• Rodriguez Peña 1150
    C1020ADX Buenos Aires
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    Roaming Buenos Aires and needing an NFL fix? This is your spot, my friends. Every game, plenty of TVs, and if you're horrible at Spanish (as I am) there are a number of bartenders here from the US who have you covered.

    I like the setup, it's a cool place in a good neighborhood. I could do with a little more expansive menu but hey, I had some really good fries and I got to see the Packers punch the Vikings in the mouth so all in all I was a happy camper.

    Stellar find for anyone traveling from the US looking to get their sports on.

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    Wandering Argentina is a blast, even if you don't speak Spanish. Unless of course you're trying to figure out what's vegan, as I've been doing all week with little success. Speaking frankly it can be kind of a bitch unless you're cool with massive quantities of bread, fruit, and nuts. But I knew that going in so whatever, I friggen love bread anyway.

    So when I found this completely vegetarian restaurant less than a mile from my apartment thanks to Yelp, I kind of freaked out with excitement. I used Google Translate while on wifi at my place and saved how to ask, "Lo que no tiene leche, sin mantequilla y sin huevos?" (What has no milk, no butter and no eggs?) and then headed to Bodhi for lunch. All I can really say is... HOLY SHIT IT WAS SO GOOD.

    This is the lunch spot for my time here in Cordoba, no question. It would be for dinner too if they had dinner hours. A quaint little spot, no decor or fanciness, it's a perfectly 100% vegetarian buffet with dozens of options. Noodles, tofu steaks, quiches, seitan dishes, rices, salads, glorious chunks of avocado, desserts, stir fries, and a TON of things I couldn't even put a name to. My mind was blown, I had accepted I'd be on a bread diet my two weeks here. The staff are stellar, I showed the young man my translation and he happily walked me through while pointing out everything free of dairy and eggs.  I would say maybe 40-50% was vegan which was more than plenty.

    The food was delicious. I mean no joke, I've had far worse vegan food back home. They charge the buffet by weight here, it's not an all you can eat situation because really it's probably only fat Americans that think they need endless piles of food. So I loaded up my plate without being a glutton, got everything that looked good, and it turned out to be 280 Argentinian pesos.... YOU GUYS, that's like $2 American. If I had that same plate of food anywhere in California it would've been $15 American or more. The seitan was on point, the tofu and noodle dishes had great flavor without being overly salty, I couldn't have been happier.

    If only they were open for dinner... I'll add some quick pictures that I snapped, they aren't very good but people look at you weird here when you take random food pictures I guess. But I'm here to help the Yelp community and poor quality photos of solid food is better than no photos. I tried to tip 10 Argentinian pesos which again is like $1 American and they were so insistent that I didn't need to I had to put it on the counter and run out the door screaming, "Muchas gracias, todo era increíble!" Hopefully I got that Spanish right but if not, I'll see them tomorrow for lunch anyway.

    PS- I really need to learn Spanish.

  • 8925 Melrose Ave
    West Hollywood, CA 90069
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    Do you fancy yourself a connoisseur of well brewed coffee? If yes and you have not been to Verve I recommend you make time for a visit, posthaste. Unless of course you answered that question, "Obviously I know my coffee, I love a Starbucks salted caramel latte as much as the next" because then no, no you are not. Verve hails from the magical land of Santa Cruz and when you come from a town so deep into chill vibes you need a stellar cup of coffee to balance it out. Verve gets it, and they know exactly what they're doing.

    I strongly urge you towards the cold brew, either Verve's regular or the nitro. I prefer the nitro although both are top notch, the nitro served with a frothy head that will have you curious if you ordered a stout or porter by mistake. My side order of advice here is to get it straight, do not pollute with cream, sugar, or whatever else people add to coffee these days. That was my first and only misstep as on my first go round I added my usual dash of almond milk and a touch of raw sugar when it really wasn't at all necessary and rather took away from some of the purity the drink offers as served. Truly and artfully balanced, both styles of cold brew stand up strongly without overwhelming any portion of taste so I repeat, tampering is not necessary.

