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    This review is more of a 3.5, but I'll round up to a 4 because they're super friendly.

    I've stopped by Common Grounds a few times now and the interior gives off such a cool vibe--it's relaxing and eclectic. The ceiling is lined with coffee bean burlap sacs and the windows are lined with various coffee mugs that make excellent gifts.

    But onto more important things--how's the coffee?? I've had a couple of their seasonal hot specialty coffees and LOVED them. Such a smooth brew and great flavors. I did come once during the summertime with my family though and we all got various iced coffees and frappes, but it tasted very watered down. I've also tried a few cheesecakes, and those have been hit or miss as well. Either I loved them or just found them to be bland.

    The staff has always been very friendly and willing to answer any questions about their seasonal drinks helpful when choosing a mug to gift a friend.

    TL;DR: I will be back for their seasonal drinks for sure, but I'll most likely only get hot drinks from now on.

  • 916 W Williams St
    Apex, NC 27502
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    Just started going to Dr. Chirnalli since I recently moved into the area and I'm so happy I found him and his staff! They are super friendly and very professional. It was easy setting up appointments via telephone and before doing any work, they gave me a treatment plan sheet with estimated prices of what my insurance would pay and what I would most likely have to pay out of pocket.

    Overall, the entire visit was pleasant and made to be very easy. I'd definitely recommend Apex Smiles to anyone.

  • 912 W Williams St
    Apex, NC 27502
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    We just moved to Apex this year and it became time for one of my dogs to get her rabies and distemper. All 4 Paws was a great find, and even better, it's so close to my house that I could walk there.

    Moving so much, I've been to a few vets now and I've become pretty picky about who I take my furbabies to, but everyone here was awesome. They were friendly from the moment I walked in and it sounded like there was a sick cat before me, so they were running behind. But they told me right away and explained that they needed to make sure to adequately clean the rooms. In the meanwhile, they were grabbing my dog's history from our previous vet.

    Once I was brought back, the vet tech did all the vitals and questioning and my dog LOVED her. Then, when the vet arrived, we went through all the vaccinations that needed to be updated and decided on just 2 that were necessary at the time as we weren't planning to put our dog into daycare or boarding anytime soon.

    While we were waiting for my dog's tests to complete, I was given a tour of the entire office and was even able to see the surgery suite! It was great seeing their setup. Also, what's even better is that they didn't force me to buy anything. I've been to places where they push insurance, daycare/petsitting places, specific meds....but they asked if I wanted to change anything and when I didn't, they didn't push anything.

    TL;DR: All 4 Paws is a great place to go for your furbabies. They'll receive lots of love and you'll get the peace of mind that they're being well taken care of. Definitely recommend.

  • 1001 Goodworth Dr
    Apex, NC 27539
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    If you're looking for furniture at great prices, you have to give Capital Discount Furniture a shot. It's a whole different approach to buying furniture though, but Scott and Jenny are great to work with!

    So, they don't really have a showroom--the address listed is a small area with a few couches out. Most of their stuff is kept in a warehouse. They don't have hours--it's all appointment based. That way, they don't have to keep a staff member there all the time. Scott said they can pretty much get any furniture you see at the big box stores or online, just give them the SKU/item number and they'll give you a quote. They can even procure the custom made stuff (different leathers and colors) that some of those big box furniture stores offer.

    Once we decided, we placed the order through the phone without a hitch and they were both very accommodating when we came to pick up the furniture. They offer local deliveries, but we opted to get it ourselves. Definitely recommended!

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    My husband LOVES Mediterranean food and we were happy to see another restaurant opening near us. We had a deal with our credit card to try Yelp's new Eat24 ordering system and noticed Fattoush participates, so we gave it a shot! It was an easy process and when I arrived to pick it up, it was ready.

    Fattoush is located adjacent to a gas station, but that doesn't deter me--I remember when I got amazing Indian food at a gas station. We got the beef kababs (with an extra kebab), chicken shwarma, and a piece of baklava. The beef kebab was tasty but seemed like there wasn't enough meat. The chicken shwarma was also tasty, but was dry. The baklava was delicious.

    TL;DR: A nice addition to the Apex area, the food didn't leave much of an impression.

  • 7028 Valjean Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 91406
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    I've had my NuMe Megastar for a few months now, but I kept forgetting to write a review about the company since I bought mine through their site. My sister highly recommended this straightener after trying her friend's, so we had been keeping an eye out for a sale. With SO many negative reviews on NuMe's customer service, I was hesitant to place an order for such an expensive straightening iron.

    NuMe held an Instagram promo for 70% off the Megastar with free shipping. When I placed the order, the 70% off applied, but I was still charged for shipping. I wasn't sure how long the promotion would last, or if they'd pull the deal, so I went through with it. I left a message on IG about the shipping issue and within a day, they had messaged me back with a phone number to call to get the shipping charges refunded. I called, explained what I was told and without question, the $12 shipping fee was refunded back (and I even checked my statement to make sure it happened).

    The Megastar itself has been great. No issues whatsoever, works like a charm. By far, my hair is the softest after using the Megastar. A lot of hair product gunks up near the infrared light strip, but that's understandable and it's not too hard to scrape off. The adjustable temp is awesome, color is cool (I got a nice teal color), and it's been reliable.

