• €€€ Bar Lounge
    32 ave des Champs-Elysees
    75008 Paris
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    Terrible service, even by French standards. Our server ignored us, forgot our order, and generally DGAF about us. The price/quality ratio was so poor it's not even worth mentioning. 12 Euros for some avocado on a piece of cold toast.

    In short, this was a massive tourist trap and I'd avoid at all costs.

  • 570 rue St Pierre
    60700 Pontpoint
    5.0 étoiles
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    Wow. These guys are out of control awesome.

    We had a wedding this weekend which included a BBQ/rehearsal dinner, dinner and vin d'honneur at the Chateau de Pierrefonds, and a brunch. We were so happy to have chosen Traiteur Villette for all three. The food was outstanding, the service was brilliant, and the team was really willing to go the extra mile to help. Due to vacation schedules with our other suppliers, Corine even transformed herself into our de facto wedding planner for a good part of the weekend!!

    I would recommend them without any hesitation.

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    This was a great little find! They have a wonderful tapas menu, cheap mojitos (€5 during happy hour!), and the most amazing rabbit parmentier. It seems to be brand new, so I would say to go now while it is still getting discovered.

  • 32 quai d'Austerlitz
    75013 Paris
    3.0 étoiles

    I am absolutely torn by this spot. It's both terrible and wonderful at the same time.  

    There's nothing better after a swim at Josephine Baker than a pint on the Seine, and now that the pop-ups (Vagelam, etc.) have closed down for the winter, this is really the only spot. It's fantastic to see something in the neighborhood after about a decade with nothing but the Frog and Batofar, and I'm all in favor of a bit more "vie de quartier.". The chaises-longues are a real treat, and you can play ping pong, get your hair cut, and see some art all at the same time. Amazing you say?

    The only problem is that if you go in the afternoon, the music is lamentably bad - in fact, it always seems to remind me of a W Hotel lobby. In the evening if you get there too late you have to deal with overly aggressive bouncers and absurdly long waits for drinks. On the other hand, the pizza and the wine are decently priced, so my advice is to get a table on the terrasse, get some pizza and down a couple bottles of wine while the sun goes down.

  • 39 rue des Petites Ecuries
    75010 Paris
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    I had a great time here with the girls on Saturday. The dance floor is fun, if a bit crowded, but I'm always down for good beats and no cover. Get there on the early side, as the guys in our group weren't all able to get in.

    It's your classic hipster/chic/dive deal, so put on your ironic glasses, polish your Louboutins, and find your best vintage t-shirt, because it's time to dance / talk about your last vernissage.

  • 22 rue Greneta
    75002 Paris
    4.0 étoiles

    Real, cheap Mexican in Paris!  Cheaper than a lot of the other Mexican places around (I'm looking at you, La Perla) and featuring... wait for it... people that are actually from Central America, which is a surprising rarity in France. Didn't see anyone from Mexico while I was there, but I will take what I can get.

    Set up by an American and a Central American (I think), it's modeled after the cheap and cheerful Mexican dive restaurants you get in the Mission District of San Francisco. Service is slow, but the food is good and cheap, as are the beers.  Real authentic hot sauce and Mexican wrestling masks don't hurt either.

  • 18 rue Paul Bert
    75011 Paris
    3.0 étoiles

    Upside - Fantastic deserts including a wonderful souflee. Great people watching, especially on weeknights. Watch out for politicos and movers and shakers in Paris. Top ten of the wine lists I have seen in Paris, but I was slightly surprised that my waiter wasn't more up-to-speed on the list. If you get the right cut of meat, it is great, but be sure to choose wisely! (Also - if you really want steak, cross the street and go to Unico)

    Downside -  This place is far from a secret. You need a reservation and you're likely to get stuck next to a table of American tourists. The fish is typically a bit drenched in cream sauces.

    Overall, go, get the EUR 36 prix fixe and have a great bottle of wine. Try to go on a busy night as people watching is half the fun of it, and make sure you're in the main room and not off in the little annex in back.

  • 24 rue Saint-Ambroise
    75011 Paris
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    I've been here twice and I have loved it both times. The decor is basically what you'd expect from a hipster grandmother. Old wooden skis, used italian shoes, and an analog camera adorn the bathrooms; mismatched lampshades, bedframes, modern art, and a stuffed weasel animate the dining room.

    On the upside -- it provides real French fusion. The chef is Japanese and trained at Paul Bert, and the head waiter speaks about seven languages. This leads to a wonderful mixture of dishes and flavors that is often hard to find outside of top-end restaurants in Paris. The wine list is small but well chosen, and the dishes are inventive and unique, with a focus on in-house production.

    On the downside -- it's a prix fixe menu for EUR 36. If you're a big group and you let them know in advance, you can work a little around the menu. It wasn't obligatory in the past, but as their dishes varied a little in quality, they've decided to narrow themselves to a few things and to do them well.

    Overall - great for a date, and great for a party among friends. They have a big wooden table where you can seat about 12+ people which is both rare and wonderful.

    I brought my folks and they felt pretty cool. Go soon as it's already starting to get popular with the anglo crowd, and it's only a matter of time before it starts showing up in Fodor's...

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