• 7 Upland Rd
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    The service here has definitely gone downhill.  I don't think the color selection has been updated for a while, and some of the colors are thick/old and really shouldn't be used anymore.  Each visit seems shorter and shorter, as they are rushing more and more through the services, even if an appointment is made.  I have had a gel mani peel HOURS after getting it due to the rushing of the services.  My biggest complaint is that the pedi buffers look dirty, and clearly arent cleaned between customers - ew.

    Not sure what has caused this degredation of services, but it is disappointing for sure.

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    Generally this place is great.  Airy and quiet, almost always can take walking right away.  Didn't… En savoir plus
  • 296 Newbury St
    Boston, MA 02115
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    I have gone to the "typical" nail salons all over Boston and decided it was time to try something a bit more upscale.  I had trouble ignoring the cleanliness issues of some other salons and went in search of one that had a better reputation.  I researched MiniLuxe and decided to give it a try - also loved the online booking feature.

    I have been there twice in the past two weeks - once before my vacation and once after.  The first visit I got a gel mani and a regular pedi.  My experience was good, definitely better than I've had at other places, but I expected great for what the prices are.  My appointment was for 9am on a Saturday, and when I entered I was "greeted" at the front desk, asking me my name and then telling me to sit and wait.  I was used to picking out colors at this point, but I wasn't instructed to do so and not knowing if they had a different system I didn't.  My tech then came and started to lead me back to the pedi stations.  I asked if I should have picked colors and she said "oh you didn't? OK pick them now."  She then stood with me while I picked colors making me feel rushed.  Fortunately I had an idea what I wanted so I was able to pick rather quickly.  Note that I was early (15 min) for my appt, so it wasn't as if I was cutting into the appt time by picking colors.

    The pedi itself was great.  The tech asked if I wanted callous removal and I said yes, not understanding that this was an up-sell item (only discovered this when I went to pay), but it was awesome so it didn't bother me too much that I had to pay extra.

    The atmosphere was not very relaxing because there was a bridal party of 10+ women and at least three kids there, and there was a lot of running around and noise.  This is not really the store's fault per se, though it might be in their interest to only book large parties like that when they are the only ones in the place.

    I was then told that because the tech took me early someone else would do my gel mani.  This didn't make sense to me, but okay.  I then waited at the dryer for 20 min-ish.  Another tech came and brought me to a station and did my gel mani.  This was also great, and I loved that she put something on my nails before starting the gel application that improved its staying power - it lasted through 2 weeks to sun, pool and Disney theme parks!

    So overall that experience was pretty good - a few minor improvements would make it a 5-star review.

    Then we come to today - I had a 9am appointment on a Sunday for a pedi and a mani with gel removal.  When I showed up (albeit a few min late), all the techs were sitting outside, as were 4 other customers.  I was told that no one had the key to get in which is why they were outside.  They called managers and finally got ahold of the COO of the company, who arrived at 9:30.  She had the key...but then the alarm started to go off, and apparently no one had the code.  So that lasted for another 15-20 min, while the techs rushed to get ready for the day and the customers waited outside.  During this time I got a phone call (voicemail) from the MiniLuxe company asking me if I wanted to reschedule for complimentary services.  I didn't call back because I wanted to get the services today if possible, since I was already there. No one really said anything during this time to us, but I do empathize that it was a tough situation.  I got a couple of apologies from some of the staff throughout my actual experience.

    Fortunately I didn't have any other plans for today so I could wait.  Once they got the alarm turned off, Lucy did my pedi and my mani and didn't rush at all, which was great, and she did a super job. When  I went to pay I was told that my services would be on the house considering the inconvenience of the morning.  I appreciated the customer service of this gesture very much.

    So today's overall experience was probably a 2 star (solely earned by Lucy's great work), but I would up it to 3.5 for the customer service aspect of dealing with the situation.

    I'm averaging 4 stars for both visits.

    Will I come back? Probably.  It is pricey, so probably not a regular thing, but I do love the actual quality of service provided.  The front desk staff could be a bit friendlier, and I hope that they get their key/alarm situation figured out, but I would recommend it - just not at 9am on a Sunday :)

  • 268 Newbury St
    Boston, MA 02116
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    12/09/2012 Avis mis à jour

    I should have updated this review earlier, but the dress came out FANTASTIC!  They truly worked miracles with the dress.  It was expensive, but worth it for what I needed/got.

