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    You know how they say fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me? Well I finally reached my breaking point with this awful pharmacy and I am the fool if I keep using them. I have been a client there since the OPENED years and years ago and have put up with what can only be described as sub par care for several years now.

    My major issue with them has always been that if there is a problem with a prescription they do NOTHING. It is beyond the scope of their care to call and let me know that the medication I am waiting for will be delayed for one reason or another. I believe as health care professionals working hand in hand with our doctors to see that we receive our proper medication they should care a bit more about the people they serve.

    My experience this week was the final straw. On Sunday I ran out of my Lexapro, a medication which requires that you not miss a day as you suffer withdrawal quite quickly in the form of dizziness and shakiness. Yes, it was my fault for not noticing I was almost out- but when I went online to renew I was given the message that it was too soon to renew. In my defense,that is why running out took me by suprise-  I only filled the prescription 2 1/2 weeks before for a month of medication- when I looked at the label more closely I discovered the label said "take 40mg a day"of 20mg tablets but they had only given me 30. HALF A MONTH for the full $30 copay.

    I called Monday to explain they needed to give me 30 more and got nothing but runaround insurance speak saying they would have to contact the doctor - even though they have the records showing I have been taking that exact same dose for well over a year, and also saying that I would have to pay another copay as it was an insurance decision to give me 30? Say what? Nothing they said made any sense, or seemed like the correct, patient friendly, good customer service action.

    I am disabled, so going in and taking action there was not an option but I contacted my doctor myself and waited for them to get back to me as they said they would.

    In the past, they would have offered to give me medication to last a few days. It was clear I had good insurance which would cover me, it was clear that I had been on this medication for several years, there was nothing about me that implied they would not be paid or the prescription would not be confirmed or filled. But NO, they not only did not offer that, they did not care that I would be sent into physical symptoms of withdrawal, not to mention possible mental side effects.

    That is not the only thing they did not do. They did not get back to me. I called them Tuesday and Wednesday leaving messages. They did NOT reply. Meanwhile I am in the full withdrawal side effects, which I do not need on top of the many other health issues I deal with daily.

    Today my husband went in and confronted them and oh look- they had a new prescription from my doctor correct amount, NEW COPAY, and absolutely no reason why they had not contacted me or helped me, leaving me without a medication I need daily. My husband had them call me and I told the manager it was UNCONSCIONABLE of them to deprive me of medication for four days, push me into physical symptoms for lack of medication, and not contact me. They blamed the doctor. I know better.

    If their actions of this week are not enough (and believe me I have had several issues  just like this showing their lack of caring over the past couple of years)- they talked about me after getting off the phone in the presence of my husband- perhaps having forgotten he was there. They basically acted as if I was a hostile problem ,"I yelled at them" instead of discussing how they could have done it differently to keep their customer happy.

    As Yelp is my witness- I will NEVER use them again.

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    Doreen was a wonderful help to us when we had some parenting issues that needed resolving. Her compassionate, thoughtful, honest guidance helped us weather a few teenage storms and I have been able to take her wisdom with me. What would Doreen do? is a good guideline with a typical teenager situation. Even more importantly she helped all three of us discover we have ADD- making years of muddledness understandable at last,

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    I have never even met Beth but her wonderful spirit shine through her reviews and her kind messages. Her discovery of my sister Deanie's carrot cake at the Newark Farmer's Market brought wonderful Yelp folks to meet her and her partner Happi and truly led to their carrot cake getting lots of attention.

    We obviously share a passionate love for the best of baked goods lol!

    Beth you have the hearts and prayers of everyone here at Cat Heaven behind you.

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    I found Felix online because I was disappointed in attending a traditional training class with our border terrier, Carter. We knew we wanted a well trained dog for all our sakes including Carter's.

    I was impressed with our conversation and we decided to go for an 8 session package. We live in Redwood City and he comes to the Peninsula every week and comes to YOUR home so that your dog is trained in his natural environment.

    Felix is absolutely amazing- it is almost surreal how quickly he has Carter doing things and the great thing is we are also trained and are able to follow up with everything (yep-there is homework).  In the original class I thought Carter might be too high spirited to be well trained but in Felix's patient hands our dog is smart and totally easy to train.

    It is wonderful walking Carter in his own neighborhood and dealing with real things that come up. I now know our dog will be a wonderfully trained animal with the helo of Felix and our own dedication. I am absolutely thrilled with these training sessions and I can't praise Felix highly enough.

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