    I like the shop, modern and minimalist, very much the general approach to most higher-end coffee shops these days. No clutter, natural wood surfacing, great lighting with a hint of industrial inspiration. There is of course the distinctly dense musk of aloofness permeating the establishment but alas, that type of personality seems to like nothing more than to spend days camped out staring pensively over a stellar cup of coffee or ten. The staff is knowledgeable and polite with perhaps just a dash of their own haughtiness but what they do, they do it well.

    All in all if there was a Verve within a mile or maybe two of my general commute I can promise it would be embedded in my daily routine by now. That's all I can really say, it's up to you now. Get in here, get a cold brew, don't fuck it up with added nonsense, and maybe get it to go if you are easily annoyed by the better-than-thou crowd. You're welcome, my work is done here.

  • 3110 Santa Monica Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA 90404
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    Not worth it. Plenty of televisions for your sports watching needs but really, not worth it. Some of the TVs have poor quality video anyway which is just slightly less obnoxious than about 75% of the clientele here.

    But if you're a bro out with your bros totally looking to bro down and get totally fucked up like bros should, get your Jaeger bomb loving bro self over to Busby's ASAP.

    I like this place in theory, so many televisions and a large dynamic space, some stellar beers too, but the cons just simply outweigh the pros. Yea, and $8 for a tiny well gin and soda with a slightly passed its shelf life lime? On a scale of 1 to fuck off, I'd say fuck off. There's other sports bars in the sea.

  • 11280 Santa Monica Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
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    It's been over three years since I had to breakup with Cinefile and since then it seems our wounds have both had time to heal. Earlier this year the new owner reached out to me with genuine concern for the underwhelming customer service I received on the previous owner's watch and said he thought we could make another go at our relationship. He mentioned some of the less friendly employees from the Cinefile of old had moved on and I'd likely find it a bit more relaxed these days. Six Cinefile visits later and I can say it's been nothing but smooth sailing.

    I never really wanted to leave, the film selection is ridiculously expansive and I'm ashamed to admit I was scared away by a few pissy prima donna employees who seemed to enjoy pissing people off. But that's all in the past now, the new owner cares a bit about the mood of his shop and has put in work to elevate the place. The membership rental program is genius, for an extremely cheap rate of $25 per month you can have 4 movies out at a time for up to 30 days. Or if you're a cine-fiend you could do 4 a day which is crazy to me but if you have the free time go for it, hey, it comes to like $0.29 per rental. Film students get some sort of free hookup which just goes to show that Cinefile is committed to not only the gems from the film industry but also those up and comers who will carry film forward.

    It's convenient (right off the 405), it's collection is through the roof, and the employees know their movies/directors/genres. It's good to be back.

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    18/06/2012 Avis précédent
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    06/12/2010 Avis précédent
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    Commentaire de Sebastian M. de Cinefile Video
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  • $ Pizza
    Apple Valley, CA
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    I wanted take a moment to show my support for the guys that were holding down WTF Pizza at a wedding I went to this last weekend. My lady checked on the food situation prior to the big day and she was warned that there weren't really any vegan options and we should eat before.

    So we did eat before the event and honestly I was happy with just wine for dinner. But then I saw the pizzas being cranked out of the WTF trailer and I figured it couldn't hurt to ask...

    Me: "Any chance you guys could throw together a veggie pizza with no cheese? Just like, all the veggies you have?"
    WTF: "Sure man, we got you."

    And get me they did, twice actually because we ended up going back for another round. These guys are knocking out pizza after pizza, keeping up with the demands of the party, yet they still made time to roll out little tomato, black olive, onion and mushroom pizzas just for us. Leaving no customer unfed, I like it.

    The crust and sauce were on point and that's half the battle when it comes to good pizza. Our pizza was pretty simple but that's because they were working with what they had, I have no doubt given a full pantry of veggie ingredients that they could whip up a serious vegan pie. If you're reading this and curious about the meat pizzas I can tell you all the wedding goers seemed pleased as could be with what WTF was bringing to the table, I saw a lot of pizza get inhaled that night.

    Solid pizza, solid people. Thanks again, guys. I speak for hungry vegans everywhere when I say we appreciate the effort, and of course we appreciate the pizza.

