• 1582 Folsom St
    San Francisco, CA 94103
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    Dear Willows owner & staff: it was totally unnecessary to lie to our group of 30 tonight to get our business. We would have stayed to eat, drink, play pool and board games, and generally be merry anyway. But telling us every 30 minutes that the pork belly donuts would be "ready in one hour" every 30 minutes, and finally that "they would be ready at 9:30" is just infuriating. We dropped quite a bit of money in 4.5 hours, but sadly none of us will ever go back. Way to lose our business!

  • 441 Raritan Ave
    Highland Park, NJ 08904
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    I was sad to see our beloved Seven Hills close, but happy to learn that its latest reincarnation, Zeina, is just as good, if not better.

    My group of four ended up here this evening after passing on Thai, Ethiopian, and Indian in the area.

    Service is good and the ambiance nice. We were a little underdressed tonight, but never felt uncomfortable or out of place. The small chalkboard sign outside advertised live entertainment (music and a belly dancer) tonight, though I heard the host tell the folks in the next table that there was to be no belly dancing this evening. No biggie.

    The babaghanoush and hummus were yummy. I typically don't care for grape leaves but Zeina's was quite tasty. Lamb to me is hit or miss, and if the meat isn't fresh or is of low quality, tends to be "gamey." My lamb chops were very good, though there was one piece that did taste a little off (I just pushed it to the side and continued on to the next piece). My niece had the same experience but was equally happy with the rest of her dish.

    We were stuffed by the end of our entrees and had to pass on Turkish coffee and desserts. I'll definitely be back again soon, with a bottle (or three) of our favorite cab or pinot.

  • 650 US Hwy 206
    Bordentown, NJ 08505
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    Do yourself a favor and go elsewhere.

    My sister and I took our Mom (who is legally blind) here for a trim, color & perm with Donna. It was a special treat for my Mom because she hardly goes out of the house since she is blind.

    When we came back to pick her up, we were horrified to see what was done to my Mom for $130.00.

    OK, I can't fault Donna for the Filipino-fro, since that is what my Mom wanted. But my Mom ended up with two-tone hair, and to add insult to injury, it was evident that no one even attempted to wipe off the dye on her skin, or brush off the little strands of hair from her face, neck and shoulders. I had to ask Donna once to brush the hair off, and then TWICE to wipe the dye off of my Mom's forehead, cheeks (yes, cheeks), and earlobes.

    After I helped my Mom get into my car, I noticed a ton of red dye behind her left ear. It was obvious that Donna did not even check or wipe once behind my Mom's ears. Had Donna bothered to check, she would have easily spotted the big gunk of red dye that is mucked up behind there. Seriously, she wouldn't have missed it. (My Mom's hair is cut really short.) I walked back into the salon and asked Donna if she typically sends her clients home with dye on their faces, necks, and ears. I told her about the dye behind the ears and asked her to clean it.

    Not only did Donna NOT apologize for not cleaning up, she had the audacity to cop an attitude and get snippy with me. She must have thought I am one of those quiet, demure, afraid-to-rock-the-boat little Asian flowers. Frankly, if she had just apologized at that point, you, dear reader, would not be reading this review here or on other user review sites.

    With the horrible economy and countless businesses failing, I can't fathom why service-oriented businesspeople would not strive to provide good service or take responsibility when they make a mistake (or three).

    There are other salons in the area and next time I will take our business elsewhere.

    PS: I am sitting next to my Mom on our couch while writing this review and just noticed how bad the haircut is. She has parts of her hair that are uneven, and areas that were supposed to have been shaved (behind the neck and behind the ears) but were not. There is also red dye INSIDE her RIGHT EAR! Jeebus, this almost makes me wonder who the blind person was in that salon this afternoon.

  • 475 Sansome St
    San Francisco, CA 94111
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    I've been to many fro-yo shops on both the East and West coasts, and I have to say that Yoppi on Sansome and Clay is by far my fave. Although its address is 475 Sansome, the shop is physically located on Clay. I posted a photo of the storefront for anyone having difficulty finding this place, like we did the first time we visited.

    Whenever we're in the Bay area to visit family, my husband and I make it a point to stop by Yoppi because none of the fro-yo shops in NYC can compare.

