• $ Vélos
    1050 Bedford Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11205
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    Stopped by the shop after snapping my chain on a ride.  Alex tried two chains that he had but they weren't narrow enough for my 10 speed cassette.  He then reattached my old chain one link shorter so I could at least get home and install a new chain myself.  All of this while having to close the shop right afterwards so he could catch  a flight.  Top notch.  I owe this guy a 12 pack.  Dude if you read these, let me know what you like to drink!

  • 300 Graham Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11211
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    I've run my software development company out of Bitmap for almost a year now and have nothing but good things to say about it.  The office space is beautifully architected, the people are great, and there are incredible resources available just by poking my head out of the door.  

    Whether you need a desk for a day, a conference room rental, or you're looking for a permanent home for your company, come check it out.

  • $$$$ Vélos
    105 5th Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11217
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    I've read a lot of bad reviews about this place as well, but I wanted to check out some cycling apparel, so I figured I'd finally drop in.  I am sure they have their good moments and bad moments, and even though I had zero problems I am only giving 4 stars because this is based on one 10 minute experience... but, they were nothing but nice and helpful when I was in there.

    All I bought was a Jersey.  All I was looking at was cycling clothes.  I was asked if I needed help twice, and the guys at the counter were nothing but nice.

    I am sure if it was crazy busy in there, and there was someone buying a $15000 bike, they might get slightly more preferred treatment.  I dunno. But I was in there at a relatively quiet time and they were super nice and more than happy to help me spend  $100.

    I will go back, and I will see how it is at a crazier time, and update this as necessary.  But I thought they deserved a positive review for my first visit.

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    I used to love Tekserve.

    But I brought a MacBook Pro in there on Monday for a repair.  The HD needed to be replaced.  Simple repair, it was a total HD failure.  Stick a new drive in, reinstall OS X.  Expected date Thursday.

    No phone call until 3 minutes before they close on Thursday to let me know that a plastic piece was missing that would cost $19 to replace unless I had it.  I did have it (i left it out by accident when testing to see if a different HD worked) so I offered to bring it in.  He said OK, and they should be able to finish it right up when I do.

    I bring in the piece at 9am the next morning, and there are like 3 people working at the store.  The service girl checked to see if they could do it and comes back and says "your tech isn't here".  Can someone else do it?  No.  But she'd leave him a note to see if he can finish it up real quick.

    I wait patiently til 2 and then give them a call.  What? You left the part here? No one told ME, says my tech.  (Mind you, they have a computer tracking system for all of this stuff...)  Well, can you find it and fix it so I can come get it?  

    In a kind of snippy voice, he basically says I'll get to it when I get to it and you can pick it up if and when I call you.

    Have a feeling they'll call me 5 minutes before they close to tell me its ready.  Ugh.. Going to Mikey's  next time.  Or even the apple store.  But I'm pretty much done with Tekserve.  

    Was planning on buying some other equipment today too when I did the pick up (some external HDs).  Not happening now.  Bleh.

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