• 375 Redondo Ave
    Long Beach, CA 90814
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    Once again, Prodigy Plumbing does not disappoint!  They always answer their phone, are on time, and perform the repairs needed quickly and at a decent price. I have personally recommended them several times to friends and family and they have all had great experiences. My plumber today, Matt, even offered to take my trash out to the cans.....I mean....thats customer service! He was super friendly and did an excellent job. Mark and his crew are awesome!

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    12/05/2014 Avis précédent
    We found Prodigy Plumbing on Yelp, after calling about 7 other plumbers that did not answer their… En savoir plus
  • 9510 Firestone Blvd
    Downey, CA 90241
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    Once again, Prodigy Plumbing does not disappoint!  They always answer their phone, are on time, and perform the repairs needed quickly and at a decent price. I have personally recommended them several times to friends and family and they have all had great experiences. My plumber today, Matt, even offered to take my trash out to the cans.....I mean....thats customer service! He was super friendly and did an excellent job. Mark and his crew are awesome!

  • 105 E Lincoln Ave
    Orange, CA 92865
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    I don't  even like giving this place ONE star.  They were horrible.  From the first minute I arrived, I had a bad feeling.  The manager kept trying to upsell the "daily special", the clay bar wash/wax for $59.  No matter how many times I said no.  He must have asked like 4-5 times.  I kept saying no that I needed the best wash for under 20 bucks I could get.  So he offered me the "High Roller"wash for 20 bucks.  Went inside and paid and less than 2 minutes later my car was already halfway through the wash!!!  I don't know how they vacuumed it that quickly.  About 5 minutes later they were waving the rag in the air to let me know they were all finished.  I could even see from the table I was sitting at that the wash was horrible.  Water spots EVERYWHERE.  I called the manager over and said that I was not satisfied.  He said "well, you need the clay bar, I told you."  I said that every other car wash I've been to does a much better job than that, there was bird poop and water spots EVERYWHERE, even on the windows!  C'mon....even some window cleaner gets that off!  So he said, let me grab a towel and I'll show you.  He brings over this towel and BARELY applied any pressure, wipes it really fast and said "There you see, it doesn't come off.  You need $59 clay bar"  ENOUGH WITH THE CLAY BAR DUDE.  So I pull a napkin out of my purse, spit on it and wipe my car.  The spots come right off.  He said "no, you need clay bar"  AGAIN.  I said forget you guys.  This is the worst car wash ever.  I just got in my car and left.  RIDICULOUS. Don't ever go here.  Please.

  • 317 Pacific Coast Hwy
    Huntington Beach, CA 92648
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    We came here for Sunday Brunch today to celebrate my husbands first Father's Day.  I made reservations weeks ago and having been to Duke's for brunch before, we had been really looking forward to it.  Unfortunately we had a bad experience today and will probably not return.
    The hostess brought us to our table, which was a small room off the main dining area with 4 tables.  Granted, it had a beautiful view on the beach but this must have been the "baby corral" as all the tables had babies or toddlers at them.  We've been here to Duke's before and really enjoy sitting in the main room, as they have strolling musicians and the general ambiance is just much better than being in this small separated room.  I walked back up to the hostess station and asked if we could please be moved to the inside dining room.  Everyone seemed very confused and panicked that I asked....but they said they'd go clear a table and come get us to move.  I went back to our table and about a minute later a hostess came in to tell us that there was only one table available, a booth, but we couldn't have a highchair at that table because of a fire hazard (area needed to be clear).  She said she'd find another table and come back.  
    Then our server comes in and I explained we were waiting to be moved.  She understood and went to check about the situation.  She came back and said that there were no tables that we could move to, that they were all reserved for people that had prior reservations.  At this point we really felt like we were inconveniencing the staff, as nobody seemed like they wanted to accomodate us.  I let her know that we DID make reservations weeks ago, and didn't appreciate feeling like we were asking for anything out of the ordinary.  It was Father's Day and we had been looking forward to this.  Instead it just seemed like we had been sequestered off to this separate area, because of our baby?  I don't know.  Meanwhile, the dining room had about 15 tables that were completely empty.  Don't understand why they couldn't move us to one of those tables?  When we left the restaurant there were tons of empty tables STILL.  
    I have recommended Duke's brunch to lots of people.  After today, really disappointed with their lack of customer service.  I mean, there's only so much complaining a person is allowed to do...after all we were on the beach with an awesome view....but after spending nearly $100 I don't think it was too much to ask to simply be moved to another table.

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    Needed a job completed in our office and called Nick.  An easy job, we needed about 45 recessed lightbulbs replaced around our office.  He arranged for one of his crew to come out and give us an estimate that afternoon. The guy was friendly and professional, hence the 2 stars.  He said Nick would be in touch within the next day or two with an estimate.  Never heard back from him.  I even gave him a call to see if perhaps he had my number wrong, you know, benefit of the doubt.  No response to my message.  I guess business must be good when you don't need to return a potential customers call.  

