7559 Melrose Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90046
    3.0 étoiles
    16/07/2015 Avis mis à jour

    I've decided to update my review based on the quality of the medicine during my last three visits. This particular market changes so fast, the review of their meds at the time of my first review does not reflect how I feel about their meds now.

    OK, so the major selling point of this place used to be a decent variety of quality medicine at $50 a 1/4. And by the way, that's all they used to sell. I can honestly (and regrettably) say that there has been a definite lack of medicinal quality in their 50 dollar quarters.
    Mostly outdoor and mis-labeled strains. And by the looks of it, the quality meds moved upped to their new 60 dollar (and higher priced) 1/4s.
    Again this is not just off on one or two visits, this is three times in a row. And I've worked at several dispensaries and know what I'm talking about.
    Ill probably check them out next time I'm in that neighborhood to see whats up, but once i realized the 5 dollar joint I purchased from another dispensary actually got me more medicated off of two hits than I've been in three weeks, I figured I'd update my review.

    One thing that this place still has going for them is the staff, who are very cool, and friendly. I can't stress this enough.

    5.0 étoiles
    06/03/2015 Avis précédent
    Since they closed my favorite dispensary I've been to a bunch trying to find one just as good.

    En savoir plus
    Commentaire de Eric A. de GMC
    13/07/2015 Hey Your, We really appreciate you taking the time to write such a great review. I will gladly let… En savoir plus
  • 1328 N Highland
    Los Angeles, CA 90028
    5.0 étoiles
    26/06/2014 Avis mis à jour

    Now that I got into mech mods an update is necessary because the customer service here is AWESOME.
    Any questions I had Alex was happy to answer. He even tuned up my mod while we were chatting so it would fire up better.
    They have a nice selection of juice (starship 1 6mg for me) and they're bringing even more lines in.
    All the great RBA's, clones, and a great vibe in this spot.

    5.0 étoiles
    22/05/2014 Avis précédent
    Went in not knowing and not expecting much. Met a red head chick and an older lady who were very… En savoir plus
  • 4582 NE 2nd Ave
    Miami, FL 33137
    5.0 étoiles


    I visit Miami about three times a year for business. Last week I found this place for dinner and DAMN (pardon my French) this place is great. From atmosphere to the service, to the food. Just wonderful. Our waiter, Michael, was a delight & gave us excellent service. If there are other restaurants reading this review for tips, here's a biggie: make sure you have excellent service!

    Now the best part, the food.
    The Rib-Eye was excellent! I try Rib-eyes at almost every spot I go to that has it on the menu, this place ranks on top. The Scallop entree my wife ordered was equally amazing.

    A GREAT selection of wine as well.

    I highly recommend this little restaurant to any foodie traveling through this neck of the woods. A must-try. And next time I'm in town, this is the first place I'm eating.

  • 100 E Montgomery St
    Mount Vernon, WA 98273
    5.0 étoiles

    I grew up in NY and this is one if the best Italian joints I've been to.

    You like Italian? Why aren't you here yet?

  • 7057 W Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90028
    1.0 étoiles

    If you like drinking your coffee with the homeless, a few drug addicts, and the just plain insane folks of Hollywood. This is the Starbucks for you!

    If you're a young actress, here for her big break, you'll be happy to know that I have overheard quite a few "gentlemen" informing other young ladies, at full volume of course, that they are producers! The most successful being, a dusty dude who's there every morning with the same browning paper grande cup, and the same clothes. I've overheard him say he works in music, film, & TV!
    So again, if you're an aspiring young Starlet, this is THE Starbucks to get your Pumpkin Spice Latte!

    Last time I was there, I was online and  a cracked out sweaty dude was literally rubbing himself on me. "Do you need to get by?" I ask him.
    "I gotta use the Bathroom..." He replies.
    He means: "I gotta use IN the bathroom."
    "So go!" I say and let him pass.
    He gives me a dirty look as he crack-sweats his way to the bathroom.

