• 201 E 23rd St
    New York, NY 10010
    5.0 étoiles

    Pros: no crazy reservation hassle, amazingly skilled employees, all-inclusive $80 gel nails!:)
    Cons: make sure you make a reservation!

    Here are the reasons why this place is awesome.

    1. No crazy long waitlist
    So, I used to go to Marie Nails, another famous Japanese nail salon but that one had a crazy long wait list that you have to make the ressie at least a month before or more. This place is just as good and minus all the hassles of getting onto the list! :)

    2. Superb gel quality
    The gel nail here is the type of gel that's applied using a brush with long handle; not the opi or shellac gels that star peeling off in a couple of wks. This gel stays on at least a month without getting chipped or peeled off around the edges.

    3. Reasonable price
    For 5 dollars per nail, you can bling the heck out of your nail!

    4. Skilled employees
    They are super thorough and very well accommodating of any design request! I showed them a picture and they replicated it perfectly.

  • 347 1st Ave
    New York, NY 10010
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    Pros: I was dying for someone to open up a store with kimbob! :)
    Cons: I'll say "suggestions" rather than cons, since it's a brand new establishment!

    Soooo happy for this new addition in the neighborhood!  :) They showed up on my seamless so I took a chance and ordered the spicy tuna, spicy chicken, and spicy sausage.

    Kimbob is the localized version of Japanese maki in Korea. It's rolled in seaweed paper and contains protein and veggies, perfectly balanced meal!

    I can't help being critical towards this kimbob establishment since I'm korean. Overall, I liked it. When it was delivered, it was still warm and those pickles inside the roll were amazingly good.

    However, here are some of my suggestions!

    1. Use Stickier rice. The roll won't fall part as easily as now and the texture will be much better.
    2. Offer brown rice option! Healthier.
    3. Use paper container instead of Styrofoam for delivery orders.
    4. Do not use raw veges in there, pls. If you are not going to sautee the carrots, at least make them thinner by shreding.

  • 25 Cedar St
    New York, NY 10005
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    Pros: legit cocktails and quiet enpugh to have convo
    Cons: unbelivably disgustingly rude waiter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It pains me to write a bad review for this place, because I liked the black decor with bright yellow cellar and dappy looking bartenders with their vests and rolled up sleeves, jiving with the music. And all the good things about this place end here.

    We sat down and the hostess told us there is a margarita special all night. My friend asked what flavors of margarita were available and if they did frozen margarita. The hostess brought the waiter over and the first thing the waiter said was;

    "does this place look like a bar that serves frozen margarita?"

    I couldn't believe what I heard!!!!

    And he did not stop there. He forgot my drink orders not only once, but twice.

    And when my friend asked for water, he pointed to the water jar across from the bar and told her to help herself next time. (First of all, we didnt know we had to do it ouraelves and secondly, Excuse me, waiter????)

    And then when he brought the check to us, he was like "I'm out of here for memorial wknd! *flickering back both his palms and dropping the bill on the table*

    So... yeah... I hope you are reading this and yeah, you were disgustingly rude. I don't know if u are the bartender ans maybe were covering for the waiter that didn't show up that day, but you shouldn't treat your customers as I was treated.

    Although your service didnt deserve it, We still left 20% tip just because that 20% means more to you than to us.

  • 324 E 6th St
    New York, NY 10003
    4.0 étoiles

    Pros: cute ambience and decent korean food at reasonable prices
    Cons: soft opening yet! Not a great selection for dinner?

    I live around the area and not having to travel to the bustling ktown is already a huge plus! :)

    I stopped in for lunch during the weekdays; no wait. I immediately fell in love with the place over the fun and cute objects in the place; a sign that said "you can dance -soju", tiny little salt and pepper shakers in a shape of mason jars, mason jar water cups, etc.

    I don't know what the full menu is going to be like but when I went, it was still soft opening that the menu had limited dishes. Hope this gets better over time.

    I had the budge jjigye which was decent and my hubby had a dolsot bibimbop, which he loved. We are both Koreans and we found the dishes definitely authentic. :) as far as food goes, it's pretty much the same quality as what you get in ktown! :)

    I will probably come back here after the soft opening phase to see if I like the place for dinner as well! :)

  • 893 Broadway
    New York, NY 10003
    4.0 étoiles
    2 check-ins

    Pros: great decor(rustic barn feel to it), decent korean food, great location! (No need to go to ktown for k food!)
    Con: a bit on the pricy side (compared to ktown), the wheel thing is only for dinner services

    I dropped in for lunch specials and I'm quite happy thay I can get decent korean food in the area without having to go to the bustling ktown! :)

    I loved the decor here; ktown restaurants have no ambience imo but this place actually feels like a "restaurant" where I can sit comfortably and enjoy my food. (Is it just me or what? I feel like ktown is too busy for me and I feel like I'm being scurried out of the place for table turnover.)

    I had the hot stone bibimbop; not blown away by it but I thought it was decent enough - something you can get in ktown. My husband had the uni bibimbop with egg yolk which I thought was amazing! :)

    Also, the drinks here are interesting! I had the yuzu soda and I definitely recommend it. So refreshing with that mascerated  yuzu flavor but not too sweet.

