• Trommelstr. 4
    20359 Hamburg
    4.0 étoiles

    I love a good dive burger place, and this place is really awesome! Came here for dinner and the place was packed, the hostess said that there were no tables available but the bar area was first come first served.

    There was plenty of room at the bar so it was easy for us to find seats. Immediately we looked at their chalkboard for their angry hour specials. Hehe, not happy but angry hour. There was a special for buy one get one free for the tap beer which we obviously ordered. Then we saw napalm wings for 25 cents each. We love hot wings so we of course did a half order of that. For the burgers, I went with a plain one as the burgers looked pretty massive and there was plenty of mayo and ketchup on the bar top for me to sauce it up if I needed to.

    For our drinks we ordered a couple rounds of the ratsheern red beer. It's a good light beer and I needed a couple of glasses once the napalm wings came around. When we ordered the napalm wings, our waitress warned us that it was spicy, we said. 'ja, we know'. Then she proceeds, 'No, IT'S REALLY SPICY!" lol We were foolish and said, 'ja we like spicy!'. The waitress said ok.... and out came the wings! They were in a dry habanero sauce with a side of blue cheese dressing and some carrots. We took one bite and our lips were on fire. ok yeah.... napalm wings are REALLY SPICY! The flavor of the wings were still really good but I think I cried a little! So be careful when ordering the wings. It's a great deal when they are 25 cents but I'm really glad we only had 3 each. I could not finish 6 or a dozen!

    Ok, as my mouth was on fire, my burger arrived with a heaping pile of fries. I dove into the fries and couldn't really taste anything but burning. After the napalm wings heat subsided, I finally was able to eat my burger which was really juicy and delicious! I love how the english muffin soak up the burger flavor and I was able to eat the whole thing without a fork and knife :)

    Overall, it's a great place for great messy burgers! The staff is super friendly and were happy to speak to us in english or german. I insisted on german since I'm still learning and the waitstaff was patient with me and my shitty german :)

    Will be back for the burgers and I still need to try that cheesecake!

  • Deichstr. 39
    20459 Hamburg
    4.0 étoiles
    1 check-in

    Really cute crepes place with delicious crepes!

    This place gets really packed sometimes as it may be a little touristy but the crepes quality is great!

    We walked in over the weekend and managed to grab a table for 2 fairly easily. Seems like if you have a larger group or are coming at peak times, you may want to make a reservation ahead of time.

    Once we got seated, we started with just 2 cups of espresso. Later on I found out I should have ordered one of the ciders. I did see the table next to us order a bottle of cider and poured it into 2 cute tea cups! Ahhh I should have ordered that! Next time!

    Ok so we had our espressos which were great! then we ordered our savory crepes and also put in an order for our dessert ones. I don't remember the names of our savory crepes but really everything is really good so just pick one! For the dessert crepes we had the plain sugar with butter and also a nutella crepe. Nutella crepes are always delish but I find it a little to rich for my taste. I enjoyed my simple desert crepe. I really wanted the crepe with sugar and lemon but forgot to order the lemon. It was still really good but yes, I need to come back here! :)

    Overall it's a great place for an afternoon crepe if you are sightseeing or just want a lighter lunch!

  • Wartenau 4
    22089 Hamburg
    4.0 étoiles
    1 check-in

    Got here about 30 minutes before they closed for the afternoon on a friday! The place was not packed at all and the wait staff were happy to sit us. There is a reasonable lunch special for about 5 euros which I recommend and which my friend and I ordered from. I did notice that they had a dim sum menu. I love dim sum so I will be back for sure to try that next time!

    For this lunch adventure though, we ordered from the lunch Specials menu. I ordered the curry fish and my friend ordered the si chuan eggplant. We started with hot and sour soup which is included in the lunch special. The soup was really good, I added a couple dashes of white pepper to enhance the flavors but it was still really good without it. Then the main dishes were presented to us in a sharing style. With both orders in the middle of the table and a side of rice for both of us to share. I really enjoyed both dishes! The fish curry is the normal yellow curry and had bits of carrots and onions in it. The fish was very tender and curry was very flavorful esp. over the rice. Yum! I tried some of the eggplant and it wasn't too spicy but it as also really flavorful. My friend and I happily cleaned our plates!

    Overall, its a solid choice for chinese food. The lunch special is reasonably priced. The portion size of the lunch specials are perfect for lunch as well, not too much but just enough to fill you up!

