• 7416 Redwood Blvd
    Novato, CA 94945
    4.0 étoiles

    Sometimes, restaurants have lower ratings bc the service wasn't up to par for its Yelp patrons, and it seems to be the case for Chianti Cucina. Hubs and I went for his birthday on the recommendation of several local friends and we had a great meal.

    Hubs had the eggplant lasagna, which he said was good. I opted for the gnocchi which was aMAZing. Bambino got capellini a la marinara with fresh parm, which he liked. We noticed a lot of regular patrons who didn't necessarily get special treatment from the staff but still really enjoyed themselves. The servers were all fine and kept the fresh bread coming. Our favorite part of the meal was dessert. Creme brulee was good, but topping could have used more torching. Tiramisu was very creamy and delicious. I would come back just for another bite. Bambino ate all the fruit from both desserts and half of my tiramisu.

    Granted, the meal took a bit longer than we expected. However, the food was very good, so I recommend you pick another restaurant when hangry. This is the neighborhood Italian restaurant where you sit and enjoy good company, good wine (large glasses, might I add), and good food.

  • $$ Thaï
    385 Bel Marin Keys Blvd
    Novato, CA 94949
    4.0 étoiles

    Let's face it, ethnic food in Novato is pretty meh. Coming from East Bay, I was very skeptical about this Thai restaurant that was supposedly actually good. Compared to My Thai II in downtown Novato, the flavors at Arun Thai are explosive and 10x more satisfying.

    Relatively obscure (not too many people know about it)
    Intense flavors
    Relaxing, semi-fancy atmosphere

    Expensive (relative to My Thai II)
    Mediocre service
    Reservations only for large parties

    All in all, a neighborhood staple for Novato-ers. Not 5 stars bc it's expensive for what it is, considering they know where they compare with other Thai establishments nearby.

    -former East Bay resident

  • 7515 Redwood Blvd
    Novato, CA 94945
    3.0 étoiles

    If you've ever had fresh donuts with the perfect balance of sweetness and cakebread, then you probably wouldn't give this place more than 3 stars. We stopped by because of the good reviews but were not impressed. 1) Glazed donut was much too sweet. 2) Chocolate donut had a light brown coating, which suggests not enough chocolate. The taste confirmed this. 3) No blueberry donuts. They only sometimes have it. 4) Streudel was really mediocre.

    Granted, the cakebread was fresh and fluffy, so the old fashioned plain or sugar or powdered are probably pretty good. I'm still looking for a local donut place that is on par with Donut Time in El Cerrito...

  • San Jose, CA 95112
    4.0 étoiles
    A acheté un Deal Yelp

    ABC Movers helped us move on 6/8/14 but I wanted to unpack most of our stuff before writing this review. Andrii, Zhanay, and Rigo were our movers from the East Bay to Marin, and we were very satisfied with their help. This was our first experience with a moving company and there are a couple of things that are important for others considering using their services.

    1. It was difficult to contact the moving company directly during their regular business hours. Each time I called, I was directed to an automated service and left at least 2 messages. Also, there are two different numbers to call, and the toll free number finally called me back. To expedite them contacting you, email them as well.

    2. There was a $50 deposit to book the movers. I believe $10 (or maybe $20) is nonrefundable. This amount goes toward your total bill. Many of the other companies I called did not have a booking fee, so make sure of your date before locking it in.

    3. There were clear emails and phone calls from Southern California to confirm our moving day.

    4. We used a $50 for $20 Yelp deal, which the guys were familiar with.

    5. We provided some of our own packing material: boxes, tape, packing paper, mattress cover, stretch wrap, bubble wrap. They provided cloth covers, wardrobe boxes, and lent us one of their big boxes, all of which we returned before they left.

    6. Significant price difference when paying in cash.

    Our 2 bd 2 ba move took ~4.5 hrs, including some packing from the guys (and us). The guys worked quickly, tried to be clear about our instructions, and were very professional. They were young, hardworking guys who didn't talk much during the move (listened to music) to work quickly and efficiently. They were all great with our labrador and understanding with our crying 1 year old. My one small complaint is that some of the boxes weren't labeled, which is pretty important when unloading and unpacking.

    All in all, a service well worth the money spent. We would use ABC Movers again. Thanks Andrii, Zhanay, and Rigo!

  • 3339 Walnut Ave
    Fremont, CA 94538
    3.0 étoiles
    1 check-in

    Our family went for Mom's birthday with high expectations considering the number of good reviews at such a longtime establishment. Unfortunately, we were a bit disappointed. We had a slightly larger party and a 1 year old so made early reservations to be done before it got busy. Here are some of the highlights and lowlights:

    1. Lobster Ravioli - Pretty darn good, although pricey as expected for raviolis go and lobster, no less!
    2. Baked Gnocchi - Definitely freshly made and tasty, just a tad on the salty side
    3. Cioppino - Generous amount of seafood, but pretty messy to eat. Would be nice if the lobster/crab was already deshelled
    4. Lamb medallions - Not a fan of this dish, wayyy too much cheese and heavy lamb flavor (which some people like, but personally I do not)
    5. Baked Salmon - Not bad, but not great
    6. Bruschetta - Heavy on raw garlic, may be for some, but not for us. Tomatoes were ok
    7. Tiramisu - HEAVEN. Must get every time.

    Although the meal itself was okay, I wouldn't advertise this as one of the best Italian restaurants in the Bay Area. We would most likely only come back for the Tiramisu.

