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    She is not allowed to add interest to your debt, that is against the law she isnt lisenced to do so. Never call her, only write, and send it through certifiable mail so you know they received it.
    If you get a summons and complaint form...GET A LAWYER. They can counter sue her for violating the law and demand she pay your attorney fees. A good lawyer in the area with debt experience will probably know of her pitiful existence.
    If you do nothing a judgement will be made against you and your wages/tax returns/ ect will be garnished.
    Always check your credit report because she knowingly sends mail to wrong addresses. Whenyou dont respond, she wins the judgement. That is how they make money, by people not responding or..unfortunately, trying to "settle" and make "payment agreements". It is sad that she preys on the uneducated.

    Dont assume you cant afford a lawyer and let her win. A  $200 lawyer fee can be paid over time, and it is never worth letting her have access to your bank and savings accounts.

    Dont ever admit you owned the debt, she is a next to nothing debt buyer. Most likely she has no proof of said "debt"

    I am just a college student, but there must be someone out there who knows how to revoke her lisense and right to collect debt, she is not a BBB accredidated bussiness for failing to respond to so many complaints against her. If you google her name it is scary what she has done to innocent good people.

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