• 9235 Activity Rd
    San Diego, CA 92126
    4.0 étoiles

    Tiny little place that served decent Indian food.  We visited it on Saturday at lunch time and there's a constant stream of customers while the surrounding offices/warehouses are all empty and quiet.  They actually have 3 other locations, with the one in Mira Mesa (Scranton Road) being very large.

    Things are inexpensive.  They like you to order the combos, which do have more food for the money.  The no. 4 combo (about $7.50?) lets you choose one of the 3 chicken dishes (the spicy one was good, albeit not very spicy), a veggie dish from 3-4 choices, and includes rice, naan, and a small rice-based dessert.

    We'll come back again when we are into some basic Indian food.

  • 8046 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92111
    3.0 étoiles

    Newly opened place with a couple of things we like.  It will likely get better.  

    Came to try this place my friends told me since I'm a fan of Northern Chinese food and remembered well the two-week I spent in Tianjin, China, this shop's Chinese namesake (The restaurant's Chinese name is "Full of the Taste of Tianjian").  It turns out it's OK even though there are some issues often seen in newly-opened places.  

    1. The Pan fried buns ($5.99 for 6) were tasteful.  It's different from the Shanghai style ones that are typically softer, but the bottom is crispy, golden brown and the pork filling was savory.  this is the item I'd definitely come back for.

    2. Xiao Long Bao (Steamed pork dumpling, $6.99)  There are different reviews on this site but the ones we got are actually very good.  Not the type where there's a bowl of juice that bursts out, but still good, juicy, and tasty.  The skin is thin and not mushy as one might see in some lower-quality ones sold elsewhere.  These are small so one can easily eat all 8 and still not even half full.  But that's not a problem.

    3. The Tianjin Special Egg Pancake ($3.99) was made of the right ingredients.  However, the Chinese fried dough (You-Tiao) was very thick and tough, making it difficult to chew.  This is probably because they did not pick the better kind when they bought it from the wholesalers or they were not good at making it (so it did not puff up).  The pancake was cold.  It was probably pre-made and was not fully heated when they put the thing together.  

    4. Celery and peanut (appetizer, $3.99) was a bit more salty and garlicky than we'd like.

    5. Overall: The waiter and the waitress were both very polite, courteous.  The place is small but clean, albeit with the typical newness seen in family-run places (arbitrary stuff at the counter; people in the kitchen standing and watching the customers; manually modified prices on the menu, etc.).  One of the dishes did come more slowly than the others, but we did not see the slowness earlier reviewers reported.  I do have this little complaint: The iced water we asked for did not have ice cubes in them and was not very cold.  The waiter said the owner told him to have ice cubes in the pitcher and that's enough so he can't provide anything better.  The truth was there's no condensation on the outside of our glasses or the pitcher itself.  I know many Chinese prefers water without ice, but for those of us who need a bit of coldness on a humid day when it's approaching 90 degrees outside, maybe they can have another pitcher that has lots of ice in it...

  • 7229 El Cajon Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92115
    5.0 étoiles

    This small place right on El Cajon Blvd was not busy at 2 pm on the 4th of July, but there were a steady stream of phoned-in orders being picked up, probably for parties in the afternoon/evening.

    The lady behind the counter as well as the other guys were very friendly and helpful.  Menu is simple with a few unique items, but none of that matters since THEIR MEAT IS GOOD!  We only got the full slab of ribs and to me, they are the best I've had, on par with Heirloom Market Place in Atlanta and a notch above Phil's.  I'm of course biased since I don't like to have too much sauce on my BBQ meat and Ranchwood does it just right, with two different kinds of BBQ sauces you can add yourself.  Aside from not smothering the ribs with too much sauce, they really cooked the ribs to perfection.  There's no charred, dry side pieces.  All ribs was thoroughly cooked with all the tenderness you can imagine.

    The full slab came with two sides and these are fairly large.  The tri-tip salad is good, but the meat is cold (as it should be) so it's no match for the hot ribs.  We liked the sides we've got: onion rings, coleslaw, chipotle potato salad, and root beer baked beans, with that last one standing out since you can taste the root beer.