  • 933 Ashby Ave
    Berkeley, CA 94710
    3.0 étoiles
    2 check-ins

    When Spoon first opened, I would have easily given 4 or 5 stars but unfortunately the food quality has gone down in the past half year or so, hence the lower rating which is really 3.5 stars.

    We are frequent patrons of their sister restaurant Bowl'd and were excited to have another go-to even closer to our house. We've tried most things on their menu and our top favorites are definitely the tofu soup, spicy ramen, and bibimbap.

    Some of the other items:
    Seafood pancake: not as good as Bowl'd and comes with a strange sauce
    Spicy chicken wings: more expensive than Bowl'd but same number of wings. Still good though
    Porridge: veggie one is really good for breakfast or comfort. Black sesame not so much, unless you absolutely love black sesame bc the taste is very overwhelming
    Tofu pockets: used to be delicious! In the past few months these have gone downhill and now have an overpowering rice wine vinegar taste. The sweetness of the tofu skins are inconsistent, so hit or miss
    Kimbap: still not bad but I've noticed the quality of meat has gone down a lot (for other dishes as well). Lots of sinewy pieces that don't match the crunchiness of the veggies inside
    Banchan (side dishes): nothing to brag about. Their kimchi used to be quite good but now lacks taste (not pickled long enough or not seasoned properly). Some veggies taste old, most notably the cucumber. Broccoli is usually good though

    Everyone who works there is undeniably courteous and professional, but I wonder if they are cutting corners (ie. quality of meat and other ingredients) bc they've been focusing their attention on opening up sister restaurants. We are not ready to give up on Spoon get, but being consistently disappointed shouldn't be an ongoing thing. Hopefully they will notice feedback and improve!

  • 52 Surfwood Circle
    San Rafael, CA 94901
    5.0 étoiles

    The fact that all of Jason's reviews are 5 stars should be the first indication that he is your go-to real estate agent. Jason has a ton of energy and can pretty much have a conversation with anyone (old, young, dry, comical, etc). He knows the housing market well (of course, it's his job). More importantly, he is well-known and well-received by realtors in the area. Jason is super sharp and talks really fast, but is very much attuned to your reactions/concerns/expectations.

    We have worked with multiple realtors in the past who just weren't very helpful (so much is available online) and lacking in humor and personality. As buyers, we most appreciate realistic perspective, thoughtfulness, and timely competence - Jason easily embodies these qualities while personably staying connected and following through completely.

    Recently, Jason helped us purchase our home in Novato, giving us great tips on writing a strong offer and passing along information for capable people who all helped us close escrow. He's a busy guy, but he always returns calls/emails, and stays involved every step of the way.

    We highly recommend Jason and can't wait to explore Marin. Thanks, Jason!

  • $$ Thaï
    1096 Dwight Way
    Berkeley, CA 94710
    3.0 étoiles
    4 check-ins

    We've lived down the street from Anchalee for at least 3 years but have only had their food a handful of times because simply put, it's not the best Thai food around.

    As far as curry goes, the flavor is slightly bland. Thai dishes are known for being bold and especially spicy if desired, but each time we've been consistently disappointed. While the ingredients are typically good, the curry is simply too watered down.

    For noodles, the Pad See Ew is not bad, but that's about it.

    The radishes app is rather tasty though. They are like dense versions of the radish you get at dim sum, and comes with a sweet chili sauce which is quite palatable.

    The food is not bad, just not very good. Sorry to say that the only time we come here is when we crave quick Thai food for its convenience. There are tons of other Thai places in Berkeley that are way better.

  • 42 Digital Dr
    Novato, CA 94949
    5.0 étoiles

    As far as sandwiches go, this place is amazing. If you've ever had a bad sandwich, you know how important it is that ingredients are fresh, tasty, and cohesive. At Mike's, you will always get a sandwich that is fabricated to perfection. If you like heavy sandwiches with tons of sauce masking the flavor of every other sandwich component, go to Ike's or something (which I occasional do want). But if you enjoy tasting every layer of deliciousness in a well-crafted sandwich that tastes homemade (and not like butter), then please do yourself a favor, and go to Mike's.

    Mike's is located in an industrial section amongst tons of business offices, and has a regular stream of entrepreneurs and businessmen. That being said, there are other cafes around, and none of them are as popular as Mike's.

    It's not a fancy place, the owner Mike is not overly nor underly friendly, but he is BUSY, so keep that in mind when he doesn't offer to make small talk during peak hours. All our interactions with him and his staff have been relatively pleasant.

    Try the dutch crunch bread. It's always super fresh with the perfect amount of crunch, YUM.

  • 1653 Solano Ave
    Berkeley, CA 94707
    5.0 étoiles

    We love this dental office! After years of searching for good and competent dentists under our old insurance, we are so glad that we changed our insurance and now are able to come here. Everyone in the office is excellent and we have been extremely happy with Dr Lee and Dr Petzold in particular. They are both wonderful, caring, down to earth, with a good sense of humor. Going to the dentist is never fun, but they make it as comfortable as possible. We appreciate their honesty and their thoughtfulness through the whole process. The receptionist, Cathy, is also super nice. She is always cheerful and really makes patients feel welcome. We've also interacted with Annie, who has really been helpful when dealing with insurance.

    If you are able to bring your insurance to this office, please do. You won't regret it. The facilities are clean, the faculty is professional, and your experience should be outstanding.

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