• 5010 S East St
    Indianapolis, IN 46227
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    Quite literally the worst food I've ever seen being sold as food. AVOID AT ALL COST!

  • 3816 N High School Rd
    Indianapolis, IN 46254
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    They have pretty decent fried shrimp, but everything else was barely a Meh.
    The hush puppies are a sweet cornbread with red chilli flakes so sweet/hot which I found odd. The Mac and Cheese and cole slaw were not fresh, how many days old is hard to say and we went on a Saturday evening...if you don't have fresh food then when do you have it? I doubt I'll return.

  • 6102 N Rural St
    Indianapolis, IN 46220
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    Landmark is my favorite brand of theater in our Circle city. They are generally cleaner and offer more choices like lattes in their snack bars. They also carry more independent  films and higher brow fair than just Super hero movies and fart joke comedies.  And the fantabulas side effect of that is Landmark theaters aren't usually over run with teenagers & trailer trash.

    My only complaint is that there are only two in town. I wish they would buy out traders point theater, then my world would greatly improve. I wouldn't have to dive 10 or 15 miles just to see a good movie if they did.  Wishful thinking never hurts.

  • 10809 E US Hwy 136
    Indianapolis, IN 46234
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    Great family outting. Not crowded on a Saturday night.  Newly remodeled. No smoking in the building now. Pitchers of soda avaliable.  My Grands had a big ole time.

  • 452 E Christmas Blvd
    Santa Claus, IN 47579
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    Best place for kids under 8. And THE VOYAGE IS THE BEST DAMN ROLLER COASTER I've ever ridden, and I've ridden many. Plus how can you beat FREE soda at an amusement park?

    It's not the biggest park, but it truly is the best park for families, especially ones with smaller kids. My grands are 4 & 2 and they loved it. Wagon rental is a great touch, and reasonably priced, $7 for the day!

    And FREE parking.

    It took me a while to go, as I don't do outside water parks (redhead) and it's in the middle of nowhere, but we decided to go this year in October as a not so scary alternative to most Halloween activities, and it was perfect for toddlers & young children. Everyone in the group had an amazing time.

    **plan your trip here well in advance if you plan to stay the night. I booked a hotel in early August for our October weekend and couldn't get a room, or camp site in town. Closest room I could get was about 12 miles away.

  • 2539 Futura Park Way
    Plainfield, IN 46168
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    Any Restaurant with a fire place marks highly on my list! The interior is mostly cozy, but not as cool at the Castelton location. They serve the best Monte Cristo  I've had in the city. But alas is is a chain thus 3 in place of 4 stars, atmosphere feels premeditated, misses at authentic.

  • 2490 Futura Park Way
    Plainfield, IN 46168
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    This is the most expensive theater on the west side. Their large soda is $6.50 which is more than a large soda at Deer Creek. It's also not nearly the best theater on the west side. Avoid it if you can.

  • $$ Hôtel
    11999 Casino Center Drive
    Elizabeth, IN 47117
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    This is one of the most surreal places I've ever been in my life, and I've been to Paris & New Orleans!

    It's in the middle of timbuck nowhere! Framed by the Ohio river two smoke stacked factories, and cornfields. It is literally in the middle of nowhere!

    It's enormous! it's so large they have golf cart taxis to take you from the hotel to the casino, moving sidewalks and little rascal scooter rentals.

    It's not uncommon to see 20 somethings in saggy pants smokin a blunt while riding around on a little rascal inside the complex. It's a virtual parade of vices. Great people watching!

    The Buffet is a little steep, but everything we tried was surprisingly great! The hotel also has a  beautiful pool.

    The only bad thing I can say is, the place looks like it's seen better days, you can see the wear around the edges of things.

    Looking for something new to do on a weekend with out the kids here you go! We'll be back

  • 1133 Vine St
    Cincinnati, OH 45202
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    If this place wasn't infested with hipsters I'd give it 4 stars.

    Great, and interesting menu.

  • 5835 W. 10Th St
    Indianapolis, IN 46224
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    It's new & clean for now.  Love the size of this store. I feel safe going here in the middle of the night if I have to.

    BUT: there is hardly ever an actual cashier, and the scanners are ALWAYS problematic.

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