    Although I don't consider myself a fro-yo aficionado, I'm always drawn to this Yoppi shop because of its large variety of toppings (I counted 25 one time, but it may be more. oh, and does any other froyo shop offer lychee poppers? I think not), the freshness of their fruits (most of which are organic, if I'm not mistaken), the unique and constantly changing fro-yo flavors, the friendly service, and their commitment to eco-sustainability (they use recycled and biodegradable utensils and cups).

    I've been to countless fro-yo shops that offer very few, dried up and unappetizing-looking fruit toppings, and was even surprised to learn from one worker in a NYC shop that they are instructed to count the number of mochi and fruit slices per cup! I was horrified and sorely disappointed when I was left with no toppings halfway into my cup. Which brings me to another reason why I love Yoppi: it's self-serve!

    I don't mind paying by the ounce because, as another reviewer mentioned before, I can control my topping-to-froyo ratio, ensuring that I can have a piece (or five) of fruit, mochi, cereal, or candy with my very last spoonful of yummy Yoppi yogurt!

  • 299 Grove St
    Jersey City, NJ 07302
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    Stay away from this place.

    Last week, the manicurist (I believe she is also the owner, as her name is on the business cards) at Ultimate Nail Salon cut my finger and sent me home without so much as an apology. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, I immediately cleaned the wound with soap, then alcohol once I got home, which is about two blocks away. Within hours, the left side of my fingernail (where the wound was inflicted) swelled up, and has progressively gotten worse each day, despite periodic cleaning and daily application of Neosporin at the site.

    Yesterday the pain was unbearable and I started to see pus, so today (4 days since the incident) I decided to see my doctor, who confirmed that I have Paronychia (an infection in the nail region, which may be a bacterial or fungal infection). He said that 9 times out of 10, these are caused by dirty nail instruments at nail salons. This was before I told him that I had my manicure done last Friday and that the nail tech had cut my finger.

    I went back to the nail salon and spoke with the owner (?) Helen, who was very aggressive and defensive. When she asked to see my finger, she accidentally (?) pressed the infected part, which caused me to scream in pain, and caused more blood to ooze out of the wound she inflicted on me last Friday. I told her that she never even apologized during my manicure last week, and that again she didn't even apologize for hurting me even more. Only then did she apologize, and smugly at that.

    I told her I had just seen my doctor and he confirmed that it was an infection, often caused by dirty nail instruments. Her response was to point at the toaster-looking sanitizers (not sure if those were autoclaves) and taunted me to call the Department of Health. I told her that there was no guarantee that she cleaned her instruments before working on me, and our "dialogue" escalated at that point. Before leaving I repeatedly asked her to give me the number for the DOH as I now intended to report her (I had no intention of doing this prior to this), which she refused to do. (EDIT: I have now reported this nail salon to the JC DOH, and am in the process of filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau).

    I am uploading a photo of my finger after today's visit to this nail salon and you guys can be the judge. I am now on antibiotics, and may have to return to my doctor's office on Friday (7 days after the manicurist cut my finger) so he can slice my finger to remove the pus if conditions do not improve.

    Normally I'm a big proponent of supporting local businesses, but I can't support this one based on the salon's practices and that owner's smug attitude.

  • 609 Sutter St
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    4.0 étoiles

    Every so often, you stumble upon a relatively unknown (to you) type of restaurant that you end up loving. Then you leave and find yourself torn between shouting out its praises, or keeping it a secret so it doesn't turn into one of those places that you need to call three months in advance, or promise your firstborn son to, just to get a reservation.

    Tonight that is precisely what happened to me and my group of five.

    No, I hadn't given away my yet-to-be-conceived firstborn. We happened upon what is clearly one of the best-kept secrets in the city. Who knew there was a steakhouse in the Marines' Memorial Club that could rival Alfred's in San Fran, or Smith & Wollensky in Manhattan, or Luger in Brooklyn (or for those of you who like chains, Ruth's Chris and Morton's)? Unless you are a retired Marine, sailor, or soldier, you probably wouldn't have known, either. (For the record, this restaurant, and I believe the hotel in general, is open to the public. So there's no need for you to enlist just to get a juicy steak here!)

