• 1199 Forest Ave
    Pacific Grove, CA 93950
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    I was in town for a tennis tournament and booked a massage with Trisha after my first match. She has very intuitive touch and technique -- after an hour of stretching and massage, I felt great. Even more important, I felt better the next morning and was totally ready for my next match! I'll definitely be back!

  • Alameda, CA 94501
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    When the food gets as many, if not more, compliments than the bride's dress, you know we picked the right person to cater our reception!

    We are regulars at Scolari's for lunch, so when we were planning our wedding reception, it was a no-brainer to ask if they do catering. Needless to say, we're STILL getting rave reviews about the food.

    Mike and his team were so great to work with -- they help us put together a fabulous menu within our budget and provided awesome service onsite.

    We're already planning another party just to have more of those killer stromboli's and Italian sandwiches!

  • 4650 Overseas Hwy
    Marathon, FL 33050
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    This was my first time to the Keys, so I was excited to do some diving.My boyfriend, who has logged over 1500 dives (many of them in the Keys) raved about diving in the area.  I'm a novice diver and because it had been two years since my last dive, I was a little nervous about taking the plunge again. We were told we had to have an instructor with me (an extra $100) because they normally don't have an extra person on board, unlike the dives we've done in Hawaii and other places.

    Our first day out was incredibly choppy and the visibility horrible.  We were actually surprised they still took us out -- surely they had a sense that we were in for some pretty bad diving. We were told that cancelling the trip could only be done by them -- if we opted out, we'd lose our money. So we went... and it sucked.

    Tried again two days later, and the weather had settled and the viz improved a bit. I had Don, the instructor, with me again, and my boyfriend joined a couple of guys, one of whom hadn't dove in a while. While Don patiently showed me around Sombrero Reef, my boyfriend spent most of his time helping the novice guy in his group and pretty much wasted a dive opportunity. He came back with more than half a tank of air and had barely seen anything.

    Don was outstanding -- patient and fun. But overall, the experience wasn't great. Dive boats should be better staffed and should be more honest about going out in crappy conditions. I realize they're trying to make a living, but come on...

    We'll be back to dive the Keys, but doubtful that we'll use Tilden's again.

  • 800 Heinz Ave
    Berkeley, CA 94710
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    It's Friday night, and we were just looking for some great pasta. We've been to Riva Cucina before and remembered the food to be pretty tasty, so we thought we'd give it another shot. My boyfriend ordered a pasta dish that included cream in the sauce. He's not big on cream sauces, but all the other ingredients (sausage, sage, homemade pasta) sounded awesome, so he asked our waitress if it'd be possible to have the dish without the cream. She said she'd ask the chef, but we could tell from the look on her face that the request wouldn't go over well. Sure enough, she came back and said the chef wouldn't cook the dish without the cream... excuse me? Isn't part of being a good chef being able to improvise and accomodate your diners??? My mom always said that a recipe is just a suggestion -- apparently the chef's mom didn't pass on the same words of wisdom...

    With so many great restaurants in the area, it's actually a good thing that we can delete one place from our list. And delete we will...

  • 310 Main St
    Eastsound, WA 98245
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    It was to be our last dinner after a glorious week on Orcas Island with family and friends, so we decided to go to what we'd heard was the best place in town -- Allium. Made reservations for 5:30pm, but as we were just docking our rented sailboat at 5pm, we realized we'd likely be late. We called Allium to let them know about our delay and were told we'd probably still be able to get in if we arrived by 6:15pm. hmmm... sounded a little iffy, so we promptly made Plan B and secured a reservation at the Outlook Inn, just in case.

    We arrived at Allium at 6:25 and were greeted by a sour-faced hostess who told us our table for six had just been broken down. She was obviously less than happy to see us -- and made us feel incredibly uncomfortable. She begrudgingly sat us at another table, and just as we had started looking at our menus, she informed us that we'd have to be out by 8pm, giving us less than 90 minutes to have dinner. wow... thanks, but no thanks. This was going to be our grand finale on Orcas, and we weren't planning to have it on a timer.

    Thank goodness, because we walked a block to the Outlook Inn, where we were greeted with a warm smile and friendly service from the entire staff. We waited in the lobby a few minutes and were lead to a wonderful corner table with a killer view. Our waiter was incredibly attentive, the food outstanding -- and after several hours of eating and drinking, we happily waddled out feeling like we'd truly celebrated the spirit of Orcas.

    As we walked back to our car, which was still parked near Allium, we spotted the cranky hostess closing the windows of the restaurant. We waved good night with our biggest smiles, content in knowing she'd sent $700 worth of business to her competitor down the street.

  • 1373 Solano Ave
    Albany, CA 94706
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    When you walk into a restaurant, and the entire staff knows you by name, I guess it means you've become a regular. When we moved to Kensington five years ago, we were dying to find a great local place to fill our frequent craving for sushi. When we discovered Sushi Solano, we not only found the best fatty hamachi, butter fish and uni, we also found some wonderful new friends.

    And we're not alone -- almost every time we're hanging out at the sushi bar chatting with Kenny  and Julie, and wrapping our chopsticks around a Tiger's Eye or Negihama maki, we meet other people who have membership in the Sushi Solano fan club. It's no wonder -- outstanding sushi, a great selection of sake, and good friends.

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