    TL;DR: I know a lot of other people have had horrible experiences with NuMe, and I don't doubt that there are issues, but I wanted to at least say that my experience was good and their product is good too (especially at 70% off! =D)

  • 901 E Williams St
    Apex, NC 27502
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    I only came in for a state inspection, but Steve was quick to reply to my email when I tried to schedule an appointment for it (appointments are not required for inspections FYI, you just walk in).

    I was a bit confused when I came in because there's no actual office. The techs just stand around in the garage and will generally welcome you and ask you what you're there for when you drive in. It took all of 20 minutes for my inspection (which cost $30) and I was on my merry way.

  • 6023 Centreville Crest Ln
    Centreville, VA 20121
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    Whenever I visit home, we get Korean BBQ as they're nonexistent down in NC. It can get REALLY expensive though, so I love visiting AYCE places, but they can be pretty bad. I am happy to say that Iron Age isn't the same way (for now).

    Upon walking in, the first thing you'll notice is the decor: it looks really cool, sort of like a metal club, and it sounds like one too--kpop music blasting from the speakers and several projectors showing the video. It's cool but then you can't hear what anyone else is saying. I tend to eat early dinners, so there wasn't a wait for a table.

    You'll see many complaints about service--I've been to Iron Age twice now and I can tell you that it's hit or miss. The first time I came, we were basically forced to pay our check before we were done ordering (and there were tables available, it's not like we were holding them up). But the second time, service was great (or I should say, as expected; you're never waited on hand-and-foot in Asian restaurants). Our grill was getting charred after a couple pork bellies and our waitress changed it out on her own without us having to ask.

    Now onto the food. There are 2 set menus, one is $23pp and the other is $30pp. Unless you're really craving seafood, you'll be set with the $23pp menu (B set). I've tried a bunch of the meats, but my favorite is the Spicy Pork Belly. The beef bulgolgi is kind of bland and so is the hanging steak. The brisket is pretty good, just don't leave it on the grill too long. We ordered a pancake that took nearly 30 minutes to come out, and when it did come out, it was undercooked and too flour-y.

    TL;DR: All You Can Eat Korean BBQ for $23pp? I'm there and you should come. We may not be able to hear each other's conversation, but we'll be busy stuffing our faces with grilled meats anyway.

  • 3504 Davis Dr
    Morrisville, NC 27560
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    I hate leaving such low reviews for a new restaurant, but there were so many things that was wrong during our visit to Pho 919.

    As many others have said, you can definitely tell the place was some sort of burger joint before. They haven't done any sort of renovations, not even a fresh coat of paint it seems. But--I can understand, they're just starting out and initial startup fees are a lot. What I can't forgive though is using items that need to be thrown away. Our metal tray that held salt, pepper, sriracha, and hoisin sauce was rusting bad. The table we had wasn't in better shape. Then, when we were given our utensils, my sister's spoon still had crud stuck on it (I'm just gonna stick with "crud" because I don't really want to know what it was).

    Seeing as we're in a pho place, we all ordered the house special pho (pho dac biet). When it came out, we were impressed because it was HUGE. There wasn't enough meat for the size though...and then we noticed that the smell wasn't quite was tantalizing as it usually is. Well, once we started eating, that made sense. It was very bland. (I should also point out that all of us were starving, and we tend to think things are much tastier when we're that hungry.) I also got a Thai Iced Tea and that tasted very watered down as well. It didn't have a bitter aftertaste though, which is my usual complaint.

    TL;DR: Pho 919 is still starting up and it is family owned, so service can be slow at times and the decor could be better, but even if we ignored that part, there are still many other things they need to work on before I'll be able to up my rating. I'll give them a few months and maybe stop by again to see how they're doing.

  • 815 W Chatham
    Cary, NC 27511
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    I'm always on the lookout for new Korean restaurants! I gotta say, it's slim pickings in Cary though. The hubby saw Golden Pig on the way to work and we've been keeping an eye on it for a while now.

    We made it in on a Friday night and seemed pretty busy (about 5 full tables). We were seated as soon as we walked in and within 5 minutes, someone was back to take drink orders and/or entree orders. We needed more time as there the hubby wanted to try something new and our waitress was very helpful in explaining the dishes. Within the next 5 minutes, the banchan (side dishes) were brought out and our waitress told us what each one was made of. We were happy that radish and cabbage kimchi was good, not too fresh (and if you're familiar with kimchi, you know this is a positive comment).

    Our orders came out in about 10 minutes; we ordered the Hae Jung Guk (boiled beef spicy stew) and ojing oh bokem (stir-fried squid and octopus in spicy sauce). The ojing oh bokem was delicious, very flavorful and I liked that it had both squid and octopus. The hae jung guk was a bit disappointing; there was barely any beef and it was more of a soup than a stew.

    Service was great for us, but after reading the other reviews, it seems that this is hit or miss. The hubby did say that when he paid our bill, the woman wasn't very friendly. He tried to make conversation about how long they had been open, but the response was short.

    TL;DR: Golden Pig is a welcome addition to the Cary area. Service is hit or miss it seems and same with the dishes, but we will most likely come back to try out other dishes in the near future.

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