!! (trying to keep the shelters open)"

  • 410 B St
    Mabton, WA 98935
    1.0 étoiles

    I see a lot of people nitpicking about this and that. But nobody is really talking about the most glaring problem, the TERRIBLE HOURS. I get off work around 5:00pm, and it takes me an hour to get home, so that means I will NEVER be able to use this place because the entire place shuts down at 5:30pm Monday-Friday and they aren't open at all on the weekends. Wouldn't it make more sense to allocate the majority of hours that it stays open to the evening when people aren't trapped at work? As it stands now, this place is just a meaningless building with services that I can't use because they are unavailable to me.

  • 222 Pike St
    Seattle, WA 98101
    1.0 étoiles

    This particular location has a "bouncer"/security guard walking around the store who appeared to be "stalking" me and my mom around the store and asked us if we were "finding everything alright" 3 times in a row. My mom was standing in line for the check-out and rather than stand with her I continued 'window shopping' for anything worth buying. The bouncer then approaches me and tells me I had to leave because I wasn't buying anything. I was shocked and outraged. I'm a 34 year old male who was dressed in normal clothes and I don't look like a homeless person so I have no idea why he was harassing me and my mom. The experience of being thrown out of Walgreens for no apparent reason is something I won't soon forget. I will be filing a complaint with Walgreens and don't plan on shopping there ever again.

  • 15242 Hesperian Blvd
    San Leandro, CA 94578
    1.0 étoiles

    I used to think riding the BART from the East Bay to San Francisco would be a fun thing to do if I lived in San Leandro. That was until I actually experienced it and saw how badly designed this BART station is. The waiting area for the train is up on a platform suspended high in the air with no fence or guard rail anywhere in sight. I guess I'm the only person in the world who has a problem with heights because I did not feel safe at all. It was like waiting for a train on the edge of a skyscraper. I felt like someone could easily be pushed off the platform and killed while waiting for a train. This BART Station alone was enough to make me not want to live in the East Bay after strongly considering it. It's just not worth putting up with this nightmare BART station ever again. What is it with architects being so insensitive to people with height phobia. They might as well have built the damned thing on the roof of the Sears Tower and expect people to wait for a train a mile in the sky with no balcony or anything blocking the edge of the roof.

  • 300 Nicollet Mall
    Minneapolis, MN 55401
    1.0 étoiles

    I guess I'm the only Yelp reviewer who is afraid of heights. This building here is ridiculously designed and is virtually unusable for anyone with height phobia issues. They have this giant waste of space hallway running through the center of the building and each floor (there's like 4 floors) has narrow ridiculous catwalks connecting each side of the building (across the giant meaningless hallway). They also have staircases and weird see-through elevators that ascend all the way to the top floor. Because of the sheer ridiculousness of this architecture, I have only explored the first floor. I refuse to walk across a 4 story catwalk to read some books.

    The old downtown Public Library which they tore down was far superior and had a wonderful Planetarium (this new one doesn't). It also did not have the absurd design with the crazy balconies, it had 2 floors and that was all it needed. And it had that fountain thing with the weird book-shaped sculpture in the front. I miss that. How dare they tear down that building and replace it with this balcony-laden abomination.

  • 120 W Kellogg Blvd
    Saint Paul, MN 55102
    1.0 étoiles

    Since nobody else will mention it, I have to bring up the terrible design of this museum for people like myself who are afraid of heights. You start out on the 5th floor, and right out of the gate they assault you with super high balconies with a 5-story dropoff. Luckily they do have elevators, but if they didn't you would be forced to use their creepy staircase with the 5-story dropoff just to even see anything in this museum.

    I miss the old Science Museum of Minnesota, it was MUCH better. It had the musical stairs that you could walk on and they would make sounds as you ascended the staircase. And the exhibits seemed funner and more interesting at the old building. And they made use of space better. This new building has tons of space but most of it is empty.

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