  • 1348 14th St
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
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    Listé dans : Time to drink

    The cocktail game at Chestnut is just so strong, I don't even know how to explain. Gets me all weak in the knees, giggly like. The tenders of the bar that hold down this spot know so much about the history of cocktailry (not a real word) it's absurd. I think my lady and I chatted with Max for about 10 minutes alone just regarding one type of whiskey, had my head spinning with liquor knowledge.

    This is my current "go to" when it comes to cocktailing on the west side, I could come here every day for a year and have a new different drink or two each and every visit. How? Because the bartenders know what the fuck they're doing and it's so, so refreshing. I'm in such good hands. I toss out a few general ideas of what I'm looking for, "something cooling with gin" or "lets tequila and something it up," that's all I have to say and the options and ideas just gush forth from the geysers of booze knowledge that this staff posses.

    Like I said the staff is stellar, Max is the man but Gordon and Nicolai (hope I spelled that right) are just as dope, I feel like I'm back in school with how many full proof facts these guys can drop one after another. Put an all-star team of bartenders in a sexy swagger filled joint like Chestnut Club and you're bound to have a good experience. One complaint I heard from all the whiny people that don't know how to plan ahead was the lack of food, so Chestnut Club fixed that with a new light bites menu they started up a month or so ago. Nothing for vegans so I can't vouch for it but I've heard many'a'great thing from the people that have tried it.

    Just an all around solid spot. It's the west side and higher end so the douche level can sometimes test the limits but it's not bad enough to scare me away from drinks this good. If you're going to come on a Friday or Saturday evening come earlier, otherwise if you're thinking 11PM would be perfect you will be perfectly waiting in line for awhile. The busier they are the tighter the door guys will be on dress code restrictions so be prepared, honestly if you think a backwards baseball cap and cargo shorts are acceptable for a nicer cocktail lounge then you should fuck off anyway.

    So, so good. Like, really good. I almost don't want to share it with people, I should have just said "One star omg, never come here it's THEWORST" just to keep it all to myself. But that would be some bad bar karma right there and I go out too much to risk it. Enjoy!

  • 210 W Temple St
    Los Angeles, CA 90012
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    -No organic-vegan options, was forced to eat tater tots.
    -Court wifi blocked Urban Dictionary and Instagram.
    -Believe there was an elderly Asian man masturbating in the bathroom.
    -Person in elevator smelled of Cheetos.
    -Shitty selection of puzzles in the waiting area.

    Would not juror here again.

  • 4601 Admiralty Way
    Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
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    Stellar little business right here. Pleasant, laid back crew of employees that get you out on the water enjoying that SoCal weather in no time. Kayaks, paddle boards, and hydro bikes, if it's meant to cruise along the water then Marina Paddle has it. New to the world of leisure water activities? Marina Paddle is more than happy to walk you through the ins and outs of survival on the high seas (or at least within the Marina). If you need a little more training then no big deal, they have classes.

    I think most people just cruise around the marina which is fine and all that but I recommend getting out to the actual ocean with a kayak, at least that's what I do. Fewer people, plus I find it more peaceful to actually be out there away from it all. But when I paddle board I keep it within the marina, tons of little areas to explore and keep you busy. Last time I went down a channel to a swim area where it was like two feet deep and had about a dozen stingrays just swimming all over the place, goofing off like stingrays do. Swiming over my toes! I switch between kayaking and paddle boarding, they're both a good source of exercise (unless you're lazy and just float) plus the fresh air is always a plus.

    I like it here. There are a lot of rental places up and down the coast but this one is a small business which needs support. A little tip for you, they often have deals on Living Social and Amazon local where you can get around 50% off which makes it SUPER worthwhile.

    It's summer, you live in Los Angeles, don't just talk about the ocean, it's time for you to get out there!

  • 514 Front St
    Santa Cruz, CA 95062
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    The meal I had here was probably the best grub session I've had all year.

    Do I remember exactly what we ate? No, no I don't. Was I drunk from a wedding where there were zero vegan options leaving me to just drink a shit ton of wine? Yes, yes I was. But trust me, drunk and starving or not, I know stellar vegan food when I cram it in my face and Malabar was hands down right on the money.

    Good work making us all of those whatever we ate delicious things, Malabar!

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