• 510 21st St NW
    Washington, DC 20009
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    I had a great experience last week. I'm in NYC, but I needed three bouquets delivered to business contacts in Washington, DC on Saturday and was having trouble finding a florist that would deliver over the weekend with such short notice. Vicki was extremely accommodating and made it happen. She also sent me a text to let me know when everything was delivered. I'll definitely think of them first if I ever need to send flowers in DC again!

  • 119 W 57th St
    New York, NY 10019
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    A acheté un Deal Yelp

    Elizabeth is the best. I purchased the $35 for $70 deal advertised here on Yelp when I was looking for an electrologist and have been a client ever since. Elizabeth is friendly and accommodating. She's a one woman show so she does her own appointment booking, but she always gets back in touch with you to book your appointment within 24 hours after you leave your voicemail (and often it's that same day). Her office is clean and accessible. She'll work with you according to your wants. I would highly recommend her for anyone who's looking for a warm, personable electrologist.

  • 208 W 23rd St
    New York, NY 10011
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    I met a friend here last week for omakase at the sushi bar, and it was an incredible experience. They were happy to accommodate our likes and dislikes.  Their fish was so fresh and there was so much thought put into the combination of flavors and presentation. For example, if they included a sauce with the fish, it was between the fish and the rice so as not to affect the presentation. We had fluke, fatty tuna, medium fatty tuna, eel... The king salmon was my absolute favorite and the salmon with the sautéed tomato on top was wonderful as well. I'd like to go back for the omakase again.

  • 258 W 44th St
    New York, NY 10036
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    The food is terrible. If this place was in any other neighborhood in the city, it would have closed a long time ago. After we ordered our food, they decided to open the floor to ceiling windows, which made it windy and too cold. The hostess made us move to the back because she "couldn't" close the windows. Now I know why the place was mostly empty.

  • 235 W 23rd St
    New York, NY 10011
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    After dealing with these people, I would choose any other visa application center in the future. Run, don't walk, away from here. Their process is convoluted, their website provides different information than they tell you in person, and they are arbitrary and inconsistent about enforcing "the rules."

    I showed up here with all the documents required, only to have the woman at the counter hand some of them back to me, saying they weren't necessary. I had gone to considerable trouble for my out-of-town bosses to get everything that was on their checklist, Fedexing it back and forth. When I told the woman they should update the checklist that's on their website, she told me, "I've told them they need to so many times, but they just don't do it." Doesn't really give me confidence!

    Additionally, a call to their phone number resulted in a 25 minute wait but no answer. A second call a day later had both their phone numbers out of service. An email to their address was never answered. I'm happy to follow whatever rules and guidelines are laid out, but they change their minds so often and tell you one thing online and another in person, plus you can't get in touch with anyone to confirm whether you're doing the right thing--you can't trust anything these people say.

  • 351 S Riverside Ave
    Croton On Hudson, NY 10520
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    Worst car service ever. We needed to make a 9:00 train back to the city so I called them fifteen minutes before our arrival at Enterprise to request a car, but they told me to call them when I was there and a car would arrive in five to ten minutes. It didn't. The Croton police pulled over to ask us why we were standing there, but no car arrived. It soon became apparent that we were in real danger of missing our train. I called back and the guy assured me the driver would arrive in one minute. He never showed and we missed our train. The next one wasn't until 9:49 and we had to walk to the station with all of our luggage. Worst end to a vacation ever.

  • 138 Ludlow St
    New York, NY 10002
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    Avoid this place! My boyfriend is looking for a new stylist and I decided to send some emails to look for a new place since he wouldn't have time during his workday. I sent an email to the address on the website and was really surprised to receive one line responses, without a greeting--definitely not customer service oriented. After several back and forth emails, there was no response for three hours. I called the salon to see if I could get more information and had a nice exchange with the receptionist, but ultimately decided not to book. The earlier email exchange had left a bad taste in my mouth.

    An hour or so after that, I received another short, brusque email, and decided rather than not responding, I would let them know that we had decided to book elsewhere. At the end of the email, I said that they might want to reconsider their email etiquette, as it came off as brusque and dismissive. I mentioned that this was friendly advice--as it indeed was, coming from someone else in the customer service industry. Everyone has their bad or busy days, and I thought that I'd be helpful by letting them know. In response, I received this message, "A guy that needs his girlfriend to sort his own appointment & style advise is indeed a man that need help. Good luck."

