• 57235 River Rd
    Sunriver, OR 97707
    4.0 étoiles

    Pretty pricey, especially for items such as ceviche (not gonna lie there), but that's just getting the bad news out of the way. The good news is that the drinks and drink specials, while not cheap, are out of this world in terms of quality; even better news comes regarding the service. If you're ever in Bend or Sunriver, ask for "Jenni" as your server - she was extremely attentive and constantly checked to make sure that everyone was having an excellent evening.

  • 1106 Jefferson St
    Nashville, TN 37208
    5.0 étoiles

    If you want great, no-frills, Memphis-style pork shoulder barbecue, excellent ribs, or a decent catfish platter, look no further. I had driven by Mary's almost every day on my way to work at a school off of D. B. Todd, and I finally had to stop in for lunch one day. I'm so glad that I finally did.

    Let me start with the service, about which I really can't say enough - the proprietor was right at the ordering window and made me feel instantly at home, even though I was only stopping in for carry-out. She was kind and gracious, and the rest of the staff was laughing, friendly, and constantly checked with me to ensure that I had already been helped.

    I got a pork shoulder sandwich, french fries, corn cakes. As for the pork shoulder sandwich, it came out very smokey (perfection!) tender, and flavorful: exactly what pork barbecue should look, taste, and smell like. The tangy orange-colored sauce wasn't what I was expecting for a Nashville barbecue restaurant, but boy, did it hit the spot. The french fries were glorious; hot, oily, and crispy. They had clearly just been fried when I got served up my extremely generous portion. The corn cakes were yet another wonderful surprise. I've always been a little suspicious of corn griddle cakes - simple skillet cornbread has always been the way to go for me - but these were phenomenal. That's not even to mention the fact that Miss Mary, the proprietor, gave me an extra corn cake free of charge simply for chatting with her! The cakes were well-done, savory, and chewy with a pleasingly gritty texture, just like Southern cornbread should be.

    I'll be back the next time I can. I already have this place marked off as my "hole-in-the-wall" restaurant in Nashville, and if you're ever on the lookout for great barbecue at an also-great price, look no further than Mary's Old Fashioned Pit Barbeque.

  • 115 27th Ave N
    Nashville, TN 37203
    3.0 étoiles

    This little place had piqued my curiosity a while back, and tonight I finally decided to give it a try as a pick-me-up after not feeling well. Probably not  the wisest decision, but what the hell.

    I had the barbeque pork platter, as I hadn't heard about the turkey sandwich until after I went to the place. I have to say that I know my barbeque pretty well, and that this place was - well - okay. It wasn't bad barbeque, but it wasn't great. The pork was moist and tender (a definite plus for any barbeque aficionado) but not really as smokey as what I would have hoped a place like Hog Heaven could come up with. The "mild" sauce was similarly decent, but not great: definitely strong on the tomato and spices, a little bit peppery and a little bit sweet. As a lover of Kansas City-style barbeque, I'm familiar with tomato sauces, and this was neither as sweet as it could have and should have been nor was it applied as liberally to the pulled pork as it could have been.

    The sides were a mixed bag. The baked beans were surprisingly good, with a lot of pepper, an interestingly creamy sauce, and excellent texture. The greens and cornbread hoecake were, to be totally honest, disappointing. The greens were flavorless and mushy and the corn cake was also generally underwhelming.

    I wouldn't advocate this place as the first choice for barbeque in Nashville, but if you're by Centennial Park and absolutely don't want to cross the city to get to Mary's on Jefferson, Hog Heaven will suffice.

  • 5.0 étoiles

    Love this place. Definitely my favorite hot chicken joint in Nashville - the chicken is easily as tender and juicy as Prince's, and the different levels of spiciness that are provided for the sauce are pretty outstanding. You can go all the way from traditional  fried chicken all the way up to "Shut the Cluck Up," which I heartily recommend staying away from unless you really know what you're getting yourself into. The portions of chicken are remarkably sized as well - no real way to lose!

    The sides are damned good as well. The french fries have always been tender and just crispy enough, the mac 'n cheese is creamy and thick without sticking, and the greens are absolutely as good as anything Momma ever made. The black-eyed pea salad is perhaps the only thing lacking on the menu. I took my girlfriend to Hattie B's and she was significantly underwhelmed by how raw the beans seemed, although the vinegar sauce was a nice touch.

    They serve beer (include Yazoo and Jackelope) and have a decent selection of canned beers as well. All told, I really can't wait to head back. As a matter of fact, I might make a pit-stop in tonight...

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