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    I'm going to go against the grain, and say this store sucks. Yep, I said it.  

    To preface, I'm not an electronics person. I'm a scientist, but never played video games, had the shuffle when everyone had the nano, and haven't owned a laptop in years.  As a result, when I need to buy electronics, I really like to talk to a human being instead of scan the specs online.  In the past year, I got an iPod classic and have needed to purchase a few accessories for it. I've also toyed with buying an Apple laptop. Each time I came to the Apple Store in order to speak with an Apple expert in person.  Here's the jist of one conversation:

    Me: "Hi, I'm interested in buying a laptop, and heard there was a student discount."

    Apple guy: "Yeah."

    Me: "Ok, what are the details on the discount."

    Apple guy: Brief, hurried answer while checking his iPhone.

    Me: "Ok, I guess I don't qualify. I'd still like to look at laptops. Can you help me figure out which is best for me?"

    Apple guy: "They are all online. All the info is online." Impatiently scanning his iPhone.

    Each time has felt about like that. Even though their employees are swarming the store, there never seems to be one with enough time to talk to me. They always appear inattentive, impatient, and irritated by any questions or lack of knowledge. I understand that iEverything is nearly ingrained in our DNA at this point, but some of us still need training.

    So when I think of the Apple store, I think of the hipster/emo kid who is now too cool for school.

  • 7039 Charmant Dr
    San Diego, CA 92122
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    Yes Las Flores is cheap, ~1600 for 2bd/2br, but it's not worth it.

    There are a few perks (besides the price): ample parking, gated parking (even though the gate is often broken), nice pool and BBQs, gorgeous park and walking paths nearby.  

    The apartments however are poorly constructed and old. All of the cabinetry is wooden with paper-like facings. Not only does it look cheap, but the paper is peeling off nearly every cabinet. The front of a few cabinets has fallen off. The water temperature drops erratically and severely at least once a week, making for awful showers.  And the absolute worst of all, the walls and floors are paper thin. The entire apartment might actually be made of paper! I live in a first floor unit and can hear everything above. Footsteps, chairs being pushed in/out, doors closing...and nearly all of it sounds like bowling balls dropping or rolling across the floor. That's just the floors. My bedroom shares a wall with my neighbor's living room. When they turn the TV on, I can hear every single word and feel every action scene.  I can even hear when they reprimand or baby-talk the cat. It's actual hell. The icing on the cake - the leasing office is useless. They rarely answer their phones and take forever to get back to you. We waited a month for our second garage remote even though the lease specifies two spots/remotes.  They also have a sign that says "back at 10am" or whatever specific time, but are rarely there at that time.

    So in short, it may be cheap and "quaint", but I had less noise and quality complaints when I lived in Pacific Beach.

    Peace out Las Flores - I'm moving up.

  • 1475 University Ave
    San Diego, CA 92103
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    4 things I remember about Bamboo Lounge:

    1.  Funky/Hip decor. One piece looked like those round pepper grinders painted as a general with large ears.  I know you agree deep in your heart Matt.

    2.  GREAT music. At least from my perspective. All lounge, chill, trip-hop, etc. Every few songs I exclaimed "I love this song!" or "I have this song!" The mix master is my musical soulmate.

    3.  You can eat cake for breakfast.  Marie Antoinette had it right. A few of us ordered the pound cake french toast and were very pleased. It was fluffy and sweet, but not too overwhelming and it came with a huge bowl of fresh fruit. Not the canned cocktail kind but tart apple slices, fresh strawberries and kiwis, and juicy but not mushy melon.  

    4.  THE BEST PART OF ALL: UNLIMITED $8 MIMOSAS. They serve them in pitchers. Not cute afternoon lemonade pitchers, but serious we-just-lost-our-softball-game pitchers. I'm not sure if we ever had to ask for a refill or if they  just appeared like magic. That might be why I liked the pound cake french toast, music and decor so much, but who cares! It was a great many hours spent.

  • 3750 Sports Arena Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92110
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    Writing a review while hungry at work is a terrible idea...I'll have to keep it short so I don't start digesting my own stomach.

    After hearing all the hype for years, I finally went to Phil's BBQ (Point Loma location) last week. The line seemed long, but it moved pretty quickly.  I didn't realize it was an order-at-the-counter and seat-yourself kind of place, but now that I know, I'll probably order take-out to bypass the line.  Take-out is so versatile: pair delicious BBQ with your favorite beer in front of your favorite TV show, or surprise your sweetie with a BBQ picnic and lots-o-wetnaps. I ordered the Broham (pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw inside) and snagged some fries from my friend. Delicious. Great BBQ sauce. Great meat. Great bun. That's what she said. The only thing lacking was the coleslaw. The Broham is brilliant in design, but they need to flava up the coleslaw a bit.

    All in all, I'd definitely eat there again. Like maybe tonight.

  • 777 G St
    San Diego, CA 92101
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    Love the burgers. Love the beers. Love the mosaics, paintings and hip feel. Basically, it's just lovely all around.

    The burgers feature gourmet touches such as plum tomatoes confit, pickled radish onion cucumber salad, or Marsala wine sauce.  But the flavors are balanced and don't overwhelm.  It's a good rule - balance the fancy shit with standard yummy shit.  And if you can't find an appetizing burger, well then you are crazy, but there are other great menu items such as sweet potato fries, drunken pear and goat cheese salad, and fancy grilled cheese. I can't wait to try  more!

    The beer selection is fantastic and the waitresses are knowledgeable.  It's a great place to try something new. I love dark beer - porters, chocolate stouts, Russian imperial stouts....and their list had plenty to explore.

