• 10601-G Tierrasanta Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92124
    5.0 étoiles

    What a great find!  Fidelity Electric was super helpful, professional and fair in their pricing!  It all started with just needing a hard-wired smoke detector changed out (the alarm was going off and there's no battery to remove - so it needed to be replaced), but then I asked about changing out all of my electrical switches from the old 80s off-white flip switches to the more modern white toggle switches and doing the outlets as well.

    Since my condo did the cheaper daisy-chaining with my outlets, Roger suggested he could have Nate "piggy-tail" each outlet as it was replaced so that if one outlet goes bad, the whole down-line doesn't go out of service.

    Roger was great about answering my many questions and was quick to get back to me (we had a LOT of emails going back and forth).  He sent me links to all the types of switches and outlets I would need, as I had a variety - single switches, dimmer switches, double switches where a light could be turned on from 2 locations, GFI outlets to use near the sinks, etc. - and that made it easier for me to know what to pick up at Home Depot.  He even recommended getting an outlet that has USB ports so I or my house guests could power our electronics via an outlet (loved that idea so much I got 2 - 1 for upstairs and 1 for downstairs).

    Nate did the actual work in my condo and he was fast, thorough, friendly and great at explaining things when I had questions. He also installed some ceiling lights for where I needed to replace more 80s stuff - ha ha!  I have posted pictures of the before/after.

    I would definitely recommend Fidelity Electric and was so impressed, I'm going to be using them again to switch out more 80s lighting (those bathroom strips of just light bulbs) and some existing ceiling fans, as well as adding some new ceiling fans where I don't have any.  I don't have A/C since I live only a few miles from the coast, but since San Diego seems to be getting hotter, those should help.  Plus I have no ceiling light in my bedrooms (another way the builders went cheap) - so this way I won't have to have bedroom lamps!  Roger and Nate will be helping me bring my condo's lighting slowly out of the 80s and into the new millennium!  I will update my review after that project takes place later this year.

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    I've been here multiple times - both by myself and with my company (we had about 20 folks taking up their entire backroom).  

    They have a great selection of food, the place is clean and the service is very good, but could be a tad bit better.  I've found when I go in the mid-afternoon (2-3pm) when they're not so busy in the restaurant, but busy in the bar, I could be a bit neglected (like having to wave down someone to get a refill on my Diet Coke).  But when my company was there for a luncheon and one server was working the entire group, she really hustled to keep up and did a great job.

    They have a daily special and the last time I was there I tried it - it was prime rib that was cooked perfectly with crazy good garlic fries and steamed veggies - it was a great value for the money.  I've attached a picture and I like my prime rib mooing, so don't look if you get squeamish at pink meat - but that's how I love it so they definitely got that right.

    I would recommend this restaurant for casual dining or for group events.  I cannot comment on the bar, as I did not drink (was always there on a workday).

  • 7081 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92111
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    Visit Date:  11/08/14
    Time:  Lunchtime

    I've been frequenting Niban for a very long time, as I'm a big fan of affordable sushi.  Niban offers your typical sushi rolls at affordable prices, along with bento boxes, bowls and other typical Japanese meals.

    Generally Niban has fast and courteous service, they offer decent specials (typically there are 4 on their board) and adequate seating both inside and out.  Sometimes I have to call someone over for a refill on my beverage, but other than that, it's a good experience when I go in.  

    I typically order sushi but yesterday I had one of their specials - Bento Box A.  Unfortunately I didn't understand that it was a combination of salmon, chicken teriyaki and fried seafood, as I told the employee taking my order that I'd have the "Bento Box A with chicken teriyaki".  She didn't correct me and clarify that it comes with all 3 of the items, so you can imagine my surprise when I got my box and it had 3 items instead of chicken teriyaki.  The bummer is I was trying to avoid fried food, so I would have preferred more chicken and no friend seafood or salmon.  Oh, well - lesson learned for me to pull out my reading classes and read the menu more carefully!

    If you're looking for affordable sushi without the highest qualify, this is your place - although I think Sushi Deli is a better bargain, but they always have a wait there.  If you're looking for high quality, fancy sushi, this is definitely NOT your place.  To me this is one step above fast food sushi.

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    Reason for visit:  Renewal of driver's license
    Date of visit:  10/06/14

    Recently I was asked for my driver's license number and expiration date.  When I pulled it out of my purse to get this information, I realized my license expired on my birthday in August.  I had sent in my renewal by mail back in July, so I called the DMV and they said they had no record of it.  I looked up my checking account online and the check had not been cancelled - so I'm not sure what happened to it!