    I will definitely be back for dim sum :)

  • €€ Brasseur
    Willy-Brandt-Str. 47
    20457 Hamburg
    5.0 étoiles

    Came here last night with a large group and had a great time!

    Love the feel of this place as it looks like a cave basement but as you go further in, you see a buffet of meats, and pots where they are brewing their own beers then rows of tables.

    Since we were a large group, the most efficient way to drink beer was to by the barrel! Once you purchase the barrel, they set it up at one end of the table. Whoever is sitting next to the barrel ends up refilling everyone's drinks so be sure you have someone who is ok with that and be sure to have an efficient pourer :)

    Once we got the beer settled, onto food! For our group, some of us went for the buffet option while about 6 of us went in on a meat platter. Everything on the menu looks great so you really can't go wrong with any option. The meat platter that we went in on was about 17 euros per person. There was plenty of food for everyone so don't worry on a shortage of meat for anyone! We still had food on the table but suddenly the wait staff came around with more complimentary food so again, don't worry this place will make sure you are well fed!

    Seems like a really great place to hang out over a barrel of beer with some friends. The food is authentic and fantastic!

    I'll be sure to come back to try the orange beer and to sample more items from their menu!

  • Kleine Reichenstr. 18
    20457 Hamburg
    4.0 étoiles
    1 check-in

    Got here close to when they opened and one of the wait staff members informed me that the kitchen was still preparing and that I couldn't order just yet but I was welcome to wait in the restaurant.

    I didn't mind the wait and everyone was very nice. After about 20 or 30 min, the waitress came by and took my order and my noodle soup came out at a reasonable time. An hour past after they opened and I could tell this is a popular lunch spot as the place was filling up very quickly so be here to get here early to avoid the lunch rush.

    The menu changes frequently and while they do have a menu with some staples, seems like everyone is looking at their specials board that changes everyday I believe. I ordered off the specials board - noodle soup.

    The noodle soup was really great! Had a lot of great flavors and on a cold day, this helped to warm me up!

    I love the vibe of this place! The staff is super friendly and they have a great lunch selection that will please your taste buds.

    I will be sure to come back to try more!

  • Wandsbeker Chaussee 171
    22089 Hamburg
    4.0 étoiles

    Came here last night to order take out. The waitress was super friendly and I heard her speak Cantonese so in my broken Cantonese I asked her about ordering to go. She said no problem and handed me 2 menus. She said the lunch menu has English but the other menu was only written in Chinese. Uh oh... Lol I told her I couldn't read Chinese and just asked her for her recommendations.

    We ended up ordering the roast duck, gai lan (Chinese broccoli) in garlic sauce and bbq pork fried rice. It didn't take too long for the order to be ready and the total came out to be about 40 € for everything.

    We got back home quickly and started to dig in. Omg, everything tastes delicious! I haven't had good Chinese food since I've been to Germany and so these dishes made me miss Chinese food back at home! The duck was so good. Although a little hard to eat with the bones but hey the bones add flavor! The bbq pork fried rice was delicious and adding the gai lan and the garlic sauce from the gai land made the rice so much more flavorful!

    I would definitely order take out from them again. I saw they have a dim sum menu so I am interested in trying that as well. Highly recommend this place for great and authentic Chinese food. Yum!

  • Wandsbeker Chaussee 40
    22089 Hamburg
    5.0 étoiles
    1 check-in

    Came here for a very relaxing Sunday brunch with my man! Their menu changes daily as they use the freshest ingredients so don't be surprised if you can't find a menu!
    When you first enter, it may look a bit small but head on back past the kitchen where there's more seating and outdoor seating as well. We sat in the back in some comfy chairs. The decor of the place is so charming!

    Our waitress quickly greeted us and told us the daily specials and her recommendations. She was really nice and attentive! We ended up ordering the breakfast meal for one and added an order of their house made pancakes. I ordered a tea and was pleasantly surprised when the waitress popped out into the garden to pick fresh mint leaves for my tea!