  • 222 W State St
    Hurricane, UT 84737
    4.0 étoiles

    For the price they charge, you get surprisingly descent Chinese food.  Good deal!

    The few items we liked: The egg rolls were crispy, with just the right amount of filling that's actually a bit creamy in texture, like good home-made versions as opposed to the thick, blistered-skinned ones bought from wholesalers.  

    Broccoli in the broccoli beef was stir-fried properly, which means it's cooked but maintains its bounciness, unlike the over-cooked versions you'll see in many other places.  Egg foo young (yes, I love this old-fashioned American Chinese restaurant favorite) was crispy and does not have too much flour the cheaper varieties would have.  The battered items (pork and chicken) were actually light and crispy.  Most importantly, they continued to add to the buffet trays, despite the fact that the sizable restaurant was only about 1/3 full on this Sunday evening.  There are, of course, a few items that got old since they sat in the tray for too long without being eaten.

    Dinner items include (skinny) crab legs, small clams, chilled steamed shrimps in shell, steamed salmon, in addition to the (somewhat dried up) sushi and other typical items like sweet and sour pork, orange chicken, and (not-so-good) ice cream.  With the decent quality of food and a dinner price of only $9,99, to me, it's a good deal!

  • 4.0 étoiles

    At here two nights in a row, due to the not so great experience we had at the only other restaurant in town, Ruby's.

    The three of us had chicken burger, salmon, chili, smothered pepper chicken, lemon chicken, and soup and salad in the two dinners.

    The $15.00 Salmon was very tender.  Garlic herb butter was stronger on herbs, not as much on garlic.  Vegetables were sauteed and flavorful, unlike the steamed or boiled versions common in other places in the same price range.  Smothered pepper chicken and lemon chicken were grilled properly and fairly tender, albeit slightly on the salty side.  Onion rings The salad bar was very limited.  The main vegetable is lettuce.  Then there's some beets, baby carrots, and a couple of other things.

    They are above 3 stars.  They get 4 from me because of the folks were very nice.

    The place was very busy both nights, as this is the only place that's open for the early season at Bryce Canyon National Park.  Despite the pressure, people working here, including a very hard-working 12-year-old bus boy who ran around clearing and cleaning tables, were very nice and friendly.  They unfortunately had to deal with some very rude people in a group of 7 who were impatient and yelled at the host.  These folks even tried to trip the same host who walked by later carrying lots of dishes!

  • 1000 S Hwy 63
    Bryce Canyon, UT 84764
    2.0 étoiles

    It's either 2 or 3 stars, for it's a fairly ordinary place.  They get 2 this time since they overcooked the burger.

    For the price paid, I expect somewhat better food.  Not necessarily Burger Lounge, but something more decent.  Maybe the price is set because of the the cost to maintain this place that's far from many other places.  But on the other hand, I'd imagine they can accurately predict how many tourists would come in and eat, since the company owns most of the shops in town and this IS the town if you come to Bryce Canyon National Park.

    Middle of March is still early for Bryce Canyon National Park, thus Ruby's is the only one in the Bryce Canyon City, Utah.  Some of the alternatives nearby are not open yet: (Clarke's in Tropic, Bryce Canyon Pines, The Lodge inside the Bryce Canyon National Park, and everyone other than Subway and Nemo's in Escalante, UT).  

    Had late lunch around 2 pm on a Monday.  The place is large but mostly empty due to the time of day.  You can tell they deal with a lot of people since they have rails separating the incoming people and those who are paying and are on their way out.  That setup is a little like a cafeteria

    Ordered from the fairly limited menu instead of the $13.99 lunch buffet.  The $9.99 mandarin pecan cranberry salad was very, very sweet, more than the normal mandarin orange, candied pecan, and the dried cranberry would make it.  The $7.99 hamburger buns were good: just off the grill and a little crispy.  The fries that came with the burger were coated with starch and just off the fryer, too, so were very good.  They stayed crispy for a long time without getting soggy or hard.  However, the patty was way overcooked and it was very hard to chew.  The $8.24 Boca burger was OK.

    The host and the waitress were friendly.  So was the cashier.

  • 4698 Convoy St
    San Diego, CA 92111
    2.0 étoiles

    We've been coming here for years.  This last trip was a major disappointment by a couple of folks on their wait staff.

