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    WARNING! If you have kinky afro textured hair do NOT waste your time. My Experience: I specified to receptionist when booking "I have very resistant gray hair that's kinky, thick and oh, I'm black." "Yes, that's perfectly fine", she says. "Do your stylists have experience doing black people's natural hair?" "Oh yes", she responds exuberantly. "I have a groupon & I want to get my hair colored, cut, & flat ironed." She responds, "Oh, yes, definitely, they can cover resistant gray." Upon arrival the very polite stylist maneuvers with her hands through my hair with an expression of alarm. She informs me it will take 3 sessions to cover my gray. I explain that the receptionist assured me Fresche would definitely dye my hair. Her response was insulting. "The receptionist doesn't have experience doing hair, only the stylist." After pleading politely for a good five minutes, she convinced me that my hair was impossible to color in one sitting & she would give a good shampoo, cut & flat ironing.

    PROBLEM #1 She had an ASSISTANT shampoo my hair. Now, if the assistant actually knew how to shampoo natural easily tangled hair, it wouldn't have been a problem. I had detangled my hair before appt, for the very reason that I didn't want the stylist to have trouble detangling. The ASSISTANT proceeding to shampoo my hair in a manner that created and abundance of tangles & almost knots.

    #2 Fresche Salon needs to assure their stylist have taken Detangling Hair 101. Start at ENDS & work your way to Roots. Use large paddle detangling blow dry brush. (not the tiny brush used.) The stylist, while unsuccessfully attempting to blow dry my hair, REPEATEDLY started at roots & mid shaft versus the ends. It was an EXPERIENCE in PAIN!!! (not one, but two other stylists had to assist her in blow drying/detangling my hair.

    #3 FACE THE FACTS After enduring the torture of feeling like my brains were being yanked out of my skull, the flat ironing was LOUSY. It looked as if I had 2-3 inches of new growth. The Stylist would NOT STRAIGHTEN my roots properly. My 16 year old daughter had to redo my whole head upon returning home. She should have FACED the FACTS upon seeing my hair that she was NOT CAPABLE.

    #4 TELL THE TRUTH!!! The stylist when questioned towards end of appointment REVEALS that yes, she could have probably dyed my hair in one session, but it would have taken longer than usual with all the gray and she had OTHER CLIENTS BOOKED. I strongly feel, that when I informed the receptionist that I had resistant hard to cover gray, she should have consulted the stylist, and booked appt accordingly so the stylist had ample time. I feel the stylist should have told me upfront that she had other clients lined up and didn't have time to do my hair. NOT, oh, it will take three sessions as in days to properly color my hair.

    #5 DON'T INSULT THE CLIENT. One of the other stylist that assisted commented twice that maybe I had had dread locks or dread lock twists or something of that nature because of how tangled it was. I've never had dreads....I wear my hair natural and it was perfectly detangled BEFORE appt. The assistant stylist should kept her thoughts to herself.

    CONCLUSION: DO NOT use a groupon if your hair is at all difficult. You will be booked with the least experienced stylist in salon & its just not worth it. Thank God for Eco Colors Salon ecocolors.net/index.cfm?…. They covered my hair beautifully in one appt. The dye sat on for 45 minutes. It was a fabulous experience.

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