• 5326 Templeton St
    Los Angeles, CA 90032
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    A recent trip to Los Angeles lead me to getting my lashes did with some fellow bridesmaids. A friend recommend, Angie; who is super duper adorable and fun-sized.Appointments are required and before booking I was informed she was cash only.

    First I was offered complimentary tea or coffee. Being a lash extension virgin, I had tons of questions (What do the tools look like? Will you stab my eye? Will this hurt? Will my real eyelashes fall out?) Angie and I had a good laugh and she eased my anxious mind.

    The process is fairly simple and I found it to be very relaxing. Angie lays you down on a comfy massage-like table, covers you in a blanket, while relaxing spa music plays softly in the background. The room is also scented with essential oils like lavender and patchouli.

    After asking what kind of look I was going for (uhhhhh???) and her being patient as I googled lash extension styles - this is actually a THING - (I chose a Queen Bee style I saw online for obvious reasons). Angie got to work! She gently applied the eyelash extensions. We had great conversation and as I surrendered to the experience; I got super relaxed almost to the point of sleep! She stated that some ladies do fall into a slumber. Angie has an angel touch!

    When we were all done, she made sure I was completely satisfied with my new look. She took time to thoroughly explain how to care for my lashes and sent me on my way with a care card with the tips and tricks.

    The appointment ended with tea or coffee, which I got some coffee because I was about tackle that infamous LA traffic and was in a trance-like state.

    Definitely an amazing first experience and I highly recommend seeing Angie if you want to look like Beyonce and feel like you have the moves of J. Lo!

  • 3920 Schiff Dr
    Las Vegas, NV 89103
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    I've been attending shows at LVLT for a long, long time. Community theater for the people, by the people. The theatre hold open auditions for anyone interested, volunteer opportunities, and encourages New Works for playwrites.

    LVLT has two stages, a traditional stage and a black box (for theatre in the round). Both of these stages aren't overly large and every performance has an intimate feel (especially in the Black Box).

    LVLT brings Big Name Productions at affordable prices, comedies, dramas, musicals... They're all there.

    Recently I've seen Casa Valentina, Yellow Face, Avenue Q, Clybourne Park. All we're excellently acted and wonderfully directed.

    The best part about these productions is that they're affordable! $24 a ticket, it's a little less for seniors and students. Support the local arts and catch a show here.

  • 3585 S Durango Dr
    Las Vegas, NV 89147
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    I've taken my cats here twice to be groomed. It's a very nice, big clean facility.

    Scheduling an appointment is easy. Prices are reasonable.

    I've only had one issue, it took 4/5 hours for my two cats to get done the last time I went in because of a staffing issue.

    Other than that, my cats come back looking clean, fresh, and smelling amazing!

    Definitely recommend.

  • 2400 N Buffalo Dr
    Las Vegas, NV 89128
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    My friend, Morgan, told me about this amazing nail spot she found and informed me that I, "HAVE TO GO THERE!" So, there I went. And here's my review.

    I'm not used to booking appointments to get my nails done, I came in on a Sunday afternoon and every attendant was with a client. I was greeted by a big, tall Asian man. He asked if I had an appointment, which I stated that I didn't, he then proceeded to give me shit... Right then and there, I knew why my friend refereed me and I've been addicted to Candy Nails since.

    This isn't a $15 fill and go, it's a full on salon. Human touch massage chairs with iPads for your pedi pleasures! Getting your nails done by Son includes a free comedy show because he is hilarious!

    Candy Nail Spa is a sweet shop with a super sweet personality. It's pretty much guaranteed diabetus!

    Commentaire de Ivy N. de Candy Nails Spa
    26/09/2015 Thanks!
  • 505 E Fremont St
    Las Vegas, NV 89101
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    Flippin' good? More like Flippin' mediocre.

    I love Fremont East. I've been kickin' it there before it was even dubbed Fremont East. I have excitedly walked by, watch the place evolve, and smelled glorious smells coming from within... A recent trip downtown lead me to Flippin' Good Burgers when I was starving.

