• 1215 21st St
    Sacramento, CA 95811
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    I called Bode and Bode and got a same day arrival. Wayne, the locksmith, arrived about an hour later and was my hero for the day!  He fixed what was wrong, told me about some other reasons why it could have gone wrong, and was friendly and speedy.  I will ALWAYS call Bode and Bode for my locksmith work. They are trustworthy, speedy, and friendly!

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  • 3101 Folsom Blvd
    Sacramento, CA 95816
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    Here's my  dealio - clean flavors, clean restaurant, smart thoughtful staff.  These are the things that make me happy.  And Star Ginger wins on all accounts.  Just had dinner there with the Mister and enjoyed Thai Green Chicken Curry and Korean BBQ beef.  The beef was cooked PERFECTLY. The curry was creamy and fresh. Vegetables were well spiced and cooked.

    The portions are very generous. We did the DInner for 2 for $30 and it was a lot of food. Next time we'll probably share an entree.

    Everything is cooked to order (which is why it tastes so good.) So if you're in a hurry, this isn't your joint.  You really want to savor the flavors here.

    Staff was friendly and efficient. Our server check on us a few times and the other staff, because it was slow on a late Monday evening, kept busy cleaning, refilling sauces, and general maintenance. TIme to lean time to clean. I was very impressed.

    Thanks Star Ginger for some much needed soul food. We'll be back and bring friends.

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    Dear Highest Holy One, Angels, Puppies and Unicorns,

    Thank you for giving amazing pizza inspiration to these people...  The "Over Easy" was a religious experience for me this morning at the Auburn Farmers Market.

    So, yeah, we've all had the "morning after pizza slice" to bring us back to life. Cold or nuked in the microwave, the slice is just enough grease to get us a touch of energy to drag our butts out of the house to grab a cup a joe and get moving.

    Well, this pizza puts every other morning pizza to shame. I even took pictures and put them up on facebook: facebook.com/bella.famil…  

    Forever, from this day forward, will I compare pizza to this one I had this morning:

    Fresh mozzerella, bacon, pecorino sheeps cheese, 2 eggs over easy, a splash of chili oil, and fresh basil - bacon, eggs, and basil come from the vendors at the market. Eggs taken from chickens yesterday, Basil picked yesterday.

    A little context: pizza is my gateway food.  There is no "I'll just have a slice of pizza" for me. I eat pizza like some people eat chocolate or ice cream.  So I tend to avoid it because it's just not healthy for me. Except this time.  This is real food. Not crappy quick throw it together pick it up in 10 minutes junk.  

    We savored EVERY SINGLE BITE.

    We should all eat pizza this good. If we did, we wouldn't eat as fast or as much.

  • 1315 21st St
    Sacramento, CA 95811
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    What an awesome place! Food is fresh, well spiced and delicious! Love this place!

  • $$ Dessert
    3257 Folsom Blvd
    Sacramento, CA 95816
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    This phone number is no longer good. The website is down. I think this place is now closed.

  • $$ Spa, Massage
    705 Gold Lake Dr
    Folsom, CA 95630
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    Thank you so very much! After a uncomfortable night sleeping and a long drive, my back was in signifigant pain. I gratefully was able to get in for a last minute appointment and feel 100% better. The muscles are looser and I can move again!

  • 955 W Pacheco Blvd
    Los Banos, CA 93635
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    Well, kids, this is Los Banos.  It's a plain old diner.  You can get pie.  You can get chile verde. You can get meat.  It's a diner.

    This is NOT the French Laundry.  This is NOT where Anthony Bourdain and Tom Colicchio are chefs.

    It's where you get pancakes and a burger.

    So for what it is, it's perfect.  And much, much better than any of the 14+ fast food chain restaurants (yes, I counted) on the main drag through town.  

    If you just can't face another KFC, Taco Bell, Denny's, stop in here.  It won't break the bank and it's a good clean place with friendly folks to rest on the journey.

  • 829 W Pacheco Blvd
    Los Banos, CA 93635
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    We're new to town and I grew up in the Bay Area where the Chinese Food bar is set pretty high.  So with only 4 places to choose from and not wanting to eat Panda Express, I went with China Garden.

    Ordered takeout, and got the dishes I measure all chinese by: Broccoli Beef, Chicken Chow Mein, and house special fried rice. Saw in one of these reviews the potstickers were good too, so ordered them.

    All of that ran us under $25 so for the money, huge amounts of food for few dollars.  Don't think it's pricey at all.  Good Value.

    The Broccoli Beef was decent.  The Chow Mein was a little gloppy for my taste.  I'll bet it congealed a little waiting for me to pick it up.  Probably won't get it again, though.  I'd give the fried rice a solid "adequate" in that it's not the best I've had, but if you are jonesing for fried rice or have the beer munchies, this is the ticket.  Potstickers were softer than I like (I'm all for a little crunch) but again, the dipping sauce spilled in the container, so I think that's what made them soggy.

    We had food at the China #1 Buffet here in town and so far out of the three (Panda, Chine #1 Buffet and China Garden) we'll stick with China Garden.

  • 410 Union Ave
    Bakersfield, CA 93307
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    Since we're new in town, we went to this place based on Yelp reviews.  

    We wanted take out and when we got there, the place was hopping!  

    We ordered.  Not too long after, a couple that came in after us was seated for dinner and in about 10 minutes we saw fresh fried rice pass us heading to their table.  We commented to each other that it almost didn't look fried because of it's light color (and also that why wasn't our food ready yet since we came in and ordered before them.)

    Each plate is at least $10 a pop (fried rice, chow mein, kung pao beef, etc. at 10.95 or 11.95)  Our bill came to $50.90 for a decent about of food.  We ordered one of the family meals and added on chow mein and fried rice.  

    When we got it home, the friend rice was over cooked, completely dark brown and crispy (almost old tasting) the chow main was okay, nothing to write home about though.  The foil wrapped chicken was burned.  We both think it was kind of like they had something else going on and this was food left under the heat lamps too long, but since we had seen fresh fried rice fly past us while waiting, we weren't sure what happened.  Could have been an off night for the crew?  

    There was some other weird stuff  that happened relating to the bill and I have to say that based on my experience we won't be going here again to eat in or take out.  Too much hit or miss.

  • $$ Thaï
    9901 Hageman Rd
    Bakersfield, CA 93312
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    We just moved to Bakersfield and have been trying new places.  Thank God for Yelp! Thai Kitchen is fantastic!  It's an oasis in the desert!  The Pad Thai is perfect and the Green Chicken Curry is excellent.  I like it spicy and asked for something hotter than the normal folks get.  And boy was it flavorful and deeeee-lish.

    Everything was freshly made and the prices were just right.  Well worth the trip up the road!

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