    Disappointing that there was no follow up.

  • Irvine, CA 92603
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    Stas and his crew were amazing. Quick, on time and professional. We moved from a packed 2 bedroom duplex to a 3 bedroom house. They worked solid and fast. Only took a couple 5 min breaks which was amazing for the piles and piles of stuff we had. They moved quickly and got.the job done right. All of our furniture was very well handled. I would highly recommend them!

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    We ate here on vacation in Portland and were SO excited to see one in Palm Springs right down the street from our hotel.  Like alot of the other Yelpers say, we also ate here multiple times over a couple days.  
    Breakfasts are DELICIOUS!  The German Pancake was delish...all the portions are HUGE.  The service was super friendly and fast as well.
    We also ate here for dinner.  The dinner was no where near as good as the breakfasts.  I'd say stick to breakfasts at Elmer's!  YUMMY!!!!

  • Newport Beach, CA 92625
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    This company blows.  Bought the Living Social deal, thought it would be a fun start to hubby and I's vacation.  They were extremely hard to get a hold of from the get-go, not one of my calls were ever returned until the morning of my trip, which gave me SEVERE anxiety.  BEWARE, the Living Social deal is a scam....when we were dropped off at the airport the driver said we owed another $18.50 in "service fees".  I explained that was not specified in the fine print, only that it did not include tax and gratuity.  He acknowledged that he knew that, and that other Living Social customers had complained about that....BUT...the fees were due anyway and must be paid in Cash.  We just wanted to get on our plane and they guy was not budging, so we decided to pay him and I'd take care of contacting Living Social later about this.  Since we had already tipped the guy, we did not have enough cash to pay him.  Hubby had to go all the way through the airport to get to an ATM, finally came out about 10 minutes later and handed the driver a $20.  He just pocketed it and didn't attempt or ask if we wanted the change back.  I know it's only $1.50 but still....
    So, fast forward to getting back from vacation.  I come to find out the "service fees" were actually gratuity charges and misc. other fees.  Mind you, we had already paid the driver a large tip, plus the $1.50 PLUS he also got an additional $10 out of that $18.50 as another gratuity.  I know this is confusing but bottom line, we ended up tipping our damn driver almost as much as the Living Social deal cost.  
    Needless to say, I was pissed and wrote a complaint to Living Social.  Getting a refund back for all charges.  Living Social's customer service ROCKS...can't say the same for So Cal Limo!!!   I will not use this company again and warn you to steer clear of them as well.  Based on the other reviews, they seem to be having a hard time understanding the meaning of customer service.

  • 3299 E Pacific Coast Hwy
    Signal Hill, CA 90755
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    22/05/2012 Avis mis à jour
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    This is the ONLY place I will take my car and I will tell you why!  Saturday I took my car in at 8am to get my brake pads replaced, along with a headlight repaired.  An hour later, the phone rang and it was Ron's letting me know my car was done!  Sweet!  So I go in to pay, the bill is $15.  I said, UMM...my brakes?  I needed my pads replaced?....Ron says "You didn't need them replaced, they're fine for now....take the extra money and treat your husband to dinner."  I was amazed.  What mechanic is that honest???  Most mechanics would have just replaced them...and charged you the money.  This is why I will NEVER take my car to another mechanic.  Ron's has it right.  Honesty and integrity are so important, and to know that I can trust Ron's is a huge thing.  Thanks!!!!

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    25/07/2011 Avis précédent
    Awesome!  Needed an oil change and found this place on Yelp.  I went here on a Saturday morning and… En savoir plus
  • 5730 E 2nd St
    Long Beach, CA 90803
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    My husband took me here for my birthday, as it was highly recommended by a friend of ours.  Unfortunately, the service was the worst I have experienced in a while.  We were seated by who I presume was the manager, and left there waiting at our table for 15 minutes while we watched him chat up and socialize with various tables. The table next to us were served immediately (by another server) and told of the appetizer and entree specials....he finally came around and took our order, never told of the specials and it seemed as if he was in a rush to go back to hanging out with his friends.  

    Both husband and I ordered the Colorado Lamb.  It arrived in a timely manner and the meal was so-so.  The lamb was fatty and there was a large amount of gravy on the plate. Nobody ever came back to check on us ONCE after we were served.  No refills of our wine and watesr.  We had to flag down other various servers for this.  Really annoying that this guy was too busy socializing to actually do his job.

    Fortunately we had pre-ordered the souffle with our entrees.  It was tasty, perhaps the best part of the meal besides the company.  For the amount of money we spent, (over $100!) there should be a higher level of service. Or lets just start with just basic SERVICE.  We had none.   It was my birthday dinner as well, making it extra disappointing.   We had a restaurant.com certificate which we presented at the end of the meal (so I know that the poor service could not have been because we were a "coupon" table).  VERY upsetting that we were billed 18% gratuity due to the restaurant.com certificate policy.   We will never return and have already told a few of our friends about our experience. Truly disappointed.

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