    FGB is a cross between McDonald's and Smashburger, but waaaay closer to the McD's side. It's fast food. It's no IN-N-Out, it's not even Carl's Jr worthy. Yes, it's cleaner than a McD's and the staff is definitely friendlier, but it's just not special.

    I ordered a classic cheeseburger and a side of fries. The burger was bland, overcooked, served in a big ass bun (really, it's mostly buns, hun) and came with the lettuce, onion, and tomato (which were all fresh and still crisp). The fries were fries. Again, nothing to write home about.

    The food is really two star worthy, but the clean, freshness, newness, reasonable prices, and friendliness of the staff allow me to tip the stars in the favor of FGB.

  • $$ Thaï
    523 Fremont St
    Las Vegas, NV 89101
    2.0 étoiles

    How in the hell does this place have 4 stars? Perhaps it's the drunks on Fremont binge-ing on late night cuisine; their altered perception has them believing this place is gold. I used to feel that way about Egg McMuffins in my drunken days...

    I knew something was off when I ordered and they asked how spicy on a scale of 1-4. My maiden voyage to this establishments, I was with a girlfriend from down home in the Bayou. She ordered hers a 4 and they guy said, "Wow, that's really spicy!" She responded, "we're from Louisiana, we can handle the heat." They guy swayed us, we ordered 3s and it was child's play. We had tickets to a show, so when re-offered to make our food, we declined. The curry's we ordered tasted exactly the same. Panang should not taste like the yellow curry. It was sweet coconut with a medium spice level. The dish just fell flat. My second visit I got the Tom Kha soup! Very good, huge portion. Definitely one of the better versions I've tasted, but not really hitting the Tom Kha spot. Soup shouldn't be your best dish, especially in a Thai joint.

    Service was okay. Nothing too stellar. Actually, nothing about Le Thai is too memorable. How is this place hailed as a one of the best in Vegas?!

    This place should be renamed Le Sigh.

  • 2011 Pinto Ln
    Las Vegas, NV 89106
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    I don't understand how this office has such a low rating!

    I had my first appointment to get my goodies checked (#thanksobama) and the only set back was waiting about a month before I could get an appointment. Other than that, everything was a breeze.

    I had a 9 AM appointment and after I filled out my paperwork, I was in a room within 5 minutes and the doctor came in less than 10 minutes after that.

    Dr. Martin was kind, professional, and answered all of my questions. She was gentle when dealing with lovely lady lumps. There is even a Phlebotomist  on site for blood work.

    Her office isn't shiny or new, but her staff was friendly and warm. Definitely happy to be a new patient.

  • 8575 S Eastern Ave.
    Las Vegas, NV 89123
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    When I RSVPed to this event, I thought I was being brave. I've been workin' on my fitness and eating a clean diet. When Nate sent out an email stating that there was an overabundance of people that signed up for Yoga, that the two classes offered were going to be first come, first served. Deathly afraid of whatever the hot room had to offer, I arrived early and in true Jessica fashion decided to do the Hot Room Barre Pilates class.

    Since I was rearly, I started talking to the various Yelpers, new and old. It's been a while since I have been to an event, so it was nice to see new faces and a few familiar ones. I met Vicky B. at this event and she was my event BFF.

    Luis gave us a tour. There are two sides with two work out rooms each. One a fitness side, the other concentrating on yoga. Each side had a hot room with varied humidity and was set to about 95 degrees. Lockers were available with a high-tech, create your own 4 digit code, or there are varied cubies to stash your belongings.

    2 minutes after setting myself up for the HRBP class, I knew I was gonna be face-to-face with death. Martin instructed our group and he was amazing! Great energy, great instruction, killer bod (fo' reals). This class kicked the shit out of me, literally, I had to "haul ass to the ladies" (bonus points if you know the movie I just referenced). After my short break, I entered the void again, with kool-aid red streaks rolling down my forehead, neck, and chest. I finished like a champ.

    After class, the little cafe offered several refreshing and tasty smoothies! All vegan and organic! The staff at the cafe were friendly, adorable, and didn't mind that I was yacking their ear off.

