• 401 Massachusetts Ave
    Cambridge, MA 02139
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    Went to this place for lunch buffet on a weekday with a friend.  Half the chafing dishes were empty and the rest had barely anything in them. Staff didn't seem in any rush to bring out any more food.            
    Picked through whatever was available and ordered a couple of beers. Soon after more people start coming in and there is a line forming for the buffet. The waiter comes by, picks up the plates and  drops off the check. I take the hint that they want us out even though we haven't been there that long (we were barely done with our first plate of food and hadn't even finished our drinks). I put the payment down which was quickly taken. Shortly after another waiter comes by asking if we can leave because people are waiting!    As if mediocre Indian food was not bad enough, they had to add complementary incompetent and  rude servers to the mix.

  • 108 Middlesex Tpke
    Burlington, MA 01803
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    Really...go someplace else if you can! They have these lovely menus with delicious fresh food on them but the food you get is light years from the pictures. I was shocked to see my husbands "fresh" plate... it looked like they stuck the rice and beans in a microwave ... you know how it looks when you've left something in the microwave too long the sides burn... well that's how his looked. But the rice was undercooked the beans were microwave fried. Everything was salty as ever the salad was brown and my toddlers slider smelled like feet. The slider has toasted buns with a dried out over cooked patty and a drop of mustard. Burger King/ Mickey d would have been world class compared to this! I asked the waitress for a teaspoon and I saw her in the kitchen pick up a spoon look at it put it back pick another up look again then proceed to wipe it several times with her fingers! Whatever! Yuck! And they were out of....pasta!!!  The tacos were hard in parts salty and just such a waste of time. It was all such a terrible waste if time and money. I wish I just went home and has toast :(

  • 5.0 étoiles

    When we started looking for our first home a few years ago, we learnt quickly that there were many benefits of working with a buyer's real estate agent rather than looking on our own. Even though the first two agents that we worked with, initially seemed to have our interests in mind, they misadvised us and proved to be very incompetent!  When we were ready to give up, I looked online and found Shira. During our first meeting she gathered key information and assessed what we were looking for. Although Arlington wasn't one of the areas she worked in often, I am grateful she decided to work with us. She was always on time, had great suggestions, always kept our interests in mind and guided us to buy our first home. Unlike other agents, she assessed each house we visited and gave very important and honest pros and cons for each one. This is the best and most valuable benefit of having a real estate agent who is knowledgeable and is looking out for you. She never pushed us into buying out of our budget and the house we bought was the perfect fit for all our needs. She worked with a very unpleasant and unhelpful seller's agent during the offer process and although she had to travel internationally, she worked round the clock to close the offer.
    Shira has become a very valued friend and we respect and appreciate her suggestions because of her honest assessments. A few weeks ago, when we were contemplating either renovating our house or making an investment in another property we reached out to Shira for guidance. This could have been an opportunity for her to benefit from a buyers fee, but her detailed evaluation showed that in our particular situation the renovation plan had certain advantages over making an investment in another property.
    This kind of honesty with no strings attached is very valuable to me and my husband. We highly recommend Shira and I am sure anyone who works with Shira will be very happy with her work.

  • 442 Main St
    Woburn, MA 01801
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    Zaika deserves the 5 star rating it has. Undoubtedly the best Indian food in Boston. Service is on par with the tasty food. They are very efficient and very pleasant. We had the peshwary naan,chicken xacuti, lamb rogan josh, samosas, mixed kebab grill and lentil soup and everything was tasty. The kulfi was superb! Yum...can't wait to go back.

  • 75 Summer St
    Arlington, MA 02474
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    2 check-ins

    This is a great place for lunch! I love their haddock plate and I have started popping in there more often lately since my picky toddler loves their fried fish! Their fresh fish is also great and everything is clean. I've gotten fish and oysters and it's all been very fresh. The staff are very friendly and courteous.

  • 447 Somerville Ave
    Somerville, MA 02143
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    4 stars for the dosas - I am South Indian and this is comfort food for me. ThAt said the paper dosa wasn't as thin as it probably should be but tasty either way, my husbands masala dosa was the same thickness just smaller. They could've had more potato masala- it wasn't enough. Sambar was ok, coconut chutney meh but the mango chutney was awesome with a bit of ginger!  2 stars for the mango lassi -it was sugar syrup. No stars for the badam halva - it was bad- like the weird taste of something sitting in a freezer for a loong time. Next time I know to stick with the dosas. Service was good, she came by clear dishes etc and wasn't hovering which is great. I know I hated the food and service when I came here a couple years ago so I'm glad I can get my dosa fix here again.

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    The chicken shawarma was good. Lots of food! I really liked the salad..which is saying a lot cos I'm not a salad person, it had plenty of olives. We got a bunch of baklava and some katayef. The owner (?) gave us a bunch to try!!! The coconut and the Nutella ones were awesome! I'm glad we found this place! What a shame we didn't know about it earlier ..we go to this mall often.

  • 5 Spring St
    Watertown, MA 02472
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    10/10/2013 Avis mis à jour
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    The last few times we went here the quality of food and service had gotten pretty bad so we now go to Kolbeh of Kebab in Cambridge when we have a hankering for some   Soltani. Come on people..falafel is not Persian food!!!

    4.0 étoiles
    04/08/2011 Avis précédent
    I like Molana. The food has been deemed authentic by my extended Persian family. Our guests from… En savoir plus
  • 1154 Massachusetts Ave
    Cambridge, MA 02138
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    Groupon users beware..if u have a groupon you have to fight a waffle with a plastic knife..which will be served on a paper plate...so try not to cut the paper in your waffle fighting fury..Had a groupon....got paper plate and plastic utensils...all the others got metal plates and utensils. ...did they feel plastic would cut it??? No pun intended! Way to make your customers feel welcome! !!keep it up now id never pay for ur overpriced waffles if I wanted to :)...cheer

  • Winchester, MA
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    When a gal finds a great hair stylist she sticks with them! I used to drive to RI to get my hair done till it got too much to keep doing it and decided to look for a new stylist. I found Kathy 4 years ago at Naz Kupelian and I was so happy that she was so close! She is the best. Im always thrilled with my haircut and I can get away with not having to cut it for months. She is fun and its always like visiting a friend. She recently moved from Naz and I was terribly sad when I heard she was no longer with them. After a panicked search I'm glad I found her again!!!

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