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    Cannot recommend them enough!  They are quick to respond and accommodating.  Bert is so nice.  The employees that he sent cleaned things that I didn't even think about.  I had them yesterday and I am signed up for the bi-monthly.  Bert is saving my sanity!

    thank you!

  • 1008 Blossom Hill Rd
    San Jose, CA 95123
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    I really wanted to like this place.  I needed a new salon that was close to home.  The first visit was great.  Tina did my mani and Tammy did my pedi.  All of the next visits have been subpar.  I sent my 16 year before Prom and she felt uncomfortable.  The technicians did not speak to her and spent the entire time talking to each other in their native language (rude).  Also her pedi lasted less than a day.  The next visit was just me and it was Tammy for a pedi.  It was great and lasted a long time.  BUT the next time I took 4 teenaged girls with me and paid for all of them (and me) to have deluxe pedis (with flowers!) ding ding ding.  spent a lot!  Tammy did my pedi and she was great but she was rushed at the end and didn't do a second coat or the top coat.  The polish was coming off in days. I still wanted to love this place so I gave them one more chance. I took 1 daughter and myself for pedi and manis on Sunday.  Our pedis felt great and look good but my mani is gel but is already coming off on 2 nails.  How does that even happen?  I get gel all the time and it always lasts until they take it off - weeks!  but this is the reason for my review.  the kicker that will make me not come back.  My boyfriend was rubbing my feet on Tuesday and complained that they were dry and cracky.  and OMG they were!  gross!  I get pedis all the time and he always talks about how cute and soft my feet are...not this time!  yuck!  Now I need a new salon and I am sad. :(

    Commentaire de Tina P. de Dash Nails Spa
    14/08/2015 Hi Laura,
    We can definitely fix whatever you feel it is not up to standard.
    We value your business and…
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  • 3500 N Terminal Rd
    Houston, TX 77032
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    Horrible. Workers have bad attitudes. Rushed through. Didn't listen to our orders. Poorly made sandwiches. Didn't have veggie patty or anything other than American and Swiss cheese. The attitudes were the worst. Go anywhere else in the airport.

  • 1420 Newport Ave
    San Jose, CA 95125
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    I am a new member and I am so happy that I picked this church.  My children especially love the programs that are just for them.  I live far from my family and it is so nice to have a group of loving adults that care about my children and are here for them.  

    I have taken classes and been involved in groups that have been wonderful.

    The sermon is always fantastic because Pastor Rebecca is an amazing and incredibly intelligent person.

    The best part of WGUMC are the people.  I count other members of the church as my closest friends.  Being at church is usually the best part of my week.  It warms my heart and is just want I need.

  • 1047 Lincoln Ave
    San Jose, CA 95125
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    I love Maureen Ryan!  I am a little paranoid about my hair...my last cut was (at another place!) a year ago and I was not happy!

    I have been bringing my daughter to Maureen for about 6 months and she does a great job with her thick wavy hair.  She is so friendly that we always chat and I had expressed my hair concerns.

    I finally took the plunge to let her touch my hair!  and I love it!  I have very curly, wild hair...and I like it that way.  She gave it shape, made it healthy and left my wild curls.

    I will be back again and again.

    The salon itself is cute and stylish without being stuck-up.  The staff is all friendly and I really feel welcome when I go in.

    and the dog is sweet!

  • 750 E Washington St
    Medina, OH 44256
    5.0 étoiles

    Best Massage Ever!  I just did the Susan G Komen 3-day walk for the cure and limped into Nature's Touch.  My legs ached and my feet were swollen...even my hands hurt!  I walked out of here and could even wear my normal shoes!

    This wasn't some fluff spa massage...this place should be prescribed by our doctors.  It works!  The massage not only felt fantastic but it "fixed" my body.

    Every person working in the place was friendly and professional.  The atmosphere was relaxing and  welcoming.  I wish that I lived closer! I would be going again and again!

    Thank you all so much!  We already decided to walk in Cleveland again next year and I already gave dad the hint for massages from you again!  :)

  • 1711 Branham Ln
    San Jose, CA 95118
    5.0 étoiles

    LOVE IT!  My kids love the Pho and the sweet and sour "chicken".    I love the Super-Duper Really Very Happy "Burger".  

    This is the place to go when I want to splurge on a "burger" and fries!

    The avocado smoothie is also great.

    Service is always excellent.

  • 1003 Cedar St
    Santa Cruz, CA 95060
    5.0 étoiles

    This is my favorite lunch place in Santa Cruz!  I LOVE it.  The service is always very nice and quick.  and the food is great!

    I am a vegetarian and the veggie burritos are fantastic and super-huge!  I can usually just eat 1/2 (at the most) and save some for later.  They even have foil and bags so that it is easy to take your leftovers.  and...

    The BEST part...

    Salsa Bar!  The "Too Frigging Hot" is amazing.  and you can go back for seconds on the chips...And they even have to-go containers with lids.

    I have been here about 5 times and have never been disappointed.  I usually order the veggie wrap with a spinach tortilla, brown rice and black beans.  I add jalapenos, goat cheese and avocado. YUM

    In fact, now I have to go there for dinner! Tonight!

  • 4476 Main St
    Amherst, NY 14226
    5.0 étoiles
    Premier à donner un avis

    I have to pull out my trusty thesaurus to come up with enough good adjectives for Buffalo Comedy Sportz!
    ...awesome, fascinating, incredible, marvelous, prodigious, shocking, stunning, surprising, unbelievable, wonderful...

    And when I say "prodigious" I mean...extraordinary, fabulous... because they are not really that huge.

    I have been attending shows (matches) at Buffalo CSz for years!  I always (Always!) laugh until my face hurts.  You just cannot see a bad show.  The players all enjoy what they are doing...and it shows.  It is just a fun, fun really good time.  With great people. period

    And it's not only kid-friendly, it's kid perfect!  My kids all love to go!  It is a wonderful (and affordable) family evening.  I started taking my kids when they were 4, 6 and 13.  Perfect for all 3.

    Go and check out a show!  You will be happy that you did and will be back again and again.

  • 288 S. 2nd St
    San Jose, CA 95113
    5.0 étoiles

    If you are looking for a great night out...ComedySportz is the place!  We attend the Saturday shows.  7pm or 9pm and always have the best time!  I have been to about 12 shows here in San Jose and even more in other cities (yes I am addicted) and I always always laugh out loud!  The price is reasonable, the parking is easy (and they validate it for you! = free!) the staff is friendly and you are supporting local hometown people.  

    The venue is small and intimate and you can bring your kids.  Great for a date but wonderful for families.  Our kids are 15, 8 and 6 and they all love it!  They love to give suggestions and my daughter was even picked to go on stage one night.  She still talks about it!

    Oh, and you don't have to volunteer!  You can just sit and enjoy the show (but I bet that you won't be able to resist calling out suggestions for long)

    We have seen birthday parties enjoying the show from about age 12 to a group of Seniors.  Where else can you find entertainment that appeals to that wide of an age group?

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