    TruFusion is definitely a high-end place to get your but kicked! Wish they were a lot closer to my neck of the woods!

  • $$ Ramen
    4860 W Flamingo Rd
    Las Vegas, NV 89103
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    5 check-ins

    Before JINYA, I had tried one packet of Top Ramen in college, was disgusted and never considered it an option again. All that changed after one of my bestest friend's birthday. She stated she wanted Ramen and I told her about college and she exclaimed, "that's not REAL ramen!" I agreed, since when was accepting a 10 cent package as the be-all, end-all of ramen? It wasn't. I was so ignorant, given my love for virtually all Asian fare (expect Korean).

    JINYA has a sleek modern feel. A large table in the center is used for large parties or several small partied. It should be noted the rest of the establishment has maybe 4 seats at the bar, and the rest are booths that seat 4 comfortably. Not a place for large groups.

    On my last trip I got a the Cha Cha Cha (my favorite to date!),a chicken ramen with seasoned egg, tons of herbs, and tons of garlic as well a side of fresh garlic and a garlic press. I dream about this dish. I've brought friends to taste their noodle delights and they too are hooker. I am so afraid to try Ramen elsewhere because JINYA serves up a bowl of heaven. I rarely get sick and pho is my GO-TO, but I rue the day I get down with the sickness and destroy a bowl of broth and noodly goodness. Seriously, it's next level.

    I usually order a combo with a salad and/or gyoza/california roll). The salad is great and I whatever dressing they use on it, is flavorful and unlike anything I've tasted before. During a happy hour I tried a JINYA bun which was delicious (and almost as good as Fat Choy's). Oh, yes, folks, you read that correctly, JINYA has a dope happy hour (3 PM - 5PM)! Cheap drinks and all apps are reduced (although the price point here in on point).

    Service is always polite and the staff seem to work in teams running food and providing refills. This place gets packed! I've seen wait times. The joint is open until 3 AM, 7 days a week! Note to self: on the off chance you get schwasted, noodle it up!

    I am in SLURPY, NOODLY heaven when at JINYA, my only complaint is that the music is so damn loud in there. I've found this to be a trend in modern Asian joints. Anyone else notice this?

  • 4235 S Fort Apache Rd
    Las Vegas, NV 89147
    2.0 étoiles
    1 check-in

    New Mexico style Mexican food?!? I've never had that, I needs to go to there! And so there I went. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed declaring this a food adventure. Especially seeing this place so highly rated on Yelp... again, don't believe the hype.

    This was a major food fail for the most part. First and foremost, it took about 10 minutes for someone to come by and say hi and take our drink order. Chips and salsa arrived shortly after. The salsa was a bit spicy, which I liked, but my dad and sister don't do spicy, so they only had a quick taste before tapping out.

    I ordered a cup of Pozole. It was delicious, heavy on the hominy (which mama likes), and was presented in a large bowl and tasted homemade.

    My little sister ordered a carne asada burrito, refried beans, and rice. I had the stacked enchiladas with carne adovada with calabacitas and whole pinto beans. My dad opted for a combo with a beef enchilada, chile rellano, and a carne asada taco. We also got a side of sopapillas which weren't touched. When the order came out, my dad's taco was MIA. The taco appeared like 20 minutes later and we declined it, they offered to let us take it home, and I did with my left overs.

    So let's talk about the food. It was bland and kind of boring. I was expecting more exciting flavors! New flavors, but everything fell flat. The only stand out dish at dinner was the Chile Rellano. It was the dankest of the dank and probably the best one I've ever had, but a Chile Rellano does not a 5-star review make.

    Thanks to Yelp, we got a free fried ice cream as we looked over the check. Fried ice cream was great, but it wasn't anything I hadn't had before.

    Chile Addiction didn't leave me with even a craving or much to remember them by. I really wanted to like this place. I really want little independent places to make it! I really root for the underdog! I just can't give them more than 2stars. Poor service with less than mediocre food. I'm chopping it up to rookie mistakes. Will venture back, but very under-whelmed (that's the opposite of overwhelmed, right?).

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