    Their food qualify was good, but the one major draw, the fact that you order the dim sum items from a menu rather than depending on what they put on the carts was lost.  The five of us ordered about 12 items, 11 on the sheet you can check off and 1 from their regular menu.  

    What went wrong:
    1. We always ask for chopped chili in Mandarin when we go dim sum for a good 20 years in maybe 20+ dim sum places all over the country, including China Max, and had no problem.  This time, a long-time staff member pretended that he did not understand what that was.  Maybe he wanted to tease us, but we were not amused when he made faces and pretend to be confused, since we had talked to him in Mandarin before.  Well, the chili was served.  Fine.
    2. Two of the 12 things were missing when we are all done with the other ten.  Asked for the spring rolls and it was missed, despite we checked it on the order sheet.  Asked to add them to the order, and the same staff member said, "Looks like you have already eaten a lot, why do you need them?  It will take 40 minutes to make spring rolls!"  I said, "It takes that long to make them?"  "No, it takes 5 minutes to make them but frying them takes VERY, VERY long!"  We were looking at each other in disbelief.  Upset but not sure what to say this person, who was not smiling or anything so it did not feel like he was trying to be funny or what.
    3. Asked another waiter about the other item that's not come, this person said, "We don't have it." with a poker face without any apology or smile.  He was not even looking at us when talking.  The same person had the same motionless face when he brought us the bill.
    4. The bus boys/girls who actually delivered the dishes and took used plates off our table were all nice and polite.  But the two patronizing people seems to be one or two steps above these, wearing different clothing.

    We thought back to see if we were ever rude or inappropriate and could not find anything.  We communicated with the people in the most polite Mandarin Chinese with please and thank you in every conversation.  An owner/senior manager looking person is actually present in the dining hall, helping and even sitting down on the next table with a couple he knew.  

    No excuses.  Major disappointment!

    Commentaire de Cindy W. de China Max
    21/03/2015 I know it's unconventional, but we serve dim sum that way because we make it fresh to order. It… En savoir plus
  • 1429 Main St
    Ramona, CA 92065
    4.0 étoiles

    Family style Italian place where you order from the counter.  Food is good, portion huge, price more than reasonable.  Looks like there are many frequent customers.

    Commentaire de Teresa D. de Amici Pizza Pasta & Subs
    04/03/2014 Thank you for your review.  We hope that you will visit us again.
  • 519 N Fairfax Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    4.0 étoiles
    1 check-in

    Very good and reasonably priced food with an enthysiasttic staff.  A wonderful find in an otherwise quiet, semi-industrial looking arrea.

  • 7420 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92111
    4.0 étoiles

    Quality food in a tiny, inexpensive shop.

    We lived in San Diego for 20 years now, but since this place is next to 99 Ranch Market which is co-located with the Sam Woo Cantonese BBQ, we've been to Sieu Sieu only 3 times.  We were surprised how good their roast port was.  It's way better than what Sam Woo serves, even though that doesn't say much.  

    To be more specific, the skin is light and crispy, nothing chewy at all.  The meat underneath is tender and flavorful.  Portion is large, given the price (at $9/lb, the half-pound dish we ordered was more than enough for the four of us, given we ordered one fried rice, a fried rice noodle, a bowl of dumplings, and a steamed veggie, which was sizable at $4.50.  We were there at lunch time on Saturday, and they sold the roast pork (a whole pig) during our stay and said they'd roast more.  Maybe that fresh off the oven condition is what makes it so good.

    The shop is small.  Probably because they seem to be always short-handed, not kept up that well.  The waitress today was not their usual one and did not know the place too well, but she's definitely friendly and helpful.  The lady who's behind the counter brought out the dishes, prepared the take-out orders, and paid attention to everyone in the shop.  She's all smiles, too.

    There's a fair number of take out orders.  Eat in seating is less than 30.  Tables and chairs were where the last guest left them.  Several people walked by, looked in, and left.  Well, they don't know what they missed....

    These show that the focus of the shop is on its food, not the look, cleanness, or something else.  Very Chinese and just the way I like it.

    Cash only

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