    We started with a refreshing bowl of yogurt with fresh fruits and musli. Then our breakfast meal came which had everything you'd want for a brunch. There were various cold cuts of meats to choose from, cheese, caprese salad bites, some cucumber slices, olives, grapes, and jams and spreads for everything! We also got a basket of bread and a fresh hard boiled egg. Shortly after, our pancakes arrived and they looked fantastic! There was a bit of fruit jam drizzled on it with fresh mint and a chocolate spread and a maple sauce as accompaniments. The pancakes were cooked perfectly and tasted divine! Super fluffy and not eggy at all. Adding the mounds of the chocolate spread to it also helps with the deliciousness :)

    All in all, This was probably one of the better brunch experiences we have had this far being here. The ingredients are fresh, the portions are reasonable and the staff is also super friendly. Our brunch only cost us about 20€ so we'll be coming back soon to try more daily specials for sure!

  • Lange Reihe 96
    20099 Hamburg
    5.0 étoiles

    Came here for dinner and drinks with some friends and it was great! It might be a little tough to grab a seat outside on a nice day/night but there are plenty of seats and tables inside. Everything was taken outside so we had to inside this time. Once seated, the waitress came around fairly quickly and took our drink order. For entrees, our friends recommended the fried potatoes with the schnitzel. Everything on the menu did look pretty tasty and our friends said it was pretty good german food that they've had thus far while living here.

    We both ordered the fried potatoes with the schnitzel and it was delicious! The entree consisted of fried potatoes, schnitzel w/ lemon wedge and a side salad. Everything was really good and flavorful, nothing too greasy at all. The schnitzel was a lot thinner so it was a lot lighter then the other schnitzel that seemed like too much meat (I know, no such thing lol).

    For dessert, we did order the rice pudding and it was ok. I like my rice pudding to be creamier and this was a little watery but we needed something sweet to end the meal and this was perfect.

    With a beer each and dinner, we only paid about 20 euros (per couple) for the meal so it was a great deal.

    I love the atmosphere here, as it does have the feel of a dive bar but with great bar food as well.

    I'll be sure to come back for more drinks and food!

  • Jarrestr. 24
    22303 Hamburg
    3.0 étoiles
    1 check-in

    I came here the other day with my man to grab dinner in the area near his office as we were running errands. This place had good reviews on yelp so we decided to check it out. The offerings on the menu were limited and were kind of pricey so we decided to try the All you can eat (AYCE) option which was 17 euros per person from 6 to 9pm.

    The AYCE option came with its own menu so we wrote down the # of all the sushi pieces we wanted to try. The fish selection was limited and really only the salmon tasted fresh. We tried various nigiri (only 1 pc), hand rolls, big rolls (theres only 2 roll options (one veg and one not)) and maki rolls.

    The tuna did not seem fresh at all and seemed like it was sitting out for awhile as it had a dark discoloration to it that I was not used to seeing and it didn't taste fresh too.

    The place is pretty small and fits a handful of people. The place was about half full and I think the table behind us also did the AYCE option but ordered everything off the menu so the service for our food took a lot longer then we expected. After we finally got our first round we did place and order for a couple more rolls and it seemed like it took longer then expected again as there were only 2 people making the rolls behind the counter and I believe they were making for the rolls for the larger table behind us as well as a bunch of take out orders that came in all of a sudden.

    All in all, the price is a good deal for AYCE sushi but the service was extremely slow and the menu options were too limited for me to be coming back here anytime soon.

  • Schinkelstr. 20
    22303 Hamburg
    4.0 étoiles

    Came here for dinner on a weeknight with a friend who was in town. The outside seating area was pretty full but we managed to grab a seat with no issues.

    The waitress was really nice to us and asked us if we wanted her to speak in English instead and even offered us menus in English if we wanted. By this time we already figured out the menu and what we wanted but it was very kind of her to offer!

    For my drink I had an apple cider from South Africa. It was very refreshing and not too sweet so I liked it. For our starter we shared the chili con carne. The waitress warned us it would be a big portion and it was! The only thing was that it only came with 4 pieces of chops. So we had to wait around and ask for more chips. We couldn't finish a the starter but did take it to go.

    For our entrees, my man ordered the jagershinitzel, my friend ordered the baked potato with steak and mushrooms and I ordered the fettuccine with spinach. I didn't get to taste the other entrees but my man and my friend finished their plates and so I take it they like it. My entree was just ok. It was a pretty big portion so that's a plus but it lacked seasoning.

    Overall, we enjoyed our dinner here and would love to come back and maybe throw back a couple of drinks and share some starters since the portions are pretty generous!

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