    The gentleman from the DMV suggested I walk-in to my local DMV office to get this taken care of, as he said the soonest appointment he had wasn't until October 16 and should I happen to get pulled over, I'd get a ticket for driving on an expired license.

    Well, walking into the Poway office was a bit daunting when I saw the line that went outside the building.  And of course with this heat we've been experiencing, it was quite uncomfortable since they do not have an awning to protect folks from the sun.

    Thank goodness I brought a book and my smartphone to keep me busy, as I got in line at 10:50am and did not finish until close to 1:30pm - so 2 1/2 hours without an appointment.  I spoke to a few others who had appointments and most of them had waited at least an hour before getting called.

    THE GOOD: ability to leave your name & number on the main DMV phone line so someone can call you back rather than waiting on hold forever, a DMV office in close proximity to my office, most of the staff was fairly friendly and helpful.

    THE NOT-SO-GOOD:  long wait, no awning when waiting outside in the heat, one female employee was a bit obnoxious with customers - acting like the customers should know more about the DMV's processes than they did (isn't that part of her job is explain how things work and what customers need to do?)

    THE BAD:  while waiting one customer said that El Cajon office was closed for renovations so that's why she had to come out to Poway, while another woman said the Escondido office was closed and that's why she was there - so I think they had more than the normal/average amount of people on this particular Monday at this locations trying to be assisted.  If they are going to handle overflow in this office, they should consider expanding (and then there would be more room inside for people to wait where it's cooler!)

    THE REALLY BAD:  They don't take credit cards.....really?  It's 2014!!!

  • 1933 San Elijo Ave
    Cardiff By The Sea, CA 92007
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    19/10/2014 Avis mis à jour

    Dining Date:  09/27/14
    Meal Time:  Dinner

    I came back to this restaurant, as my brother was in town and thought he might enjoy it.  I called to see how late they were serving, as it was already 9:15pm and we probably wouldn't arrive until 9:30pm.  The manager answered the phone and said they close the kitchen at 10pm, so they will take the last orders at 9:45pm.  I told him I had a LivingSocial coupon and the coupon stated I needed to make a reservation - he told me to just come in, as they weren't that busy.

    When we arrived only 2 couples were in the dining area and they appeared to be finishing up so my brother asked if we could sit in the bar area since it appeared to be a little more happening.  The manager asked if we had just called in and I said yes.  He took us to the bar and seated us.

    I had never been to the restaurant on a night where they provided entertainment and it was quite enjoyable, which was a nice treat for my brother visiting.  The piano player they have there is extraordinary and he allows the patrons to request songs and sing along with his playing (although he did not know the Nate King Cole song I wanted to sing - bummer!)

    Our meals were okay - I think I enjoyed my pasta more than my brother enjoyed his fish (he said it was quite bland).  All-in-all it was an okay experience - except for one little thing that rubbed my brother and I the wrong way at the end (and hence my lower rating than the last time I wrote a review).  The waitress, who I tipped 20% on the original total before the coupon, came back to the table after we had paid and made the comment that she wanted to make sure that we understood the next time we come in with a coupon we would have to sit in the dining room.  I told her that the manager who sat us knew I had a coupon because I told him on the phone and then when he went to seat us, he asked if we were the ones who had just called in.  

    It just seemed so unnecessary and it left a bad taste in our mouths.  It was like paying for coach seats on an airplane and  the captain allowed us to move up to first class, but the flight attendant finds it necessary to clarify that the next time we fly and pay coach, we need to stick to sitting in the coach section!  Seriously - how rude!

    My brother owns his own restaurant and he was floored that the waitress said this and noted he would be upset at any of his servers if they said something like this that made customers feel uncomfortable.  The restaurant was dead - they were lucky to have our business that late at night - with or without a coupon.  And they shouldn't offer coupons if it means they are going to treat their customers differently than those who do not use coupons.  

    And if the coupon carries such rules, it would have been better for the manager who sat us to say, "Normally our coupons restrict the bar area, but since tonight is slow - we'll make an exception and let you enjoy the entertainment we are providing".  Both the manager and the server failed to do so, so it was a little sting she gave us after what we thought was going to be an otherwise pleasant evening.  Had the entertainment not been as good as it was, I think my rating would be even lower.  Just not sure how soon I'll be heading back....maybe once the sting wears off!