    Because of the cost, I'm not sure I would go here for every day alterations, but when you need something done that is difficult or incredibly important (wedding gowns, anyone??) HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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    18/06/2012 Avis précédent
    I have a wedding coming up for which I order a bridesmaid dress.  Despite being professionally… En savoir plus
  • 2 West St
    Boston, MA 02111
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    Back Deck just opened a week ago, so I'm sure they are still working out the kinks.  That being said, we did not have a good experience overall.  We were a group of 7 and had not made reservations, but thinking that it was a Sunday night there would be a minimal wait.  They told us it would be about 15 minutes...not a problem.  We were seated about 40 minutes later.  And the restaurant was barely half full.

    The specialty drink list doesn't make sense - a regular cocktail is about $8-10, while a pitcher of sangria which generously serves 3, barely serves 4, is $35.  For three people, not a deal at all - for 4, just average pricing.

    The food was ok.  Nothing special, but the prices ranged greatly, and were pretty expensive for the food we were getting.  I had a Caesar salad with chicken for $11, and it was pretty small, just iceberg lettuce with a little dressing, cheese and croutons - kinda disappointing.  The main entrees are in the $15-$25 range, which seems like a lot for what people got.

    Then came dessert.  Three of us ordered the Snicker's sundae - and the ice cream arrived as soup.  We complained and though the waiter apologized, he indicated that they were having trouble with their freezer and were working on it.  So, in other words, he KNEW there would be a problem and didn't say anything when we ordered the desserts.  No one offered to comp the desserts, nor did we ever see a manager at all.  Someone else at the table ordered the chocolate cake, which she said was ok, but it was a tiny serving for the price.

    Our waiter was attentive, but unsure of himself, forgot things, and just generally seemed inexperienced.  He will get better over time though.

    My experience at Back Deck deserves one star, but I gave it two because as I said, they just opened a week ago, so I attribute some of the issues to that and think the restaurant has potential to improve.  I don't think I will be going back anytime soon however.

  • 297 Newbury St
    Boston, MA 02115
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    I must say I am not adventurous when it comes to trying new hairstylists, but the stylist that I had been seeing for the past 6 years up and moved to Miami, forcing me to try someone new.  After searching Yelp and getting advice from friends, I decided to try Viselli Santoro Salon.  It was an absolutely wonderful experience!  The salon is clean and bright, despite its lower level Newbury St location.  It did not have a pretentious Newbury St vibe, which was refreshing.

    I saw Adrianna, who was fabulous.  I told her that I wanted to keep the length, and just get a trim, as I am growing my hair out for my wedding.  She listened and gave me exactly what I asked for.  She chatted with me but wasn't overly intrusive, and dried/styled my hair in big loose curls that were gorgeous!  I left feeling like a movie star, for a price that couldn't be beat (including the 20% discount and tip, less than $50!).  I will definitely be coming back!

  • 18 Beck Rd
    Arlington, MA 02476
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    My fiance and I recently moved from one apartment to another in Somerville, and were looking for a moving company that would help us with the big stuff (furniture).  After reading the great reviews on Yelp, I contacted them and was very happy with my interactions.  We communicated mainly through email, and the responses from Zeke and Stacy were prompt and professional.

    The day of, the movers came right on time, were quick and efficient and very careful with our stuff  The actual cost was less than estimated, and the guys were very pleasant to talk to.  I really had no complaints and would hire them again in a second.  Definitely recommend!

  • $ Pizza
    142 Cross St
    Somerville, MA 02145
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    My boyfriend and I are always looking for new delivery places in the area, and we were excited to get the menu for Mr. B's in our apartment building.  The selection seemed great and the prices were reasonable, so we decided to give it a try.  We ordered a pizza, wings, diet coke and frozen yogurt early on a Sunday evening.  45 minutes later, my boyfriend called to see why the food was taking so long, and was told that it would be 5 minutes, that there was only one person working - maybe they should have said this sooner?  

    Over 20 minutes later, the food finally arrived - the pizza was barely warm, and the wings were hardly buffalo style - only a little sauce in the bottom of the container.  After warming up the pizza, it wasn't bad - the wings and fro-yo were ok too, hence 2 stars.  However the service was so bad that it is unlikely we will order from them again.

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