    I immediately called the salon and asked the receptionist who answers their emails. She told me that it's their owner, Russell! Well, Russell, you clearly need a lesson in both common sense and customer service. As I said in my email response, "A salon that responds to friendly advice with rudeness will soon have no clients. Very poor business sense indeed." A salon owner is supposed to set the tone for the entire staff--if this is the way Russell thinks he should run a business, I feel bad for both their clients and their staff. I'm sure some of their stylists are very good, but who wants to be told off by the owner before you even get in the door?

    Update: The receptionist must have passed on my promise to post a review to Russell, because he sent me yet another email saying, "For your Yelp review, its Russell with two 'L's." Stay away from this place--their owner is clearly unbalanced.

  • 76 Orchard St
    New York, NY 10002
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    I have been a patient here since 2009 and will not be going back because of an extremely negative experience with the front desk. The women who work here are rude and inattentive. I left two voice mails this week and sent an email, but never received a response. When I called again today, the woman at the front desk was rude and said that they never received any messages. Yet they somehow had my new last name (which is not the same as the name on my insurance), which I only changed in August 2012. (I haven't seen them for an appointment since October 2011.)  

    After hanging up with the first woman, the office manager then called me back, insisting that there was a problem with my insurance and then telling me I was absolutely wrong when I told her how to rectify it. I have a somewhat complicated insurance situation and I seek out doctor's offices that will be patient and understanding of it. Dr. Ho's office failed that test today.

    When I told her that I wanted to cancel the appointment and let Dr. Ho know that I won't be returning because of their bad attitude, she told me, "Well, I'm sorry that you feel that way," still with her condescending tone. I work in customer service and have worked in front desk positions, and I was floored by this experience. (My boss, who also has a customer service background, overheard the phone call and said that it was unbelievable.) The office manager failed on two counts: first, she failed to check messages and emails, and then she was dismissive toward me.

    Dr. Ho has always been great, very friendly, knowledgable, and thorough, which was why I continued to try to book even after receiving no response from his staff. I'm posting this review because I know that he values his patients. He should be aware of how patients are being handled.

  • Tre
    173 Ludlow St
    New York, NY 10002
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    I've always been a fan of Tre. I live just a few blocks away and have been here for dinner, brunch, etc. I arrived today for brunch at one o'clock. I was meeting four friends, all who said they were going to be late once I had arrived at the bar. It's a rainy day today and public transit is delayed--I wasn't surprised. I had already ordered a bellini and figured they'd start my hour and a half long brunch at one o'clock. I had two drinks while we were waiting at the bar. One friend arrived at one thirty and the other two arrived at two, at which point we were seated. We had brunch and the food was great. I had a couple refills at the table. When the bill arrived, I was surprised to see individual drink charges for the drinks I had while I was at the bar waiting for friends. I had figured my ninety minute brunch charge would start at one o'clock and end at two thirty. I paid the bill and tipped on the full amount. I had my birthday dinner at this place last year and was planning on having it here again at the end of the month. After my experience today, I'm planning on having brunch at any one of the awesome unlimited alcohol places nearby. I don't want to patronize (or recommend to friends) a restaurant that nickels and dimes customers. I have many years of experience in customer serviced based businesses. I would hope that owners and managers would recognize that a customer who leaves feeling pleased with the service and appreciated is more valuable than a few dollars on a bill. Tre lost a loyal customer today.

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    It took me a long time to find two people to whom I could trust my hair. Alyson and Scott have been doing my color and cut respectively for the past couple of years. Now that they've perfected my style, I wouldn't let anyone else touch my hair.

    Alyson is a color genuis. Before I met her, I didn't realize that my color could look so natural and beautiful. My hair is a warm red and I always have to insist to people that I color it--everyone thinks I'm a natural redhead. There's no reason to keep Alyson a secret, though. I want everyone to meet her and have the same great color experience that I do. Whether you want to be red, blonde, brunette, or anything in between, Alyson can give you beautiful color.

    Scott always know exactly what to do with my cut. Whether I need a trim or a drastic change, I know that I'm going to leave the salon feeling great about my hair. My hair is short and curly, but he's an expert with all styles, textures, and lengths. He does an excellent blow out as well.

    The salon itself is tranquil and upbeat all at the same time. The staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgable. From booking to shampoo to color, cut, and style, I always know that I'll have a fantastic experience at Edris Salon.

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