    The food was excellent. We feasted on several appetizers, not realizing how sizable the portions were. For our entrees, our group ordered t-bones and rib eyes, each of which were seasoned, seared and fired up to juicy perfection. Coffee and desserts were equally amazing, and I highly recommend the raspberry crisp and the bread pudding.

    Service was friendly and efficient. Our server was very attentive and came back repeatedly to refill our water glasses and wine goblets, also to check if our food was to our liking and if we needed anything. The hostess also came by and talked to us for a few minutes before she moved on to the next table. She's like your grandmother or your favorite aunt whose smile warms up any room and makes sure you're eating well.

    And the view! Whether you're a long-time San Francisco resident or a visitor in town for only a week, you'll love the sweeping view from the 12th floor, which is high enough to see the top of the Trans Am building, yet still low enough to see people walking on Sutter and nearby Union Square.

    I see Leatherneck as a good place for business dinners, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. But you can also go there if you just want a quiet dinner of juicy steak with a bottle of red wine. I think there are three dining room sections where you can dress up or dress down as you wish.

    We'll definitely go back to this place the next time we're in the Bay area, next time I'm booking a table for dinner around sunset.

  • 155 Elm St
    Westfield, NJ 07090
    5.0 étoiles

    If you have bad things to say about Trader Joe's, then a very special place in hell is reserved just for you.

    Seriously, what's not to love about TJ's? The employees there are great. The facilities are great. The food and other products are great. They also make you look and feel great. And free organic coffee on Sundays? Come on now.

  • 107 Christopher Columbus Dr
    Jersey City, NJ 07302
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    The cleaner across the street is "Sanitary" but the folks there sure aren't friendly. While the prices between the two rivals on Grove Street are comparable, I pledge my loyalty to Friendly Cleaners because its owner and proprietor, Mikhail (or Michael), is just so darned sweet and, well, friendly.

    I pass by his shop twice a day (once in the morning en route to work and once at night on my way home), and unless he's servicing some customers inside, I always get a huge smile and a wave from him. Often I even pop in just to chat. Once in a while, while waiting for my dry cleaning, I even get a Russian lesson or three.

    If you need a reliable and reasonably priced dry cleaner, I recommend Friendly Cleaners. Throw in a "kokti sibya choov-stuyitch" (formal "how are you?") and "spasebo!" (thank you) and Mikhail will be your neighborhood buddy for life. Or at least until you move out of Jersey City.


    One star upgrade for Mikhail being so kind and letting my brother drop off my keys and for holding it until closing time. Spasebo, Mischka!

  • 303 Grove St
    Jersey City, NJ 07302
    3.0 étoiles

    Decor: 4/5
    Service: 3/5
    Food: 4/5
    Restroom: None for public use
    Price: $

    Last year, a small tahini-coated bug flew out of my brother's schawarma. I shit you not.

    I vowed to stay away, but found myself drawn to this little hole-in-the-wall time and again. The prices and good food (sans our little friends) kept me going back for more.

    It's good, it's cheap, and it's open late. What more could you ask for?

  • $$ Thaï
    813 9th Ave
    New York, NY 10019
    4.0 étoiles

    Decor: 1/5
    Service: 3/5
    Food: 10/5
    Restroom: Not sure if there is one
    Price: $

    It's always a good sign when a restaurant is filled with folks from the part of the world whose cuisine it purports to serve. Such was the case when we went to Wondee Siam 2 the day after new year's.

    Our (Thai) friends from Baltimore and San Francisco were in town for the new year's festivities; and we met with some of their other Thai friends from Manhattan. We nearly filled the tiny hole-in-the-wall, but the feast that arrived on our table was well worth our cramped spaces.

    I don't remember the names of the dishes (most of which weren't on the menu anyway), but each one was something we had never ordered before from other Thai and Asian fusion restaurants on the east coast. Mind you, we have frequented many Thai places in NYC, but none could compare to Wondee, regardless of the price points.

    Five months down the road, we found ourselves at our new friends' wedding in Thailand, where we feasted on many of the same dishes and spices we first tasted at Wondee. Forget about fancy decors (which my artistic side can appreciate) and Michelin stars (again, something I can and have appreciated); this is the real deal.

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