    4.0 étoiles
    03/04/2013 Avis précédent
    I just ate here for the second time on Sunday (03/31/13).  The first time I had a Groupon and my… En savoir plus
  • 12265 Scripps Poway Pkwy
    Poway, CA 92064
    4.0 étoiles

    Dining Date: 10/16/14
    Meal Time:  Lunch

    I ordered the garlic chicken and advised the woman taking my order that I was trying to stick to a low carb diet so she offered to give me more salad instead of rice.  The meal was delicious - chicken was tender and had no breaded coating on it (which I prefer since that keeps the carbs away) and the vegetables were delicious and I'm not even a huge veggie fan.

    I was with a group of coworkers so I got to try a bite of their orders - garlic shrimp and the house specialty chicken - all were delicious and they were happy with their meals.

  • 9869 Carmel Mountain Rd
    San Diego, CA 92129
    4.0 étoiles

    This review is on to-go orders only.  I often call in and pick up a rainbow roll and Philadelphia roll on my way home from work   Their service is quick, the rolls are good and their pricing is fair.  

    The staff is friendly, but one time when I asked for extra soy sauce (as they tend to only give you 1-2 packets that are wrapped up with a napkin and your chopsticks), the woman at the register told me I didn't need more soy sauce, as too much isn't good for you.  Thanks, but I can do without the health advice!

  • 7895 Highland Village Pl
    San Diego, CA 92129
    4.0 étoiles

    I used this center today because the RePlanet off of Del Mar Heights didn't honor their 4:30pm closing time for the past 2 Saturdays (you can see my other review).  When I called to complain to their customer service center, they advised me they just purchased this former "Nexcycle" recycling center and they'd be open today (Sunday) so I could leave all my bags of recyclable items in my car and head over there.

    This center is not setup just yet as a RePlanet center, so you have to take all your caps off of your plastic bottles, which is time-consuming.  They will give you credit for them weight-wise, the machine just cannot handle the caps during the crushing process.  This is the only reason I gave them one star short of 5 stars for the inconvenience.  Otherwise, the employees were very helpful and customer service oriented.  I would use the again if the location in my neighborhood doesn't get their act together on honoring their closing time.

  • 3455 Del Mar Heights Rd
    San Diego, CA 92130
    1.0 étoiles
    19/10/2014 Avis mis à jour

    This location is open until 4:30pm, but for the past 2 Saturdays I was turned away because the new employee shut down the weighing machine early, stating his boss makes him do that.  My previous 5 star review was when they had an employee there by the name of Remy, but now they have a new guy who is not as customer service oriented.

    I called RePlanet and said if they are going to close down their weighing machines prior to 4:30pm, they should have a sign that says that, but Lacey, the customer service rep, explained the rep working the recycling center is supposed to accept customers up through 4:30pm, but not past it.  I was there at 4:25pm last weekend and because I was turned away I came at 4:20pm this time - but still no service due to the weighing machines being turned off.  Lacey said she'd have the manager to the center call me and he called within a few hours, but now we're just playing phone tag.  I will provide an update after we speak.

    In the meantime, Lacey gave me the address of another center behind the Vons on Black Mountain Road that is open on Sundays so I could finally offload my recyclables today.

    5.0 étoiles
    03/04/2013 Avis précédent
    I've been to this recycling center a couple of times now and find it one of the better recycling… En savoir plus
  • 12155 Tech Center Dr
    Poway, CA 92064
    3.0 étoiles

    Visit Date:  Multiple visits ever since it opened

    If I had joined Yelp earlier and written a review for the Costco Car Wash a while back, it probably would have been 5 stars.  I loved that it was affordable, fairly quick to get through, did a decent job on the cleaning and even got my wheels clean from all the dirty brake dust.

    However, I recently had a piece of door trim come almost completely off and I noticed it right after going through the car wash.  So while I'm not 100% certain it was the car wash's fault (no cameras running as I went through the car wash), I'm convinced this was only environment my 2005 Mazda 3 hatchback was exposed to that would have done this.

    The major bummer is before I could get it fixed, the piece fell off the car and they don't make them anymore since it was a special edition car!  I met the owner of Rocky's Miatomotive in PB (see my review on his service) who helped me add some rubber plugs in the holes where the clips were in the door holding the trim on.  This will now prevent water from getting in....but the water won't be coming from Costco's car wash, as I refuse to take anymore chances putting any car through it (and I can just hear my older brothers saying - "We told you NEVER put your car through a car wash!")  

    I was told this was a "test" location for the Costco car wash and if things went well, they would add more across the city.  I haven't seen any others added, have you??

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