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    My family and I were vacationing in San Francisco. We were cruising around looking at the neighborhoods and found this place on our GPS. What a stroke of luck!

    We were feeling adventurous and wanted to try something we couldn't get back home. We hadn't tried much Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food, so we asked the owner, Abed, to surprise us.

    Abed started us off with a variety of dips for pita bread. There was a cucumber yogurt that was cool, smooth, and tangy, with small chunks of cucumber adding good texture. The hummus was also delicious. There was also baba ganoush, a new experience for all of us, which was delightful. Balls of falafel were artfully stationed at six points around the plate. However, one of my favorite things on the plate was the stuffed grape leaves. The grape leaves were filled with a lemon rice mixture; the citrus in the rice added a refreshing kick. And that was just for starters!

    The main entree was called Mansaf, which is a dish popular with Middle eastern nomads. It featured lamb cooked in an aged yogurt sauce over rice. It was filling, creamy, and very enjoyable. Get this entree and serve it family style. One portion is enough to feed two people, at least.

    The dessert we tried was knafeh, a popular Palestinian dish. It consisted of a type of cheese covered in thin, shredded pieces of fried filo dough in a sweet, pink sauce. It was definitely a novel, interesting experience that you can't find in many places.

    If you're in San Francisco, definitely make the trip out to Noe Valley to try this hidden gem! You can tell Abed really takes pride in how his food is served, which is what makes this place special.

  • 1001 Higuera St
    San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
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    I was driving down the Pacific Coast Highway and my family and I decided to spend the night in San Luis Obispo. We were hungry, so I checked out yelp and saw that this place had a 4.5 star rating.  

    We had hoped to find a hidden treasure where the locals come to hang out for some great food, but unfortunately we were sorely disappointed.

    Everyone on yelp raved about the tri-tip sandwich, so we ordered that and a side of fries.

    I still can't figure out what everybody sees in this sandwich. Sure, it's a generous portion of beef, but that's about it. It comes with a tiny amount of barbecue sauce smeared on the bun, but it wasn't nearly enough. We had to ask for more barbecue sauce; otherwise, the sandwich would have been too dry.

    I thought the fries were pretty decent, even though they're just the standard frozen variety with a touch of season salt on them. They were hot, crisp, and tasty.

    Anyway, for barbecue this place is average at best. No hidden treasure here.

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