    I will definitely come in for dinner service again and re rate this place! :)

  • 900 Broadway
    New York, NY 10003
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    Pros: out-of-this-world handmade cheese!! And the cheese curds! :)
    Cons: hmmm... not that I can think of! :)

    This premise has been in my neighborhood longer than I lived in the area but for some reason, I never dropped in before.

    First thing you will notice is their cheese making area, which you can actually peep in from outside as well. THEY DO MAKE THE CHEESE AT THE SITE!

    At the counter, they had a variety of cheese for sampling and sure I did take advantage. :) I tried their signature cheese, which they make it themselves and looked just plain block cheese, and I was blown away. It tasted like somewhat crossover between cheddar and gruyere with creamier end note to it and I just loved it. (Picked up one block on the way out!) And they also had cheese curds for sampling and oh my, I loved it too! I guess it's one of the perks of making cheese on the site. :)

    I just dropped in to pick up cheese but I'd definitely want to try their food as well next time.

    Oh, btw, they are hostinf a whiskey and cheese (sounds weird but makes sense, right?) pairing class end of April, if anyone's interested! :)

  • 1-9 West 32nd St
    New York, NY 10001
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    19/03/2015 Avis mis à jour
    12 check-ins

    I have been frequenting this place for a long while; ppl work there know us. (Yes, we are the couple that order pick ups always.)

    From today, I'm no longer a fan. I put an order for a pickup as usual and my husband made a trip to pick it up. Soon after, I realized something wasn't right; I could tell the rice cakes were really frozen before; half the rice cakes started splitting... and the other mushy. (look at my photo; rice cakes were literally all shredding and splitting)

    This is not the problem. It's ok that they have hiccups but what disappointed me was their awful attitude of handling my complaints.

    I called and explained the situation and this girl simply retorted saying there was nothing they could do about it, since that's how they get the rice cakes delivered, frozen. I told her that it was never like this before and it was really way below the standard that I could not eat the food, she AGAIN said that everyone else was having the same quality; not just me. That's when I realized that this convo was futile.

    I paid 36 dollars for my food and I know what it tastes like usually. Today, they had hiccups. I get that and I'm ok with it, but the way you guys treated me really made me rethink about ever going back there; never again.

    Restaurant business is not just about the food; it's packaged with the service. You failed miserably on both today. *crossing out of the list*

    4.0 étoiles
    25/10/2014 Avis précédent
    Pros: great for ppl craving super spicy food!
    Cons: not so great who dont... lol

    I used to zip car…
    En savoir plus
  • 1500 Hudson St
    Hoboken, NJ 07030
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    Pros: amazing cake with great flavor!!! The ingredients are all natural and no skimping!
    Cons: icing can be a bit on the thick side

    First off, Note to all the boyfriends and husbands: Girls will go head over heels fall in love with this cake!!!!!!

    I ordered this cake for my joint bday with 2 other girls and this cake pretty was THE highlight of the whole meal!!!

    It was right in front of me but still, I couldn't believe the flowers were edible and crafted with butter cream. Looked so real!!! Whoever made this sure got some mad skills. Lol

    The cake itself was devine as well. So moist inside and the flavors were great. What surprised me was the vanilla beans inside! (Prrof that they care about the ingredients and didn't put in the easy vanilla extract.) Very impressed. I really thought they should raise the price because it was just a piece of art with decadent flavor.

    If I could have my wedding all over again, I will order this cake as my wedding cake. :)

  • 23 W 32nd St
    New York, NY 10001
    4.0 étoiles
    3 check-ins

    * review is only for koream bbq experience.

    1. The only place in ktown that does charcoal bbq!
    2. Great side dishes
    3. Amazing smoke suction system!!! No more smell on your clothes!!!

    Con: waiting area is a bit awkward. You just have to stand on the stairs upto the 2nd floor... hmmm...

    THE ONLY PLACE WITH CHARCOAL BBQ!!!! that alone deserves 4 stars.

    So, being Korean, I have my own principle on how Korean bbq should be done; bbq should be done on charcoal fire!!! That charcoal adds extra flavor with amazing searing! :) This is the only place that does charcoal bbq in ktown. Kudos!

    What's even more amazing is that they have this tube that comes down on grill to suck all the smoke! No more worries about the bbq smell getting on your clothes! :) Another kudos!

    The meat quality is solid and the side dishes are solid. I do Korean bbq usually at home but if I go out, this is the place to be for me. :)

  • 141 W 41st St
    New York, NY 10036
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    Pros: solid Japanese cuisine!
    Cons: cramped space!

    So, let me start off by saying that I saw quite a few Japanese people dining here, which tells me that the food here is legit and solid, and yes, the food here is solid.

    I had the followings;
    - tofu salad: very light and refreshing. The tofu is very soft and nutty. Perfect way to start a meal!
    - kimchi nabe set (opted for brown rice for additional $1) : comes with rice. This is a perfect winter dish! Hot, spicy broth with thinly sliced pork simmered in. Yum-oh!

    I also saw someone ordering a grilled mackerel with rice and it looked and smelled amazing!

    This place is quite small and tends to have a long line for dinner. I got there around 6 pm on a Friday night and the only seats available were at the bars, fyi.

    Giving only 4 stars, because for me, I need to be blown away to give 5. Solid food =4!

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