    The decor is also freakin awesome.  I love it as much as the burgers...almost.  The restaurant is small and fairly dark at night. The tables are black and shaped like parallelograms, lit by small neon glow spheres.  The walls are adorned with black and white urban mosaics and cleverly altered famous portraits - like Jesus coveting a juicy burger. The entire feel is hip, cozy, unique and clever.

  • 4201 30th St
    San Diego, CA 92104
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    Crazee burger has been on my must-try list for months. I love meat - lamb, venison, alpaca, you name it. I'm also a sucker for interesting flavor combinations.  Thus when I finally tried Crazee Burger, I was torn between the kangaroo burger and the venison burger, the latter of which is served with poached red wine pears, mushrooms, bacon, cream, and plum jelly.  The foodie in me had to choose the venison burger.....I made the wrong choice.  The poached pear wasn't very flavorful, the one thumb-sized piece of bacon was tough and stale-tasting, and the bun completely overwhelmed the subtle pairing of the savory meat, sweet plum jelly, and slightly tangy cream (like a whipped cream cheese).  The burger was also served medium rare instead of medium.  All in all, this dish would be better if served as venison steak and accouterments,  but even then it would still be mediocre.

    The beer selection was the saving grace of the meal.  Although small, it had great choices from light to dark.  I had a stone smoked porter and a murphy's stout and  my friend had a stone IPA and a firehouse pale ale.  

    Despite the decent beer and my lingering intrigue for the kangaroo burger, I'd rather go to Neighborhood for an impressive, extensive beer collection and gourmet burgers.  Neighborhood is also hip, chic, and alternative as opposed to the fast-food feel of Crazee Burger.  And if I want a laid-back atmosphere and meaty burgers, Rocky's kicks the crap out of Crazee Burger.

    To summarize, I'd rather go to Neighborhood, Rocky's, or Burger Lounge any day.  I guess I have to try Hodad's next.

  • 5150 Murphy Canyon Rd
    San Diego, CA 92123
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    Amy is fabulous.  

    My usual hairdresser is a great colorist and a dear family friend, but has become too pricey for me. So I trusted the yelp reviews, and gave Amy a call.  

    Poor Amy - I was a tricky customer. I've been blond my entire life, but I wanted to make a change. Unfortunately my nerves weren't quite as solid as my resolve, and I became indecisive as she showed me shades of brunette.  I also wanted a feminine, sexy haircut, but I'm lazy when it comes to DIY styling. I was indecisive, picky, and cautious - a hair dresser's worst nightmare.  She came up with a brilliant compromise: "chocoholic" full color (a light, golden/carmel shade of brunette), lots of blond highlights on top, and semi permanent color in case I regretted my blond abandonment.  The color is rich and deep and layered, and a perfect balance between blond and brunette.  She also gave me a simple, layered cut, and showed me how to easily add big, soft, flirty curls.

    And to top it off, she was really reasonably priced. Half the price of my previous lady!

    Only time will tell, and thus I'll re-review in a month when the excitement has worn off, but for now, I heart you Amy! THANK YOU!

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    I took my mother to Blue Boheme for a champagne mother's day brunch, and a dear friend there for her birthday. The ambiance is cozy and charming and casually chic. Chalkboards announce classic french specials and white wax puddles beneath candles on each table.  Although I've only eaten in the dining room, I'd like to lounge in the bar which is even softer and more intimate.

    I specifically remember the Koulibiac de Saumon, a lovely puff pastry of salmon in beurre blanc sauce.  Unfortunately I can't remember my friends entrees, or brunch with my mother, but I know they were all thoroughly pleased.  The food was well-prepared and classically french.  But for whatever reason, while racking my brain for meal specifics, I just keep thinking of the chicken and wild mushroom vol au vent at Cafe Chloe (which was cheaper, by the way).

    Blue Boheme is charming and classic, but all in all, for the price and the location, I think I prefer Cafe Chloe.

  • 1027 University Ave
    San Diego, CA 92169
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    I hate to give a negative review without specifics, but I have to get my two cents in. I was looking for a new restaurant during Restaurant Week last year, and yelp reviews pointed me towards this seemingly hidden Hillcrest treasure.  Although my friends seemed satisfied with their entrees, I found mine bland and uninteresting. The only decent part of the evening was the dessert, and perhaps the bizarre but intriguing wall art. With so many outstanding restaurants in Hillcrest, I won't come back here again.

  • 4574 Park Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92116
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    I was looking for a new brunch place and chose Parkhouse because of its Yelp reviews. The reviews said it had a great avocado hollandaise benedict and unlike the nearby hash house, they take reservations.  

    On first impression, the eatery is cute and quaint.  Unfortunately we have to wait a while outside, even though we made a reservation. Once inside, worn but inviting arm chairs sorround our corner table, adding to the rustic elegance of the dining room.  My friend and I both adore eggs benedict, and it's an excellent dish for judging a restaurant's brunch potential. So we order the avocado hollandaise benedict and the sun-dried berry pancakes.  We also order juices and lattees.  

    We were mostly dissappointed.  My iced latte was nearly all milk, and thus I had to order another shot of espresso, which they charged me for.  The benedict was ok, but not at all the standout I expected: the bacon was savory, but a bit tough; the hollandiase had only a trace of avocado and (surprisingly) not enough salt. At least the eggs were properly poached. The sun-dried pancakes were the parkouse's savior.  They were phenomenal.  The berries were extra tart and sweet, and the rasberry sauce was perfect.  

    Although unimpressed with the rest of the meal, I would go back for those pancakes again.  Perhaps I will try the pumpkin spice pancakes, which they serve all year long.

    But with the mission and the cottage around the corner for me, I doubt I'll drive down there just for pancakes.

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