    Two minutes later, crack-sweat pops out of the bathroom in an angry daze, storms to the middle of the crowded Starbucks, and screams as loud as possible:
    Then storms out Starbucks.

    Having scared the bejesus out of everyone one of the Baristas tries to diffuse the situation by announcing to the cafe:
    "Don't make pretend you don't know where you live...!" Like a fucktard.

    I grab my coffee and head to the the cream & sugar spot. Then decide to drink it black when I see the disaster it is. Just plain filthy. Yes there was plenty of different milks & sweeteners. And they were all over the counter.

    I feel bad for the staff there. Most are very nice and it's a shame that Starbucks has there employees locked up with the mentally unstable people of Hollywood. Stop expanding a store you have zero control over.

    HEY STARBUCKS CORPORATE: Hire a real security guard. If not for your patrons then, for the love of Christ, do it for your employees!

  • 6211 Franklin Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90028
    4.0 étoiles

    UPDATE: 10/29/13


    Eat cronuts here.
    Heck, eat everything here.


    For the record I have one cheat day a week. I take it damn serious.

    I've been coming here since day one. Over the past three weeks there has been less & less cream in the Boston Creams and the Cronuts. THAT'S NOT COOL GUYS.

    How disappointing is it to take three bites of a BOSTON CREAM AND NOT HIT ANY OF THAT SWEET CREAM!

    Same deal with the Cronuts. ll the other donuts were just as good as always. the Vanilla Bean Glazed (got about 6 of those) the Maple Bacon Stick.

    Please don't start to blow up and skimp on that sweet, sweet, delicious cream you guys. We notice.

  • 1300 N Highland Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90028
    5.0 étoiles
    2 check-ins




  • 3799 Las Vegas Blvd S
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
    1.0 étoiles
    12/01/2013 Avis mis à jour

    no more giant whoopee pies.


    4.0 étoiles
    18/09/2011 Avis précédent
    So damn good. Best deal at the MGM.

    Whoopee Pie. Nuff' Said!!
  • 532 S Western Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90020
    5.0 étoiles

    Great little spot, attentive, friendly staff, a delicious beer selection and the exact food you need to eat after two or three beers.

    I had the fries with duck magic (confit), grilled cheese drizzled with tree blood (maple syrup), and that crazy catfish. All of it rocked that fingerlickin swag to the fullest ninjas!

    Get with Beer Belly and bring your Iphone (or lesser hand-held device) and take part in their democratic jukebox while you get your buzz on and salivate over that deep fried Twinkie you know you're gonna order.

    took the old-lady here on her birthday and these ninjas popped out with a birthday treat...unasked. i see you beer belly. now lets get some pork belly on the menu.

  • 7127 W Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90046
    1.0 étoiles


    I'd give it no stars if I could.

    My EX got her nails done here yesterday, which they screwed up.

    No problem, it happens right?

    We went back in today. One the "manager" was sitting outside staring into a hand mirror from the time we rolled into the parking lot until three minutes after were standing in the shop.

    So my ex tells her about her nails being wacky and guess what? Initially she tried to CHARGE MY EX to fix their mistake!
    After the ridiculousness of that brought up she reluctantly sat my EX down with one of the nail girls to correct their mistake.

    So my EX is sitting there, they start on her nails, another lady comes in to get her nails down and guess what?

    The manager has THE BALLS to go to my EX and ask her to come back tomorrow so they can take care of it. TOMORROW? SHE PAID FOR A SERVICE THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN COMPLETED IN FULL YESTERDAY! Not to mention they already started working on her.

    You try to charge her and then ask her to leave AFTER you start working on her?

    Yeah of course, why not? You already have her money!! Now to kick her out so you can get the next ones. Shame on you.

    Seriously, how dare you? Treat your customers with respect before and after they pay you. Maybe they'll pay you again. We won't be though.

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